Completed Contract

Lerinyth ran Mysteries of the Tír na nÓg

This Contract took place in The Mythos on Nov 25, 2021 at 2:24PM

The Mythos House Rules

The Blessed Chosen

Contractors may start with the blessing of almost any mythological figure. Contractors like this are limited to having their first game in The Mythos, and required to take the Gifted asset.

Blessed Contractors are subject to GM approval, and required to be approved by me, until more prominent GMs arise in this world.


The Scenic Route

Scenic rules may be called into play when a Contractor wishes to perform an action otherwise based on RP. Subject to GM approval, contractors may get at least +1 dice, but no more than +3 on actions with significant weight in RP an consequences of the game. 


Hero's death

Contractors who fall in battle do not officially perish until out of initiative, where they are limited to one sentence before dying. Contractors with healing abilities may attempt to save them from grim fate by rolling at least 5 successes on their healing roll, at difficulty 8, once again subject to GM opinion; if a character's head is blown off, they don't get Hero's Death Rules


Flavour over Function

Is something not technically possible because of the system? No more! If a PC wishes to do something that if perfectly adhering to the rules would cause to fail but is still conceivably possible within the system, the contractor may perform that action. If you spit an injure power of poison onto a spear tip to get a more powerful spear, you can do that, instead of the spear breaking because you're "dealing damage".


Additional Rules added as they're made official


Vi'hn Thach - Declined Harbinger Invite
Played by GreenAppll

Goddamn you, making me think

John Doe - Declined Harbinger Invite
Played by Parzival2905

Took it like a champ

The Ranger - Declined Harbinger Invite
Played by Lethal_Matter

Anyone want some beans?

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