damn it all to hell

A 21-Victory Seasoned Contractor played by loroman1211 in The Illumination

Jules is a Thief who will risk his life to Steal the most prescious item in the world.

He is 61 years old, and often appears as a greying man who has done hard time.

Jules lives in The Illumination, a world where videos of the supernatural go viral every day.

His journal, A Theif's Tale, has 48 entries.













3 Alertness

2 Animals

4 Athletics

1 Brawl

2 Crafts

1 Culture

1 Drive

6 Firearms

2 Influence

2 Investigation

4 Legerdemain

1 Medicine

2 Melee

3 Occult

2 Performance

0 Science

3 Stealth

2 Survival

2 Technology

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Jules is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Wound Penalty
  • Safecracker: +2 to Lockpicking by Connor Inks
  • Body 7


    8 Mind





    (Jules has no Traumas)


    Assets And Liabilities

    +3 Trained Reflexes: +2 dice to all Initiative rolls.
    +1 Acute Sense: The Difficulty for all Perception rolls utilizing this sense are reduced by 1.
    Sharpened Sense: Sight
    +1 Ambidextrous: You suffer no dice penalties for using the "wrong" hand.
    +1 Contortionist: Reduce the Difficulty of any Dexterity roll involving flexibility by 2.
    +0 Seen Things: You are at -1 Difficulty to all Trauma rolls. Requires Seasoned status (10 victories).
    +5 Arsenal: In any given downtime, you may obtain three items from your arsenal.
    Arsenal Type: Military
    +5 Iron Will: Any attempt to control your thoughts or actions suffers a -3 dice penalty, and even if you are affected, you may Exert your Mind to cancel the effect. This includes Possession and Suggestion Effects.
    +4 Daredevil: You get +3 dice when attempting an action that is especially risky, and may ignore a single 1 on that roll.
    +1 Acute Sense: The Difficulty for all Perception rolls utilizing this sense are reduced by 1.
    Sharpened Sense: Hearing
    +0 Imbued: After completing a Game, your learning and conditioning improves rapidly. However, you require the Games to advance.
    +4 Rich: You have access to $1,000,000 (or equivalent currency) per Game. Note that moving vast sums of money quickly or discreetly is not always possible.
    +2 Contacts: You have readily available access to your contact.
    Contact: Underworld group
    +2 Stockpile: In any given downtime, you may obtain three items from your stockpile.
    Stockpile Type: gear for theivery
    +5 Charmed Existence: You may reroll a single botched roll once per game.




    Staring at people can get you in trouble but sometimes get what is wrong about them is far better.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Sapient target or a Creature within 20 feet. You must actively and obviously use Ring of Power to activate this Effect. At the end of your investigation, roll Dexterity + Legerdemain at Difficulty 6.

    You learn all the following information about your target:

    • You may follow the target's trail, no matter where or how they have traveled, so long as the trail is less than a day old.
    • You determine any major weaknesses that the target might have.

    The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • Tracker You are not made instantly aware of where they have been in the past 24 hours; you must follow their trail. You may "happen upon" any trail they have made in the past 24 hours.
    • Weakness Must be things that are systemed around. For example, silver for a werewolf. Not general like "she's bad at fighting".
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Jules has learned how to shoot with the best of them. He uses Good ole Betsy

    You gain the following benefits as long as engaged in combat with Rifles.

    Your attacks with Rifles deal +3 Bonus Damage. Armor is reduced to 1/2, rounded up against this damage.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Bullet Parry: You may React to and Defend against firearms and other projectiles with Rifles.
    • Quick Fingers: Drawing your weapon is a Free Action as long as it is on your person. You may reload as a Free Action.
    • Silencer: Shots you fire can be made silent at will.

    • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.

    Through a ritual Jules can see all. He has been able to use his power to see what need to be taken or get a better idea of what is around him. He can sense the world around him by speaking with spirits.

    Exert your Mind and spend one minute to activate. You must use up Egyptian Beer in order to activate this Effect.

    You may perceive things within 50 feet of you as though there were no walls or obstacles blocking your view for the next five minutes.

    Any Perception rolls made through obstacles are rolled at +1 Difficulty.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    As Jules equips himself to aspire to God hood he has small minions that can save his items and prepare the ritual. Those that are needed are the ring of power and the seal of Nephys. Those are more and more needed as he fears his own death and has trained his flying undead minion to rescue him in his time of need.

    This Effect activates whenever incapacitated.. It does not require an Action or Exertion. This Effect cannot be used unless Shadows/Darkness. Roll a single D10 as a critical failure check. If you roll a 1, the Effect fails, and you Battle scar. You must actively and obviously use necklace to activate this Effect.

    Summon a ________ at your location, plus enough additional minions to bring you up to your maximum of 1 minion. They will last for an hour, or until they are destroyed. They are controlled by the GM but will follow any commands you give. You may have at most 1 minion active at a time.

    Minions have 4 Body and can make melee range attacks with 5 dice to attack and +1 Damage. They cannot move faster than a walk and cannot dodge incoming attacks. They have dog-level intelligence, and cannot communicate back to you. Any Perception checks they make are rolled with 3 dice.

    Your minions can fly at their normal movement speed.

    Your minion is able to Occult with a 4-dice pool.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    Those that worship the Goddess eventual have been given the power to come back from death itself. Through the power of my ring and the ancient seal I have been able to come back as I was before. My body turns into ash as a few items scatter.

    Ritual of Nephys: My ring must be taken back to an Altar of Nephys. A short ceremony is performed and my body is returned.

    You gain the following benefits at all times. You must actively and obviously be using Seal of Nephys to gain the benefits of this Effect.

    If you would take an Injury that would kill you, you don’t die. Instead, you survive in an Incapacitated state, though you appear dead to any means of detecting life. Your body leaves behind a token. You remain incapacitated until the following ritual is performed with the token: Minnions do short prayer to Goddess.

    If, while you are unconscious, your wound level rises above your rating in Body + twice your ________, or if you take an Injury with Severity greater than twice your rating in ________, you die. After you return, the Injury that would have killed you, as well as any Injuries sustained while Incapacitated, are healed. Battle scars obtained during this time remain.

    After you recover from near death, you may roll Body at Difficulty 7. Success will stabilize any remaining Injuries.

    The goddess above has given me the ability to move faster than before. I now can use my ways to be come quick and agile as she was in life. The beard will sparkle as moves and freys in a way that is not natural.

    You gain the following benefits as long as you have your Beard.

    Your Dexterity rating is increased by 1. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Dexterity (Cannot be used on combat rolls or Power activations).

    If you are witnessed actively using this Effect, whoever sees it can make a Perception + Alertness roll at Difficulty 6. A complete success reveals the source of your power.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Heightened Reflexes: You may make a single Reaction each round as a Free Action.

    • If your Beard is damaged, destroyed, or lost, you lose all benefits from this Effect for the next two months, or until you can recover any relevant missing items (which may involve a side-game and requires a GM to approve whatever process is used).

    As the Sacred Guardian of the Temple, those favored by the Goddess Nephthys can wield her power to open any barred path. To do so one must be wearing the Seal of Nephthys & work in the darkness. The shadows are protection. Either way, the path will lay open to the faithful.

    Exert your Mind (unless Shadows/darkness) and spend an Action to activate. Select a door, lock, or locked target within 20 feet. Cannot be used on Alien technology.

    You may lock, unlock, and/or open your target.

    • Any door or restraint that is fastened or shut with a mechanism may be considered locked, at the GM's discretion. Can be used on control panels or other electronic locks, but not computer security systems.
    • If you operate a locking mechanism through this Effect which has some other secondary effect (such as the ignition on a car causing the car to start) you may cause that effect as well.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Jumping through the shadows allows Jules to move in ways that were once difficult

    Exert your Mind (unless night/shadows) and spend 2 rounds to activate. Select a Location within your line of sight.

    You are transported directly to the chosen Location. You must wait 1 full Round before activating this Effect again.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    The Power on Nephyis has given me greater control over the shadows I can move about as needed and make the changes that she wishes. I focus on my ring and invoke her power then and only then can I change how I look while she changes me to the person I need to be.

    Exert your Mind and spend a minute to activate. You must actively and obviously use necklace to activate this Effect.

    You become disguised in a manner of your choosing. The disguise lasts until you either activate a new disguise, or choose to end the effect.

    The new appearance may have a different sex, age, and race to your own, and you may alter height by up to a foot and your weight by 50%. Your disguise may directly mimic the appearance of a specific individual. You may change the appearance of your clothes. A disguise cannot affect your Attributes or other stats.

    After this Effect ends, you cannot move quicker than a walk for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • A performance check is generally required to pass with people who know the individual you're mimicking.
    • While you may alter your clothing's appearance, this does not grant or store equipment.

    The goddess has given me the ability to see further and better than I have before. I can now see far better than I coud

    You gain the following benefits at all times. You must actively and obviously be using Seal of Nephys to gain the benefits of this Effect.

    Your senses are enhanced in the following way.

    • Sight: You can see perfectly in dark and even pitch-black environments. You suffer no dice penalty due to darkness.
    • Sight: You can see things that are up to a mile away as though you were only standing twenty feet away, provided your view is unobstructed.

    Any senses which have been heightened cannot be overloaded. Any Effects or supernatural abilities which would suppress one of these senses are rolled at +2 difficulty.

    • Examples of overloading a sense include: an explosion causing temporary deafness, a bright light causing blindness, a sedative causing numbness, etc.

    Jules has learned how to tap into the energy around him. He pulls out a map of the area. Lights some candles and his eye turn black has maps out the area around him. He begins his prayers to the goddess and drink Egyptian beer (cold temperature if your please) he take a drag of some fine cigarettes as he quickly maps the area looking for items of power and the supernatural.

    Take a Severity-1 Injury and spend a minute to activate. Investigate an area with a radius of up to 100 feet This Effect cannot be used unless Night/shadows. At the end of your investigation, roll Brawn + Alertness at Difficulty 6.

    You learn the following information about the area:

    • You learn where exactly creatures and people live within the area, and what sorts of creatures they are.
    • You can locate the source of any supernatural energy or the presence of any supernatural effects on the area, though you will not necessarily get any specific information about their function.
    • You choose a specific type of event and receive a vision of the last time it occurred here.
    • You learn how heavily trafficked the area is, what sorts of creatures have moved through the area and when.
    The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Legendary Artifacts

    Ring of Power

    Created and held by Jules.
    a silver wedding ring

    While Jules bears the Seal of Nephthys, the Goddess herself protects him, until such a time as he has avenged his family & returned the stolen artifacts of the Goddess. When Jules would be harmed one can see slender arms composed of shadows that ward off the attack. Even ethereal attacks can be thwarted by the Embrace of Darkness. When employing his Defensive Curl this effect is even more pronounced, with the wings of the Goddess enfolding him completely in a display of otherworldly power.

    You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

    You have 5 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

    You may Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to double your armor rating for the Round.

    When you take damage from a source which is within 5 feet of you, your Armor deals 5 back to them.

    Those that bear the blessing of Nephthys, Goddess of Darkness, may defy the will of Geb, God of the Earth, running or walking up vertical surfaces or even sitting comfortably on the ceiling. This blessing remains in effect at all times, provided they bear the Seal of Nephthys as a conduit for the Goddess powers & remain in good standing with her; blasphemers may find this power fails them when they need it most...

    Exert your Mind (unless Night/shadows) and spend an Action to activate.

    You may move easily and without a roll in any of the following situations. Lasts 1 hour.

    • Spider Climber: You are able to climb on and cling to any surface without regard for the ordinary rules of gravity. You climb at your normal movespeed.
    • Surface Skimmer: You are able to move across the top of any bodies of water, ice, or other surfaces where others might sink with no penalty to your movement speed.

    • This Effect not provide any inherent protection from dangerous surfaces such as acid, lava, etc, so be careful!

    The Gods of Ancient Egypt are renowned for their treasures. By holding or touching an item with one hand & making mystic passes with the hand bearing the Seal of Nephthys, Jules may invoke the Goddess to learn who values it, where it has recently been, & the presence of magical influence.

    Exert your Mind and spend a minute to activate. Select a target Object within arm's reach. At the end of your investigation, roll Dexterity + Legerdemain at Difficulty 6.

    You learn all the following information about your target:

    • Determine if this Object is Alien in origin or whether it has any Alien energy or outside influences.
    • You can discern where this object has recently been; this may be in the form of GPS coordinates, a visual description of the surrounding area, or other.
    • You gather information about who has used this object recently, which usually comes in the form of a visual description, but it could be a scent, a factoid about the individual, etc.
    • You learn the object's intended function and how to use it for its intended purpose, though not necessarily the ability to do so.
    The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    The egytians have been well know to hide their most precious valuables. This time the bag has been shifted and changed now a small part of the bag has been made so Gwell can hide and get air as she need to spend her time away from people.

    Spend a Free Action to activate. This Effect cannot be used unless night/shadows.

    You may withdraw an item from your stash, or add an item that is within arm’s reach to your stash. You may store Objects or Living things in your stash, each no larger than something which could fit inside a briefcase (15 liters), and you may store up to 7 things at a time.

    • Attempting to stash an Animate target may require a contested roll at GM’s discretion.
    • Containers which hold multiple things may count as a single item so long as the things within are generally packaged together. For instance, you may stash a clip full of bullets, a medical kit full of medical supplies, or a box of crackers, but you cannot stash a backpack full of miscellaneous equipment.
    • You may only attempt to store Objects which are free-standing and disconnected from other things. The use of this Effect will not allow you to sever any connections holding an Object in place.
    • The Maximum Object Size parameter is intended to roughly capture the weight / size restriction of items and isn’t intended to restrict shape. GM discretion is advised. A human being is level 4 in the Maximum Object Size parameter.

    The power of the Gods has given me the ability to no longer feel pain.

    You gain the following benefits as long as as long as night/shadows and you are wearing this Artifact.

    Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0.

    While Incapacitated, you may Exert your Mind to take a single action.

    Any Body Penalty you would have had is instead added as a dice bonus to any rolls you make.

    Any dice penalty from being stunned, diseased, cold, hot, dizzy, sick, distracted, or similar circumstances is reduced to zero. Does not affect penalties from Effects you activated.

    From the ashes of despair a God appears before you. Anubis has returned to deal death and destruction in the name of the Godess. Jules transforms into a God like figure and is able to cause wanton destruction around him.


    Expend a point of Battery and spend a Quick Action to activate. This Effect cannot be used unless Shadows/Darkness.

    You transform into Annubis! for 30 minutes. You have access to all of your Powers while you are Annubis!, and you can use your equipment. The Injuries and Battle Scars of your Alternate Form and your true form are tracked separately. While transformed, your Attributes are the same.

    Your alternate form is its own deadly weapon. Unarmed attacks made in your alternate form deal +3 Bonus Damage and Brawn does not act as Armor against them.

    You cannot speak any coherent verbal language and must resort to other means of communication.

    • Reminder: Bonus Damage from multiple sources does not stack. Instead, the highest Bonus is used.

    Through the power of magic and Egyptian scroll Jules has learned and figured how to speak to those that he could not speak to in the past through the spirits. He can now talk to the dead, humans that can not speak my language.

    You gain the following benefits as long as as long as Shadows/Darkness and you are wearing this Artifact.

    You may understand and communicate to Creatures and humans as if you are fluent in a relevant language.

    This also includes understanding any recorded communications from the relevant targets, including writings, scent trails, etc.

    • Communing with creatures does not grant them intellect but does allow you to converse with them.
    • The target of "human" refers to any target that speaks a human language.
    • When reading written communications, you get no information beyond what the writer was intending to communicate.

    Jules has taken a Sacred Oath to the Goddess of mourning,darkness, the dead, protection, magic, health, embalming, & beer. Until the day he can return all her stolen artifacts, she sustains his life - causing even the most grievous wounds to heal in days.

    Jules must be wearing her sacred ring, the Seal of Nephthys, for her healing power to flow.

    You gain the following benefits as long as as long as Shadows/Darkness and you are wearing this Artifact.

    Any Injury you receive heals quickly, reducing its Severity by one level each hour, starting once it becomes stabilized. Battle Scars caused by your Injuries are also healed when the Injuries that caused them regenerate.

    By invoking the Goddess of Darkness in a short ritual, Jules can draw the shadows to him, rendering him unseen & unheard. He must be wearing the Seal of Nephthys & must invoke her secret names, not known to any living mortal for this power to function. If he steps into the shadows he now can disapear much easier.

    You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

    You and any clothes or equipment you are wearing are obscured from non-human senses. All attempts to detect you via non-human senses fail. Detection attempts via other senses where non-human senses would assist are rolled at a -2 dice penalty.

    Entering Combat or being Injured will end the Effect. When the Effect ends, it is disabled for 1 minute.

    • This does not include enhanced versions of common senses, such as a bloodhound nose.


    Created and held by Jules.
    A grey backpack

    The Goddess of Darkness assists Jules in his quest to return her sacred objects. She has allowed the backpack he was wearing the day he retrieved the Seal of Nephthys to form a bridge into the Otherworld. This 50 liter Backpack can hold an astonishing 150 liters. The pack can only be opened to the Otherworldly Dimension of Nephthys when in shadows or darkness - at all other times, it appears to be empty.


    This Artifact can be used as a container. It is roughly the same size as a ________ and just as difficult to conceal. Unless night/shadows, this Artifact behaves as its mundane counterpart.

    Your ________ holds 30 times times what it normally could. Objects stored inside are weightless.

    Living things can be stored in your ________. They will have access to anything else inside and may attempt to break free, damaging or destroying the ________ in the process.

    If your ________ is destroyed, things inside may get out, and it will cease to function until it is repaired.

    • There is no cost to use your container.


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    On Person

    • Clothes
    • Wallet
    • Keys compass 10,000 cash shovel Hand gun lighter Pack of Masks 20 flip phone lock pick Reinforced Clothing(armor) black pants, white shirt, black shoes treats for animals, flashlight, four flares stungun, small gun, smoke bomb(3), hearing aides, red necklace protects against ghouls

    Transportation Plane and helicopter with pilot, Two cars Cash on hand from unspent last game 3,550,00 from Mary

    Egyptian Fertility scrolls Garbage Truck Business.

    In Bag

    pen and paper rain gear Generator(electric) Beer six pack Burner phone 6 Flares scooter Gasoline snow gear, boots snow jacket, snow pants, gloves, and hat. Snow googles, Skis downhill, cross country with poles renting snowmobile Rock climbing gear X2 Flamethrower (2) with extra fuel Fire extinguisher (2) Fire Blanket Net for large animals(Bear) inflatable boat (4-6 people) lots of rope (400 feet)

    instash - I pull it from darkness/shadows

    Ring of power Gernade Seal of Nephys Bag of jewels (100,000) Lockpick, chain saw, blowtorch

    gloves Sat Phone police uniform Sniper rifle Military uniform Health inspector uniform Oxygen Hearing device masks electric pump Heavy winter jacket snow shoes wingsuit knife *rope medical kit, scuba kit hook, suctions cups, repel equipment, and items to cut glass, binoculars, week of rations and water, rock of a golom, chop stick from a ninja, food and water for three weeks, camp stove

    pillow sleeping bag, small fridge and small AC unit

    Arsenal: Heat detection googles, incendiary round (6), 3 grenades, riffle w/ light, 16oz of c-4

    stuff to apprehend a person.

    Jules has bought farm. He owns a mansion and has a great deal of security. There is plenty of room. Connor is welcome. Edgar is welcome. A small girl live there.

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    Slippers of Doom They are old slippers and can be uncomterable to use No rolll to activate but take a full turn to use and double movement but -1 because of pain


    In 2008 the world changed and we had a new president. Many saw hope and opportunity. I saw dollar signs. I found a way to break into the white house and take their dog. Unfortunately I was caught and put away for a few years. It was light security and I was able to still make a living.

    This is what eventually got me. I found a large cache of diamonds and found a fantastic fence that was a complete and utter rat. He turned me in and I had a hard time. 10 years in a federal prison. Nothing but murderers and rapists in the joint . Never have I understood why the government thinks it’s a great idea to put all the most psychotic people in one place. I wasn't doing time for theft, it was called tax evasion. Well more or less punched the man that said I owed a million dollars in taxes. Who pays that much in taxes?! After I got out I started to build up gear from the few diamonds that I kept hidden away to start again without working with horrible people.

    Journal: A Theif's Tale

    Latest 3 of 48 entries

    a blessing

    After we were able to finally figure aout a way to get a deal setup with the mobsters I wanted to find a way to find the equipment and those of the godess. These became more of an issue than I thought. In all told theses are sacred items and not easy to catch. I wanted to figure out the best way to go about this. I know that these people are not the best to deal with so what I needed to do was create a distraction. This was know easy task. I brought Moon along with me as back up she had plenty of good ideas and was able to get there attention while we tried out best to make a distraction.


    My plan was simple make a relica of the shoes and replace them with fakes. We ordered up a party and did a free money event and place ballon everywhere. I found a large problem with the shoes as there were attached to a wire and there were on some meachanism. This added to the other issues as there gaurds every where. I had no idea how to work the device so I took some time and prayed to her so that she would give me strength. The goddess had told me about a remote that I look to find and use to trun it off. I became the night and moved quirlty into the security room. I waited until it was my chance and then took the remote.


    Once that was done I was able to easily switch out the item. This made things much easier. However after some investigation I found the tracker and put that back with the otehr shoes. We left and then I had to deal with the those aliens....

    Time Keeps on Slipping

    Chama needed some help finding his bag I spent some time looking around trying and looking to find out what honestly happened to his stuff. After a while we could not find anything. This was the true problem and I wanted to spend ore time with him but he seemed annoyed with riding in the chopper and the brunch caviar the butler served so we went on out way.


    My next little adventure was more of a problem. I have always hated the prision system and its lack of reform. They have no idea what they are doing to these people. Really that only make better ciriminals. I should know. I learned more about getting away with crime than any skills set. Sure they tried and did a wood shop but mostly we just made shanks.

    The current family wanted to have a word with me. I saw that we had a connection with them and wanted to see if I could make a better connection and solve a few problems. I have a few of my guys in prison and they are doing there time and there familes are comterable but there have been a few squirmishes that I have not been comfterable with. I want them to have protection and to be able to move product and make some money in there while helping out the family. I have offered to help them with transportation as needed to give them more discrection.


    They did make an offer that was interesting if I can get there competioin off the docks then I could use that for a bas of operaations. That would help with my operation as I would have to pay less people to look the other way.


    And now onto Cario...


    I ran into my first problem with radiation. The meds first taste horrible. I finally was able to get back home. In that time we had our games. That was a fun time we had many people show up and enjoyed the fastivites we were able to get something going. I wish we could have gotten more people to come and enjoy the party but I belive that most people could have not gotten there due to the lack of portals and living in a different world or what have you.


    So first up was the fastest contractor these folks were fast! We had many people enter the contest and try it was intesting to see who was the actual fastest. Connor gave it his best and was very quick. Later at night it was a few people with Benny. Now that one can run he was on the other side of the property before I could say or do anything. It was as fast as you could get.


    It was great having Keith play some music he was quite charming. Next was the eating contest which Edgar tried to show me up. But I guess it was what was needed. I did won and had to chew on some bones. That was hard on my teeth. We had some other things go on but not much else.


    It was of note that we needed to figure that the part was quite a sucess. I was quite proud of what we did and hope to do it again.

    Contractor Timeline

    21 Victories - 8 Losses
    Remaining: 8 Exp. (Earned: 404 - Spent: 396)

    An itemized record of every Contract, Gift, Improvement, and Experience change