Sunken Dreams

A world with recent occurrences of the supernatural.

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2 years ago: Jeremy Soap wrote a Downtime Journal for 83.5 the Wave

Less Witty

My brain feels weird today. It feels like someone poured warm jelly over it and then stirred it with a really big wooden spoon, then put it in a jelly mold to set and cleaned it and put it back almost the same as it was before, but not the same. It is a very funny feeling, and when I dodge stuff or try to react to things I feel faster, like my super fast musclys are now in my brain. Like super fast brain musclys. I think it might be the bad dinosaurs fault, they had big brain powers and were very very bad when I saw them last time, and then they stole the thing and let mister Petur die, which was super bad. Because they are a bad dino. If the Bad Dino did do this, does that mean he's sorry? If bad dino is super super sorry, I might forgive him. Because he is a dino, and dino's are cool, almost as cool as bubbles! My bubbles are easier to contraol too, when I make a hand with my bubbles, it's both stronger than me and now almost as fast! I wish they were faster, but then it would be too good of a superpower, and that wouldn't be fair to the other people. I hope I get sent on another job soon, I want to make my bubbles faster, then I can punch bad people with bubbles! In the face! But not the bad dino, if they apologise.

2 years, 2 months ago: Philip Beauregard wrote a Downtime Journal for Changeling


The Claw's dofferent now. I can feel the changes. It's stronger, in a way, sharper, more precise, but most of all, the damn thing's solid now. I gave it a test run against some concrete slabs and the damn thing hit like a jackhammer, I just kept pounding away and the Claw barely even felt it. Before, doing that sort of thing would feel an awful lot like just regular punching concrete, just a bit duller, cause of the metal and all, but this time, it just... didn't. The Claw's just gotten way tougher all of a sudden, and that ain't the only thing that's changed. I started noticing it on my last job, but my senses are getting sharper, way sharper. I was picking up stuff I'd ordinarily never even notice when looking around, and now I've started noticing that my hearing's sharper too. I ain't sure if it's whatever magic the Claw has spreading to me with these little power boosts it's getting or if going on these jobs is just making me better, but... I like it. Like, I really, really like it. My body feels better than it's done in years, and my old skills are coming back, the rust just flaking off no problem. It's addicting, the last job wasn't even particularly dangerous barring a couple moments, and Jericho got his arm back in the end anyway. Wish I'd had that option way back when, but the Claw's doing just fine. Better than fine, even, with the new upgrade. I just need to do a few more jobs, and I'll be better than I was even before my retirement. Just a few.

2 years, 3 months ago: Philip Beauregard wrote a Downtime Journal for The Merim House

Deep Inside

*there is a brown stain on the page, like someone has bled onto it*

I found out what that 'power' the weirdo was talking about was. The Claw's different now, a bit stronger, a bit faster, ever so slightly sharper, and it's burrowed into my damn shoulder. Damn thing's still twitching in ther- dammit, it punctured a hole right above what's left of the elbow, now there'sblood all over the damn page. The Claw's doing something, but I can't quite tell what yet. Hurts like a bitch too. When it first went in, it sort of unravveled into these tendrils of silvery metal threads, then it started digging into my stump and didn't stop until it had filled the entire thing, with none of the metal part outside. I'm lucky none of my neighbours were feeling like good samaritans today, cause I'm pretty sure I was screaming for most of that process, and I sure as hell don't want to be mistaken as patient zro for some magical plague or something. I especially don't want anybody knowing about the Claw, not until I'm sure I can hold onto it if anybody comes to take it.

The squirming's stopped now, the Claw seems to have finished whatever it was up to. Writing this left-handed is starting to give me cramps, so I'm hoping I can get the Claw to play nice and come back out, but I ai- *another brown stain splotches across the page, covering the end of the last word* The Claw came back out. I seem to be able to retract it at will now, like one of those impractical sliding blades that's all the rage these days, only this one doesn't have some stupid hinge that makes the thing weaker than my aunt Betty's fried tofu recipe, God rest her soul. Stopped hurting, too. Seems a damn sight betteer than walking around with gloves on all year round, even indoors, so I'll take it, but I have no idea what the Claw's gonna get up to next. Here's hoping it doesn't go too deep, next time it makes changes.

2 years, 3 months ago: Amarjeet Inderpal wrote a Downtime Journal for 83.5 the Wave

Technology vs Faith

The Kara bracelet represents the shield worn on the arm of a Sikh warrior, part of the five Kakar that all Amritdhari are required to wear.

The Kanga, my little wooden comb - that one comes in handy the most, trying to tame my unruly mass of hair. The tiny two centimeter Kirpaan is rather less useful, however we all have to stand against Knife Crime, yes? God Save the Queen.

I don't cut or pluck my hair (quite unfashionable in the UK) - I already covered why I don't wear a turban elsewhere in my ramblings. I am also vegetarian, if not vegan.

All parts of a faithful Khalsa. A Model Amritdhari.

Oh, yes: I also allowed my Kara, a gift from my family, to be infiltrated with (presumably) Alien Technology.

In some ways, I find that more bothersome than the way I have defiled my body - that I might be a sinner, a failure, should surprise no one: in fact, it is a matter of public record.

That these Jobs chose to grant me this advanced technology by altering the symbol of my (admittedly archaic) faith? That seems more of a statement.

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

From casual observation, it appears to be a plain, steel bangle, suited to my admittedly mannish wrists.

Remove it however, & you will find a seam on the interior rim that contains...a shimmering black material.

Nanomachines? Dark Matter? Star Dust?

I have no idea. I only know that while wearing it I can "mark" people or things with crawling lines of this substance. Once so marked, I gain active telemetry on them, including the ability to see them & their surroundings, record all such surveilance, & even communicate with them if needed. This ability is enabled partially by signing a CPS Contract with them, I can assume that is an inherent programmed limit installed by my so-called "benefactors." Another gibe at my expense, similar to placing this technology in my Karra as opposed to say, a watch or mobile.

All of the other augmentations I have received are rather straightforward. I am uncertain if the henna patterns the black material creates is integral to the programming or guided by my subconscious? As many other things, I do not know,

I do know that others I have worked with have received far more unusual accoutrements. I have equally noted that receiving them has apparently had a substantial corrosive effect on their sanity.

I will not believe in magic or sorcery.

I will maintain my faith, & thus my sanity at all costs.

I will have answers from these "Harbingers" & the secret world they seem to hail from.

I will not - WILL NOT - ever become like them, or their mad lackeys, even if it costs me my life.

2 years, 4 months ago: Talon wrote a Downtime Journal for From the Depths of Hell

Aftermath of from the depths of hell

what can I say this one really hurt my brain. after the job was over I found my way back home.  I swere some of these contracts are odd or weird,  but that said some seame normal. 

after a day and muche need rest I think I manged to get ride of the minor headach I got from the mission. I contiune with my traing for both my firearms  and my melee combat. and might start learning russian it might be helpflu later.  

after recovering from the contract and traing  I start looking to see if any member of my family is alive  as well start up a small account to help them out if they need it. I put Five hundred aside in this account and will make future deposit in the account 

I think I need to find a way to become stronger . Their should to grow stronger and start to build something in this city I started with the Russian mob but I should work on expanding just not sure where I should go from hear .  untill I decide where I should expand I will work with the russian mob more and work on my traing . 

Sunken Dreams was created by Serpentail 2 years, 5 months ago

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Aliens, undead, faeries, magic, and monsters. All of these are real; they have been for the last 9 years. This world was indistinguishable from ours before the end of the Mayan long count calendar: December 21, 2012, anyone could tell you where they where and what they were doing on that day. The day that everything happened: an alien saucer abducted a child from a street corner, a horde of zombies rose from a downtown graveyard, a massive sea serpent sunk a cargo vessel, every TV station was broadcasting one of the numerous irrefutable supernatural happenings.

The world is still recovering from the panic of that day. People have come to accept that the supernatural is now a reality they must face. For most this acceptance inspires only fear. Many are liable to lash out dangerously when faced with supernatural phenomena. Very little is known about the supernatural happenings of the world. Only the few inquisitive enough to study these events have any clue of the similarities and connections between different phenomena.

House Rules

Contractors from Sunken Dreams Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Sunken Dreams grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

Delayed Rolls: When you attempt to do something requiring a roll i may not call for that roll immidiately. If i think it would better contribute to the drama and tension of the scene i may have you wait to roll until the most dramatic moment, when the consequences of your roll are imminently relevant.

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