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Posted by Lerinyth, 2 years, 10 months ago. Permalink

Thor's Hammer: Stolen?

Last week Odin issued an official notice that Thor's beloved hammer, Mjolnir, has been stolen. Reportedly, there was one casualty during the robbery, and the other 2 assailents are at large, and unknown. The Norse are offering a collective $50 Million bounty for whomever returns Mjolnir, and an addition $25 Million if they bring the thieves alive, $10 Million if dead. Thor hasn't provided a description of the perpetrators, but said "I could recognize them on sight."

This is a serious issue, as Thor has been notorious for going on rampages when his hammer has been stolen in the past.

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1 year, 2 months ago: Archie Finnegan wrote a Downtime Journal for Mąʼii's Gifts

"He Sees You When You're Slacking..."

Archie's voice is light and hoarse throughout the recording this time, tired, perhaps, or stunned, or both.


"What a day... Bullshit log four. 11:40 pm. I might actually need sleep tonight. There was some sort of glitch that made clients account numbers switch display places with their savings, an app update gone wrong or something, and christ, I feel like I can still hear the phones ringing even though we sorted it out. Brian sat in his office all day doing fuck-all. I swear to God I could hear him playing minigolf. Ughhh...


I guess I can call it a silver lining that I certainly got my payment from Ma'ii. Teri was slacking- I could hear George talking about it with Alex, but Alex had more important things to attend to than to pass it onto me like they normally would, because of course they were busy, EVERYBODY was busy, except Teri apparently. I needed to see him, get something to tell her to do specifically- I thought it was a stress headache until I could see her. He had a goddamn video game open. The company has a messaging app, and the first thing I did when I came back to my own senses was text her to get off Warcraft or whatever and do her fucking job. She didn't respond, but I didn't hear anything else about her. New hires.


So maybe I lost the first one. That bone-chilled feeling never went away, I realized, I just got used to it, until it sort of pulsed and calmed down before and after that. I don't know what to think."

2 years, 1 month ago: Angelo wrote a Downtime Journal for Mysteries of the Tír na nÓg

Tomorrow and Yesterday

It sees surreal, the extent of what I can do now. I now possess the means to use my artistic talent in order to impact people. By simply making a drawing of some kind on a person, I can now change their body's structure. Turn it into something....different. The limits of which, I assume, are confined to my imagination. This will be an effective tool, I suspect, for whatever future adventure I will take part in.


Apart from which, I've taken to acquiring new tools. If those werewolves were anything to go by, there'll be more supernaturally inclined foes to face in the future. For which, a simple handgun won't be enough. I've taken to purchasing odd trinkets, knives and daggers especially, of various makes, ideally something can help me with whatever threat I'll have to face next.

AA has yet to make a move, but I suspect they'll make more attempts in the near future. It's unfortunate I can't come to terms with them. I suppose they'll just have to be exterminated, once I've gained the strength to do so. I should get into contact with Frank, though, given how things have been going, I'm sure I'll meet him in yet another contract.


All the same, practicing with using my current 'tools' is what I've currently elected to do, until the next call to action comes. I can only hope my preparation will be enough to face whatever is thrown my way. Giant Spiders, what I suspect to have been a mystic and now werewolves and invisible beasts. There's really no telling what can be expected for the future.

2 years, 1 month ago: Ryan Stiller wrote a Downtime Journal for Mysteries of the Tír na nÓg

Battle preparations

Spirits possessing people, jack-o-lanterns, werewolves. It is apparent more than ever that coming into direct conflict with supernatural is a question of when, and not if. I will have to make some preparations to ensure I am prepared for whatever comes next.

Werewolves. Rite of Moonlight can empower them, unless the hit is a killing blow, which means for majority of the time we fought them, I had to use something else - a flashlight, a knife, and only in the end when I was sure that the Rite would, if not kill, at least incapacitate, I striked. It was not the most terrible outcome there could be, but far from ideal. Silver weapons seem like an obvious choice, but where does one procures a dagger made out of silver? Silver bullets could work, but I do not have a firearm, and I don't have training in using them, which means I would miss every shot. I will have to think about this investment later, and maybe start saving up money until then.

This did made me slightly concerned - about other supernatural. Vampires, for example. I can make some wooden stakes, that's easier to obtain. In fact I have remains of my demolished table still. I was planning on throwing it out, but then I put remains in the box, and then I got distracted, and then they stayed in my house ever since. Three stakes, even crude ones, should work, and even if I don't get to use them I can still use them as a fuel for fire.

Some other preparations included a bottle of holy water, getting civilian camping MRE, as well as replacing some of my lost equipment. I need to think more of what to acquire. As of now, i have very little ideas. Extendable rod, because never know when you need it? Rope? Bulletproof vest? Well I doubt I'll have a place for a rope in my bag, and bulletproof vest does sounds nice, but I wanted to save some money for silver dagger first.

The big news, however, was finally being able to read the book I procured from that farmhouse. Rite of Secret Histories helped quite a bit. It has some quite interesting information, though it is mostly irrelevant. What interests me more is a protective spell. It does requires whole four gallons worth of blood, which is going to make it harder to use.

2 years, 3 months ago: Philip Beauregard wrote a Downtime Journal for Mysteries of the Tír na nÓg


The Claw is preparing me for something, that much I am sure of. For what, I could not say, but it will be in my best interests to take precautions, in case I am forced to square off against the supernatural by myself. My greatest weapons at the moment are my mind, my years of physical training, and the Claw itself, unreliable as it can be at the moment. Improving my physical condition in a short timeframe will be a rather tall order, given the lengths I have already gone to, and the Claw is... unco-operative, at least at the moment. This leaves me with my mind, and while many a fool would take the use of their mind to mean honing it with new knowledge, the wise man hones their mind by truly putting it to work. The first dilemma, what am I likely to need facing off against supernaturals? Iron and Salt are a classic, known to drain power, cause burns, or just act as a distraction, they should be essential in my toolset. Holy Water should prove useful, for the subset of creatures weak to religious symbolism, and it can serve as an emergency water supply in a pinch, which leaves actual weaponry. Getting a silver blade through any form of security will be an issue, though I might be able to slip it inside the Claw's hollow interior, and it's much more versatile than dragging a wooden stake around, since the things only work on the damned vamps. The tooth the Claw picked up has some kind of magic on it, but trying to use it leaves me feeling like nails are scratching through my brain, trying to dig up things I don't wanna remember.

2 years, 5 months ago: Sasaki Nobutoshi wrote a Downtime Journal for Mąʼii's Gifts

Seeking Information

I've completed the masks from the mall, finally. Gallons upon gallons of white paint, and a whole lot of drying, but eventually I finished. Good thing my nose isn't too good, otherwise I wouldn't be able to stand sleeping in a house that smells like fresh paint! I got in contact with the town, and they said that they would love to recieve my masks. They were very interested to hear about my profession as a performer... but I couldn't go into too much detail. It would be horrible if they connected me to the cult somehow. I will send the masks over soon as soon as they have been sanded and finished. Elliot's mask has found a home in my shrine, too, right next to Haru's. Perhaps they are together now in the afterlife, learning everything they can up there.


It's been three months since the Cult of Adora attacked Nagasaki. Three months since I lost my loved ones, my childhood friends, and many of my extended family. Three months since so much was stolen from me. It's time to look into them more. It's difficult... So many parts of my body are screaming to find their leader and chop them to bits... but I know that I'm unable to do something like that with my current power. No, I must learn about them from a distance, through the internet, through other methods. If I can perhaps find out how they recruit people, I might be able to find out more about their organization... and perhaps how to destroy them. 

I'll need allies to do this. Many allies.


[More details to be written after Green's side game]

2 years, 5 months ago: Edward Grimm wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for Game Warden 2 years, 5 months ago: Edward Grimm wrote a Downtime Journal for The Mjolnir Effect

I made a mistake.


Edward Grimm. Post task, uh, 15? I should keep track.

I've made a mistake. I never should have paid the price to get Aetherwing. I love him but... 3 months, with absolutely no contact with anyone. It's like a prison.

I think this is a prison.

3 months of sertvitude to a creature who doesn't even fucking interact with me beyond telling me to do shit for it. I'm done, I just want to leave. I want to see Kody.
I didn't even take into account what'll happen when.... gods. Kody won't know where I am. I... maybe I've done this enough that he'll understand. Or... what if he gets angry? What if... what if he hates me when I come back? What reason doesn't he have? I've almost gotten myself killed dozens of times, it feels like, and he's been there... but what if now is the time where it finally breaks him, I mean, 3 entire months? He's going to think I'm dead. There's no doubt, none in the slightest. I want to make it clear that I love him, if I ever listen to these again. Gods, I love him, and everything about him, he's perfect. 

I'm rambling. I miss him. I have to hang on to my memories now. Of... the outside world. 3 months is a lot of time, I used to think it went by so short, but it's been a few weeks and it already feels like eternity. Is this what prison inmates feel? I've got sympathy.

Kody. If you're out there, I love you.


2 years, 5 months ago: Ryan Stiller wrote a Downtime Journal for Mąʼii's Gifts

Approaching Storms

When I was reading a book in Greek, which arrived just a few days ago, on my average Saturday noon, I did not expect a lot of things. Having a person knock on my door, introduce themselves as “Coyote”, ask me for help in their “gig”, or be shanghaied into the middle of the desert, alongside four other guys, were one of them.

I was confused, lost, and didn’t knew what to do, and others seemed to be pretty calm about this situation, seemingly encountering Coyote before. So I asked them, what is going on. And they told me to not worry about it, or try to rationalize it, for it all made little sense anyways and would just make it worse. And then I decided to do exactly that, as I did not have much to do anyways, other than finish the task Coyote asked us to do. And then we had a fight with abnormally hostile Javelinas, then I got yelled at by Sasaki (one of the guys), and he pointed his kunai at me, and basically he is correct, I was not entirely serious about all of that, because I was still not certain if it was real.

But now, when the job is done, I am back home, and I received a payment for the job well done, I was left to wonder, what to think of all of it. It certainly could not be a dream. Injury obtained from getting rock shrapnel fly into me, cigar, lost jacket and knife. And the words of Coyote about future “gigs”, not from him, likely, but from others? This makes me anxious and slightly paranoid.

Sasaki is right, and continuing to not take everything seriously because I think it’s just a dream will inevitably get me maimed, if not killed. But now that he opened my eyes, I can make steps towards making sure I don’t get myself killed.

First step. Getting myself in shape. Once I lost the knife, I was basically useless in the fight. Even with the knife, I was sort of useless. And even when I got the metal bar, I still lacked in the department of whacking things with it. I'll go get some training in that direction. You never know when you'll need to swing metal bar at a beast which demolished a gigantic rock with ease. Parallel with that, I'll start practicing the Rite of Moonlight (which after this "gig" I, to my surprise, found out actually worked now) and try to obtain a higher degree of control over it.

I don't want to accidentally destroy my table with it again.

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Ever wanted all those bedtime stories your Mom and Dad told you about the scary skinwalkers, vicious vikings, and magic mermaids to be true?
Welcome to The Mythos, where every legend is true, to an extent! All sorts of fictional beasties live here, leprechauns, mummies, dragons, kindhearted politicians! (Okay, maybe that last one isn't true)
Every culture's gods are on the chopping block, all the legends make for great Contracts!
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For about as long as civilization has existed, there's been the idea of a higher power. Maybe two. Perhaps an entire pantheon of deities, each responsible for a phenomena, be that the creation of the universe, or the wind blowing.

In this world, all of those civilizations are right.

Some popular examples~
Odin and the Æsir rule Scandinavia.
Dionysus can be found at parties all over Europe
Wendigos prowl the forests of North America

If there's belief in it, it's true. Minour cults can, with the power of belief, create deities from nothing. The phrase "There's no limit to your imagination" is very literal.

Do you have what it takes to survive, or even thrive in the world of many Mythos?

House Rules

Contractors from The Mythos Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
The Mythos grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

The Blessed Chosen

Contractors may start with the blessing of almost any mythological figure. Contractors like this are limited to having their first game in The Mythos, and required to take the Gifted asset.

Blessed Contractors are subject to GM approval, and required to be approved by me, until more prominent GMs arise in this world.


The Scenic Route

Scenic rules may be called into play when a Contractor wishes to perform an action otherwise based on RP. Subject to GM approval, contractors may get at least +1 dice, but no more than +3 on actions with significant weight in RP an consequences of the game. 


Hero's death

Contractors who fall in battle do not officially perish until out of initiative, where they are limited to one sentence before dying. Contractors with healing abilities may attempt to save them from grim fate by rolling at least 5 successes on their healing roll, at difficulty 8, once again subject to GM opinion; if a character's head is blown off, they don't get Hero's Death Rules


Flavour over Function

Is something not technically possible because of the system? No more! If a PC wishes to do something that if perfectly adhering to the rules would cause to fail but is still conceivably possible within the system, the contractor may perform that action. If you spit an injure power of poison onto a spear tip to get a more powerful spear, you can do that, instead of the spear breaking because you're "dealing damage".


Additional Rules added as they're made official

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Posted by Lerinyth, 2 years, 10 months ago. Permalink

Thor's Hammer: Stolen?

Last week Odin issued an official notice that Thor's beloved hammer, Mjolnir, has been stolen. Reportedly, there was one casualty during the robbery, and the other 2 assailents are at large, and unknown. The Norse are offering a collective $50 Million bounty for whomever returns Mjolnir, and an addition $25 Million if they bring the thieves alive, $10 Million if dead. Thor hasn't provided a description of the perpetrators, but said "I could recognize them on sight."

This is a serious issue, as Thor has been notorious for going on rampages when his hammer has been stolen in the past.

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