Super Cluster e-3-r44

A world the worst criminals of the universe are dropped in a super prison.

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Super Cluster e-3-r44 was created by Tranks_300 2 years, 1 month ago

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Welcome to the rest of your lives. You chose to serve the SuperCluster cleaning program instead of going to a regular prison world of your galaxy.

Normally every world you fix is one galactic year off of your sentence. But all of you here will spend a long time here to say.

Of course, when this supercluster is crime-free, you will be set free. Depending on your sentence

The worst criminals of the universe are dropped in a super-prison. This prison is ruled by gangs of the best fighters, geniuses, and downright insane are here.

Full Setting Description

This Supercluster will never be clean


Well, you have been arrested. I expected better from you.

Every month, you go to a new galaxy, a new planet to clean it up. Once crime rates have dropped, the galaxy is closed and we move to a new one. When we finish all 1,324,342,254 galaxies, the prison shuts down and you all are freed or transported.

The worst prisoners are here. Specifically because of your morals. You will do the mission, failure is not an option. You will go planet to planet clearing crimes, for every planet you save, you lose a Prison Year. Which is how much time it takes us to go around our sun; Der Stein-3422. Which is around 3,200 days. Each day is 30 hours.

Examples of worlds unable to clean are:

Mur Shariz:
Galaxy: A-1
Moons: None
A desert planet. The on-worlders had their land stolen. But we do not follow morals; we follow order. We killed some of these On-Worlders who had been pirating and destroying supply lines.

But it turns out these supply lines were smuggling drugs. They were called Shiesties. Key word, Were. We slaughtered half of the population of the planet and the biggest producer was killed in the process.

Galaxy: A-1
Moons: 4 (Yinwa A2, Yinwa A3.) A frozen planet. Never has temperatures above 0 degrees, celsius. You might think "What happened to Yinwa A1?" Well, we blew it up while we tried to destroy the planet. It was home to a sort of Ice demon, whose species had found space travel. It was for the greater good.

We have more, but, that'll be explained later.