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James Mercer
Monster in Human Skin

A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor played by NeCrowMancer in The Contract Play-by-Post

James Mercer is a Possessed Mercenary who will risk his life to free himself of his nightmares and captivity.

He is 30 years old, and often appears as A tall man with strong physical features and a piercing, serious gaze. Usually seen wearing a dark coloured t-shirt and trackpants, along with combat boots. Along his body are numerous scars.

James Mercer lives in The Contract Play-by-Post, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. His journal has 4 entries.













3 Alertness

0 Animals

2 Athletics

4 Brawl

0 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

2 Firearms

0 Influence

2 Investigation

2 Medicine

2 Melee

0 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

0 Stealth

0 Survival

0 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(James Mercer is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Wound Penalty

(James Mercer has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


7 Mind



Near-Death Experience


  • Traumatized Schizophrenia - At times, may change to a different personality.
  • Schizophrenia

  • Source


    Stockpile: Infantry Equipment
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You have a stockpile of a specific type of weaponry or hard-to-find items. During a Downtime, you may obtain up to three items from your stockpile.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Clear Conscience You have a special knack for shrugging off traumatic experiences. Penalty does not apply to Trauma rolls you make, and you may Exert your Mind to automatically succeed.
    Trained Reflexes Your life has been filled with tight situations and violent encounters, so when the fighting starts, you act quickly. You get +3 dice to all Initiative rolls.
    Jack of All Trades You are naturally capable of most things, even without any training. When making a roll which utilizes a Primary Ability that you don’t possess, you do not suffer the standard +1 Difficulty penalty, and you receive +1 dice to the roll.
    Nightmares: Being attacked by demonic entities. Your sleep is plagued with horrible nightmares. At the start of each Contract and each time you fall asleep, make a Self-Control roll. If you fail, you take one Mind damage.
    Fragile You're emotionally fragile, and very likely to be mentally and emotionally scarred by your experiences. You have four Limits, instead of the usual three.
    Disorder You have a mental or emotional disorder which is chronic and hard to treat. Schizophrenia - At times, may change to a different personality.

    Loose Ends


    Manifesting the dormant rage within himself of Raphael, he is able to retain completely functionality of his body, even through horrendous pain and injury, both physical and mental, through sheer force of will.

    You gain the following benefits at all times. You must actively and obviously be using Dog Tags to gain the benefits of this Effect.

    Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0.

    The user punches straight into the target object. This in turn causes a ripple effect throughout as it creates cracks throughout the object before it is ultimately shattered or damaged to a great extent.
    Alternatively, the user can also place the knuckles against a target and concentrate on their next attack and after doing so for a minute, launch a one-inch punch towards it.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Object or Construct Object within arm's reach no larger than a duffel bag (35 liters). You must actively and obviously use Brass Knuckles to activate this Effect. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect. Roll Brawn + Brawl Difficulty 6. Sapient targets may resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 8.

    If your Outcome is 4 or higher, the target will be completely destroyed and can no longer function, though it may still be repaired. If your Outcome is less than 4, the target will be partially damaged, and any attempts to use it will suffer a dice penalty equal to your Outcome.

    When activating this Effect, you may spend an extra minute and maintain Concentration. If you do, it has no Exertion cost, and you may destroy an object which has up to 3x larger dimensions, or up to 27x larger volume than the normal maximum size.

    • The penalty from an object being damaged will stack with itself if a target is hit multiple times, but the object is destroyed when it reaches a total penalty of -4.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.

    On Person

    • Trackpants
    • T-shirt
    • AirTag
    • Wallet
    • Keys
    • Smartphone
    • Dagger
    • Taser
    • Dog Tags
    • Bottle of Clozapine (Anti-Schizophrenia Medicine)

    Sling Bagpack

    • Rain jacket
    • Metal water bottle
    • Toiletries kit
    • Gun
    • Roll of Duct Tape
    • First Aid Kit
    • Brass Knuckles
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    Trophies are special objects and equipment.

    Examples of Trophies include healing potions, scrolls, sci-fi technology, or any supernatural item that was not created with The Contract's Gift system.

    Because Trophies may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

    Contractor Timeline

    2 Victories - 0 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 2 (Earned: 164 - Spent: 162)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move
    Latest 1 of 4 entries


    James Mercer has made 0 Moves.
    Only GMs who have permission to run Contracts and post World Events in The Contract Play-by-Post can post Moves for James Mercer.


    James was an orphan, who was kidnapped by a group of cultists, in order for them to perfom some kind of satanic ritual in order to revive a demon. In the end, the ritual didn't bear any fruit and the cultists tossed James out. James however was left traumatized by the experience, now being schizophrenic believing he is possessed by demons. James was eventually able to receive some form of counselling for his condition and eventually joined the army and then a separate mercenary group. However, it soon became apparent that his condition had not fully gone away. James, would at times, manifest different 'demonic' personalities, these being

    Raphael - The Red Demon - A demon that's filled with rage, that seeks only blood and destruction. Usually manifested when James is hurt.

    Gabriel - The Blue Demon - A demon that seeks only monetary wealth, that will avoid combat at all times. Usually manifests when James desires something.

    Azrael - The Black Demon - A demon that seeks death, will attempt suicidal actions, for the sake of killing. Usually manifests when James has the chance to kill someone.

    Michael - The White Demon - A demon that seeks respite, only wants to rest. Usually manifests when James is on his last legs.

    Assets And Liabilities


    -6 Clear Conscience
    -6 Stockpile
    Stockpile Type: Infantry Equipment
    -9 Trained Reflexes
    -12 Jack of All Trades


    +6 Disorder
    Permanent Trauma: Schizophrenia - At times, may change to a different personality.
    +3 Nightmares
    Subject: Being attacked by demonic entities.
    +9 Fragile