Realm of mysteries

A world the mystical lurks around every corner in plain sight but hidden.

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The churches solution

the world relaxes and the churches of evernight goddess has solved everything.

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Vessal Of The Fallen Creator

The vessal of the Fallen Creator has been unleashed. +1 difficulty in mind rolls for all natives. War rampages on and fuels the Fallen creator more and more. The aurora order becomes as strong as a orthodox church and is now a threat to the world. 

Latest Journals

1 year, 8 months ago: Mason Berkman wrote a Downtime Journal for The Doll House

Medical Help and Relaxing

So after leaving the hell room that was that the contract that had took place, after a good bit after coming back it appeared that the neck ripping has messed up my neck which was quite an issue for me, as it hurts quite a bit.

So aside from the pain I am currently feeling in my god damn back, I work on myself a little bit as best as I can which is the usual working on the languages now that its a new thing and I am quite new to them all, marking all the tools I got down which are in place and having officially settled into California as the beaches are beautiful and being hired by a big guy is something else entirely, I am glad for meeting him back in russia.

So aside from that right now, I am planning on starting up a business in construction so that I can try to enact my plan of well sneaking in my eyes into the football, and hell even thank batamir for helping me so far in my life as I have been living with him for a bit. For now I am writing the steps and what I am going to try to do which is definitely gonna take a bit and I hope with my effort that football can be protected, so I am planning on getting a chiropractor or something of the sort that maybe will help with my pain issue now so I hope the next job helps quite a bit.

1 year, 8 months ago: Aislinn Mclelanni wrote a Downtime Journal for Project: Wormwood

Meeting Grandma

After the contract ended, I realized how much power and abilities I was lacking, not being able to harness the power of the earth properly I head to my grandma's in search of help. Visiting her back in her old cottage I realize just how much I miss being here as a little kid, playing about without a care in the world, using the rocks I created using my bare hands as if they were sleds riding down the wet mudded hill, and creating little stone friends to play with while she was out getting groceries. Those were one of the happiest moments of my life. I greeted her whilst she was tending to her flowers and had a wonderful tea time and just enjoying our moments together. When I finally got the perfect time and courage to ask how I could better use my Gift, she gave me this little branch-entangled ring. Slipping it into my ring finger, I was hit with a sudden burst of knowledge, focus and power. I looked at her speechless, about to ask what this ring really is, but she stayed silent, smiled and put a finger to her lips, as if to say that it is betetr to be kept a secret. Discovering this new found ability I decide to test it out, building a stone-brick wall around her cottage, creating a seperate mini creek from a river nearby. Lastly, I somehow, though not perfect and unable to control it well, was able to create a stone golem, who while still able to move on their own, smiled and waved at me, before crumbling back into a pile of stones. After spending almost a month at her place, honing my new found power and testing out the many different weapons and skills I could make-do with, I head out of her cottage and return back to my place to await for my next contract. 

1 year, 9 months ago: Zausgul wrote a Downtime Journal for Mushroom Hunt

Heavy Lifting

I had to give away my ration sac to the woman because the sample got spores on it, this time Ill be carrying a duffle bag, Ill be keeping a skeleton in it for combat. Although first I had improved my strength in order to carry the skeleton, sadly I dont look so pathetic anymore, but if this is what it takes then Ill take some damage for my skeleton to have another ally. After I got that done I Had to think of how to actually get a fresh corpse and chop it up so its lighter and only a skeleton, This would normally be easy if you know, you werent on the run from a very powerful church who is constantly searching for you. Thats when it happened, a car crash right in front of me and the person seemed to not be wearing a seat belt as he flew right out of the car, i made it seem like i was helping him by dragging him to the side of the road while screaming at people to call 911 and while they were panicing I dragged him off and was able to get to a safe place to start carving off large amount of flesh into a 5 foot hole I dug. Didnt even need to murder the poor bastard as his neck broke on contact with the ground, its a good thing he met me, I will make him better than he used to be and make him have more use in this life. Other than gaining a new faithful minion I did some reading into medicine and investigation, and commanding techniques and was able to understable a little bit more than what I used to be able to. I should study it more but nothing come before studying my necromancy. I also trained my althletics through running and manage to buy a sword which ill start keeping on me instead of the dagger. At this rate the skeleton will be the least of their worries HAHAHA!!!!

2 years, 4 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Find the hanged man Bishop

Dino Notes (What’s My Age Again?)

(-This page has dirty, muddy fingerprints on it.-)


Dear Diary,



I’ve been trying to ask Guido questions, but it takes him so LONG to talk. I’m really used to just knowing what my friends are saying, or other people just talk. I know it isn’t HIS fault he can’t talk out loud, though. He’s a dinosaur… a really small dinosaur.


I’m gonna ask him questions.


He’s just eating the stick. I gave him one because he used something to write on the tower but he just wants to play, which is pretty cute, but not what I was expecting and I don’t think dinosaurs eat sticks but I guess since he’s a dinosaur he would know better than me about what dinosaurs eat. But don’t they he said he’s 3!


Temporal revivification ???

Weird. I have to look that up next time I get a way to.


Diplodocus carnegii (Guido) said time displaced? Doctor Conroy sucks


Doctor Conroy is good, Doctor Bright is bad (knew that)


Guido can tell when things are weird with time? He can sense something called Temporal Radiation.





Guido says he’s that old. But he also says that he hatched three years ago. So the dinosaur… I mean, I guess dinosaurs are that old? I can’t think about a number that big really well. 153,691,074… does that include the three? I think it does. How does he remember that much? I barely remember how old I am… how long have I been doing this?



I can’t remember. I think it’s been a couple years, but it’s hard to tell… I remember things I got, and time passing, but really I wouldn’t know Christmas had passed if I didn’t see the lights in Marcellus. I must have missed them in Surrey ? Do people celebrate 


I guess it doesn’t matter if I know or not. I know I’m younger than pretty much everyone I’ve met, and that it’s weird to have kids on these. Everyone’s adults and mostly guys… it’s weird BEING a little kid here. But I got here just like everyone else, and people still act like I’m the same person I was when I started. Or before that.


I guess it can be a good thing. People don’t get I guess that I can do things unless they know me a little. And being a surprise helps me being kind of scary. And I like being scary, like I said! Maybe it’s the same thing? Like being scary and being a kid? I don’t know anyone who’s the kind of scary we are… I remember Mister John I think his name was who said he had a lot of ghosts in a ring or something? But he wasn’t scary and his ghosts weren’t his friends.


I don’t need to know how old I am, I guess- my friend doesn’t know how old she is, or her name. Sally doesn’t remember her age either, but if I think about it, I can’t think of any reason I need to know. It’s not like  I’m getting a drivers lisence or anything? Or going to school or getting a job or going to college or getting a house or watching adult movies all the other things people need to know your age for !



(-The doodles at the bottom of the page are: An apple, cemetery gates, Guido, and a car.-)

2 years, 8 months ago: Jeremy Soap wrote a Downtime Journal for The Doll House

Jeremy works out

Jeremy was happy. His bubble hand had proven it's worth as the strongest arm, super strong! Stronger than any other arm to ever exist! The best thing to do now, Jeremy decided, was to make his bubbles EVEN STRONGER! And so, Jeremy decided to work out. Through long hours of perseverance, Jeremy lifted all sorts of things with his bubblekinesis, from rocks, to bigger rocks, to even bigger rocks. As time passed, Jeremys bubbles grew to wield a great deal of strength, more than was in the entirety of young Jeremy Soaps body, truly a beacon of physical power. The nice people who sometimes checked on Jeremy were very happy with how much stronger he got, even if he sometimes got headaches from pushing his bubbles to hard, and Jeremy even got a candy! It was lime flavoured, and Jeremy didn't like it as much as peach or grape, but it was still very yummy, and made Jeremy very motivated to do his best! If Jeremy was really good, and tried really hard, he might even be able to make all the scary bad science men go away, and then everybody would be safe and happy forever! Jeremy worked hard, and Bubble Buddy would cheer him on until he popped, limitless motivation fuelling Jeremy as he lifted greater and greater weight, eventually reach such a degree of strength in his bubble hand that a big muscle man would struggle to beat him! But not Zoxob, because he was super, super big and muscly, but Jeremy would be stronger than him eventually.

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2 years, 9 months ago: GreenAppll ran Find the hanged man Bishop
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2 years, 9 months ago: therustyy257 ran children of the eyeless
2 years, 9 months ago: GreenAppll ran The Doll House
2 years, 10 months ago: GreenAppll ran Thalassophobia
2 years, 10 months ago: GreenAppll ran Phasmophobia

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Steampunk with super natural, hidden away from public eyes, 8 deity's that control aspect of the universe itself.
22 pathways with a specific progression. Incorporated into the storyline.
Treading the line of madness itself. What do you seek among the mystic and the powerful?

Realm of mysteries was created by GreenAppll 2 years, 11 months ago

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In a world where steam is the dominant technology. Phones exist, rockets, ships, boats, all that jazz but with steam instead. a world where technology is still in its golden era and booming, behind the hidden mist, the hidden curtain, is a world. A hidden world that sits right next to ours. A realm which we look into all the time but never notice. A place where our desires grows and our regrets manifest.
Those that fall into madness becomes monsters. Those that dies leaves behind remnants.
Items with unknown powers that can speak? Are mirrors more than just a reflection? Can you see what can't be seen
Hiding among the plain, seeking out the unique. Will you fall and become a part of this madness or will you thrive and see the truth of the world?

House Rules

Contractors from Realm of mysteries Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Realm of mysteries grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

For occult stuff - Jotun. Ancient Hermes. Hermes. Dragonese. Elvish
For main world - Ancient Feysac and Duntan(really heavy accent english)


Full Setting Description

Ghost haunts our every surroundings, they're mystical, they're weird, no one can see them beside a select few. Some possesses items granting the items unknown powers. Some wander around, scaring people for fun. Some just wants to relax in their new state. In a world where steamtech runs rampant and has reached a golden era of technology. A place where Steam is part of everyday. Ghost enjoys these tech and some ghost even have the ability to take over steam tech. They are truly a joyous bunch. 

However, there are Ghost that wishes to have their revenge, there are those that wishes to fufill their evil desires. Beyonders are those that make contracts with their own ghost, to go deal with other ghost. They stalk about in organizations, some working against the ghost, others helping them. 

There are beings which seem to have the ability to communicate between realms. Taking in those with their own ghost? their own powers, into the world to help fufill their own agenda. Some suspect they are training a elite team to take care of some being. Others believe they are raising an army for war. 

However, a mystery lurks over the world. Only one continent still exist discovered. The rest are hidden behind a mysterious veil. A fog that not even the bravest of souls would dare venture. A fog that is slowly clearing and off in the distance, a new land.


World Events

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The churches solution

the world relaxes and the churches of evernight goddess has solved everything.

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Vessal Of The Fallen Creator

The vessal of the Fallen Creator has been unleashed. +1 difficulty in mind rolls for all natives. War rampages on and fuels the Fallen creator more and more. The aurora order becomes as strong as a orthodox church and is now a threat to the world. 

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War is coming

Tension is rising as skirmishes between kingdom starts ramping up. There was a massacre in a town near Leon Kingdom. A bunch of fleshy mushroom was found there.
Citizens are scared, hoarding food while kingdoms are raising taxes and preparing for war. Churchs are becoming more reclusive but those of the Beyonders know that this war is a battle between the churchs and the cults.

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The Lover has returned

 Everyone with even a hint of supernatural power, suddenly imagines a deck of tarot card flipped over. The card for The Lovers suddenly flip showing Amon with a finger over his lips. 


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