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Jason Valent
I hate California.

A 8-Victory Novice Contractor played by loroman1211 in The Illumination

Jason Valent is a Mechanic who will risk their life to figure out what happened to his child.

They are 43 years old, and often appears as Dodger fan.

Jason Valent lives in The Illumination, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. Their journal has 5 entries.













2 Alertness

2 Animals

3 Athletics

0 Brawl

5 Crafts

1 Culture

2 Drive

3 Firearms

0 Influence

2 Investigation

1 Medicine

0 Melee

2 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

0 Stealth

2 Survival

2 Technology

1 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Jason Valent is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Wound Penalty
  • I like to move it move it (extra 10 feet on movement)
  • Body 7


    6 Mind





    (Jason Valent has no Traumas)



    Circumstances describe your situation.

    Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

    Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.


    From Pilos
    Instruction Manual Sliver When presented with machine parts, you must roll mind to not stop what you are doing and build and tinker with them, even in the midst of tasks of great importance.

    Loose Ends


    My training for years has given me the ability to fix what is needed.

    Exert your Mind and spend 1 Action to activate. Select a Object within arm's reach that is no larger than an SUV. You may target Alien technology, so long as you have an understanding of its intended function. You must actively and obviously use Lucky shoes to activate this Effect. More than half the target object must be present in order to begin repairs. Roll Dexterity + Crafts at Difficulty 6.

    If you succeed, your target is repaired back to a functional state. If you fail, you spend the full time working before realizing you cannot repair the target.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Letting the alien extend my abilities I can now move as the pollen around him Jason is able to leap from one place to another with little or no effort.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to activate. Select a Location which is at most 50 feet away horizontally or 10 feet away vertically. You must use up Mushrooms in order to activate this Effect.

    You jump to the chosen location. If the landing is precarious, the GM may call for a roll to land safely. You will never take fall damage from successfully landing a jump made with this Effect.

    • If you are Encumbered, the maximum range is cut in half. If Encumbrance has reduced your total movement to 0, you cannot activate this Effect.
    • Rolls to land safely will generally be Athletics, but GMs may call for a different roll at their discretion if it makes sense for the specific circumstances.
    • You must be on a surface of some kind in order to activate this effect; it cannot be activated while in mid-air.
    • You may only use this Effect once per round of combat, regardless of any enhancements you have taken.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    I have begun my experiments that now can give way to the rise of new and different creatures. My plants will grow and the seed shall bring my children to life.

    Exert your Mind and Spend an Action to activate. Select a Living or Animate target within arm's reach. Roll Dexterity + Crafts at Difficulty 6. The target may roll Body, Difficulty 7, as a Free Action to resist.

    If you succeed, the target receives a new Battle Scar of your choosing, limited by the contested Outcome:

    1. A Minor Battle Scar E.g. an aesthetic-only body modification (a disfigured face, a pig's tail), impacted hand or foot, or vocal changes that complicate communication
    2. A Major Battle Scar E.g. a disabled/removed hand or foot, an inability to speak, an impacted major sense, removal of a minor sense, impacted movement.
    3. A Severe Battle Scar E.g. a disabled/removed arm or leg, deafness, aesthetic changes that are nearly impossible to conceal.
    4. An Extreme Battle Scar E.g. removal/disabling both hands or both legs, blindness, a full-body deformation that leaves the target humanoid but makes it difficult to use clothes, vehicles, and equipment designed for humans.
    Refer to the stock Battle Scars on the Character Sheet for specific systems.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • You may opt to inflict a Battle Scar that is less severe than what your Outcome allows.
    • Remember: A Contractor’s Body rating is reduced by 1 for each Battle Scar after their fourth.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    The plant and the alien inside of me has given me life beyond the sense of pain. I now feel less as we come together.

    You gain the following benefits at all times.

    Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0.

    Legendary Artifacts

    Get er done

    Created and held by Jason Valent.

    Jason is a mechanic and knows how to get shit done. He works on this object for a bit and is able to make it better.

    Expend a point of Battery and spend a minute to activate. Select a non-Alien Device within arm's reach. Can be used on Armor.

    For the next day, your target receives 2 extra dice to all actions taken for its intended use. Attacking with an upgraded weapon grants +2 Bonus Damage instead of additional dice. While it is upgraded, the item cannot be destroyed. If it is a piece of Armor, it instead receives half that amount as bonus armor rating, rounded up.

    You may choose a second valid Device target while activating this Effect and splice both targets into a single new Device. The newly created item has the same size as the larger of the two initial targets, and can be used to perform the same actions as either of the original items. It receives 2 to those actions for the next day.

    • "Destroyed" in this context means "prevented from functioning for its primary purpose", so for instance, an upgraded land mine would still explode as normal if triggered, even though it cannot be "destroyed" and a car's windows may still be broken.
    • When Splicing, you must be in possession of both devices. The resulting object behaves exactly as if both devices occupy the same space and do not gain any new functionality at all.
    • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Frank is a mechanic and has learned how to take items apart and make sure they stop working. He pulls out his multitool and get to work.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Object or Construct Object within arm's reach no larger than a large luggage bag (75 liters). Roll Dexterity + Crafts Difficulty 6. Sapient targets may resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 8.

    If your Outcome is 4 or higher, the target will be completely destroyed and can no longer function, though it may still be repaired. If your Outcome is less than 4, the target will be partially damaged, and any attempts to use it will suffer a dice penalty equal to your Outcome.

    • The penalty from an object being damaged will stack with itself if a target is hit multiple times, but the object is destroyed when it reaches a total penalty of -4.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.


    Created and held by Jason Valent.

    A portable device that gives information through a small radar.

    Spend 2 Actions to activate. Investigate an area with a radius of up to 500 feet This Effect cannot be used unless Feet in Moss. At the end of your investigation, roll Dexterity + Crafts at Difficulty 6.

    You learn the following information about the area:

    • You learn where exactly creatures and people live within the area, and what sorts of creatures they are.
    • You can locate the source of any supernatural energy or the presence of any supernatural effects on the area, though you will not necessarily get any specific information about their function.
    The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

    This Gift's Cost is capped at 2 and cannot be increased further.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.

    On Person

    • Jeans
    • T-shirt
    • Wallet
    • Keys
    • Smartphone *pistol *Flashlight
    • reinforced clothing, +3 armor
    • A pocket knife hammer, wrench, Phillips and flat head screw driver. Budweiser (6) Rope puller pulls 1000 feet of rope hold one person multitool, mushroom 3 little baggies

      Purple Jansport backpack

    • Rain jacket

    • pistol
    • Metal water bottle
    • Toiletries kit *climbing gear with helmet
    • animal treats for large animals

    In stash Gun, Fireworks, multitool

    Car Extra wheel, First aid kit, Flares, tool kit, extra clothes, Tire iron

    Necklace woth 10 million

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    Trophies are special objects and equipment.

    Examples of Trophies include healing potions, scrolls, sci-fi technology, or any supernatural item that was not created with The Contract's Gift system.

    Because Trophies may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

    Contractor Timeline

    8 Victories - 0 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 8 (Earned: 202 - Spent: 194)
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    Jason Valent has made 0 Moves.
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    Assets And Liabilities


    +5 Gifted