The Arcanum

A world where magic and mythic creatures never left the world.

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The Arcanum was created by Kamulis 1 year, 3 months ago

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Mythic Earth

Mythic Earth is a setting where the modern world developed around the existence of magic and what were considered mythic creatures. Monsters and demi-humans are commonplace. Magic is real and known to the public. The world's countries still rule themselves but have an overseer. These overseers are the Arcanum. This organization operates above the sovereign governments with their own agenda. The instruments of the Arcanum are the Templars.

House Rules

Contractors from The Arcanum Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
The Arcanum grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.
  • Citizenship: Active Players are expected to GM Contracts from time to time. If you have played as a Contractor in your most recent six Contracts, you are barred from playing in The Mythic Earth again until you GM.
  • Supernatural Powers: All non-mastery, non-concealed Powers must be obviously supernatural when activated or grant a mutation that marks the wielder as supernatural or bizarre if discovered.
  • Contractor Approval: New contractors need to be approved by a playgroup leader.

Full Setting Description

The world has turned since the beginning. Nations have come and gone, but one thing never changed. The creatures and magic of myths were never myths. Civilizations were built and fell from the whims of many of these monsters, but the world turned. Centuries passed and countries were forged and fell, but magic remained.

After the First Crusade a militant order known as the Knights Templar was founded by the Catholic church. They were formed under the belief that they were to protect pilgrims from falling victim to bandits. This was a cover. Their main goal was to police and combat the monsters of old. They pursued this mission in the open for centuries, gaining power and wealth.

In the early 1300’s many European countries, most notably France under King Phillip IV, sought to destroy the order. Not long after, the church was forced to officially disband the order. With most of the knights arrested and executed, the creatures once again went unchecked.

Chaos reigned for centuries. In 1594 Marquis Vincent De LaFonta fought back. His family had, over the years, secretly accumulated the wealth and influence of the dead Templar Order. He had a small military force and within a few short years was able to stem back the tide of the unruly monsters. With his victories and the influence he had secretly been accumulating he was able to convince the world’s governments that a new order was needed. In 1607 the Templar Accords were signed.

The accords allowed De LaFonta and his order to operate outside and above any sovereign nation. In 1610 Grand Master De LaFonta began construction of The Spire in Wiltshire, England next to Stonehenge. This would mark the orders headquarters for the centuries to come.

When the Spire was completed on 1625 De LaFonta, now an old dying man, named the order The Arcanum. He relinquished control to Reginald Daughtry who dubbed their agents Templars.

The world kept turning. The monsters have been regulated by the Templars. History has progressed as “normal”. The Arcanum has kept watch and exerted its will when it feels it’s needed.

In the year 2022 a new supernatural force was found. These were the Harbingers. These Harbingers are outside the jurisdiction of the Arcanum and have tapped a new resource in contractors. These contractors have been tasked with dealing with mystical threats and rewarded accordingly. This is done without the oversight of the Arcanum….what will you do?