Reigns of Chaos

A world about to erupt in chaos.

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3 weeks, 2 days ago: Leonard Menski wrote a Downtime Journal for Descend

Adapting to the Sales Business

Nowadays people dont do it like going door to door or just plain hate it, so I have spent this month mainly developing a website so I can better sell all the stuff well I am assigned to sell for the people who hire me to sell. I gain a percentage and they gain a percentage its all pro-bono. I created the website, set up the whole catalog, and spent a whole months dosh on a bit of marketing through well buying ad spots, craigslist, and just trying to get it out there for all the interesting things we sell at the little web page. Aside from the website itself I worked a bit on my looks and by looks. 

I went through plastic surgery yes, I will say I look better than ever. I worked on swordsmanship with the instructor at this neat little dojo I signed up for online, they practice a thing called Kendo and it is truly interesting to behold on the style and techniques. I do enjoy the whole sparring part of it all, and lastly my whole sales things is better than ever as thanks for well the payment of the previous job I can zip-zap to where ever I may lie and hey its even a little easier if its all too deliver someone the stuff they bought, so with that good summary is setup website and got ads set up for it, got good with the sword, and I can literally go wherever I want. Life is pretty good so far.


2 months, 3 weeks ago: Leonard Menski wrote a Downtime Journal for The Delivery

Swordman work

After the recent predicament that was the first job I ever had for such a thing, I had decided to go into well the swords world of things. But first I had encountered the rewards of my duty as for what I did which was a well a metallic arm that is made of the pieces of what lies around so it may be metal, liquid, or even rocks and stone it shall be made of something. Very interesting as it definetly was going to be useful but first I went places.

Got a new stack of forms and check out the ole stockpile of items to sell and then went down to my local renisannce fair to try out the good ole sword swinging antics of it, as I had never done it before and let me say I am a natural as I put my heart and soul into that work as my instructor had shown me moves and techniques, what was better to do and what was simply a bad idea and several stances.

After that I even got a sword commisioned but not any sword, but one of those interesting caneswords I see on television alot and through the fair I had met myself with a actual blacksmith I might say and paying a good amount he carved and made one out just for me as for self defense in a job like this. Lastly aside from the sword, new arm, and just new expertise into the sword world, I wonder about going more of these fairs on my travels.

10 months, 2 weeks ago: Andrew Guy wrote a Downtime Journal for Dog's playing poker

Master of Disguise

Andrew could now change his facial features. Neat. It wasn't a very useful power, all things considered, and all that really changed were what he generally looked like. He was still stuck in the same clothes, as a white man, no matter what he tried to change, and it took him a full minute to manage to get himself transformed for one hour, but honestly, his powers weren't all that great anyway, he'd take it. Now he could just... well, he didn't really have an idea of when it would come in handy, since it wasn't even precise enough for him to mimic specific people. He most certainly wasn't charismatic enough to preend to be whoever he tried to mimic, but that also meant he was running out of options for what to use his power for. Maybe to escape places or something? sure, if he couldn't get the right outfit he'd still stand out, but he was getting somewhat more used to this whole "killing" thing. Maybe he would be able to bring himself to take someone out for his disguise? Or, more hopefully, he'd be able to learn martial arts, and knock people out before stealing their clothes instead. Yep, that sounded like a far better plan in Andrew's head, so that was the on he would go with. Now he just had to learn martial arts... maybe Judo... and he'd need to get in shape... maybe add in a bit more jogging to his routine, see how it goes?

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Sunken Dreams

Aliens, undead, faeries, magic, and monsters. All of these are real; they have been for the last 9 years. This world was indistinguishable from ours before the end of the Mayan long count calendar: December 21, 2012, anyone could tell you where they where and what they were doing on that day. The day that everything happened: an alien saucer abducted a child from a street corner, a horde of zombies rose from a downtown graveyard, a massive sea serpent sunk a cargo vessel, every TV station was broadcasting one of the numerous irrefutable supernatural happenings.

The world is still recovering from the panic of that day. People have come to accept that the supernatural is now a reality they must face. For most this acceptance inspires only fear. Many are liable to lash out dangerously when faced with supernatural phenomena. Very little is known about the supernatural happenings of the world. Only the few inquisitive enough to study these events have any clue of the similarities and connections between different phenomena.

House Rules

Contractors from Reigns of Chaos Are NOT portable, and may NOT visit other Playgroups to participate in Contracts.
Reigns of Chaos grants an Improvement to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

Deal with it: All gifts awarded in Reigns of Chaos must be generated randomly. Immediately after earning a gift in Reigns of Chaos the creation must be randomly generated on a live stream. You must take the gift as it was generated you may not change it's enhancements or drawbacks nor it's randomly generated parameters. You may ignore gift cost as well as Veteran and Seasoned locking in Reigns of Chaos.


A Little bit of Spice: You must fill out the non-randomized options for your power. This includes Activation Roll, Defensive Roll, Gift Name, Item Name, Visual Description, and enhancement/drawback parameters if relevant. These options must all make some amount of sense together. Post-customization powers must be posted in the_slots for approval. This is your chance to make the gift yours!


Interdimensional Weirdos: Due to the unique nature of gifts, contractors from Reigns of Chaos may not play games in other worlds and contractors from other worlds may not play games here.
Anarchical Rule: Anyone may host a game in Reigns of Chaos. Get out there and deal with these weirdos!
You Haven't Earned That: Contractors may not start with the gifted asset nor with a Charon coin. The only way to earn your first gift is to undertake a contract
Specific Cases:
  • Cantrip no longer level caps you gifts. If you get an 8 cost cantrip rejoice!

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