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Andrew Wesker
A hermit of the depths of forgotten tunnels, plotting

A Newbie Contractor played by Merfian in Maelstrom

Andrew Wesker is a Sewer-Dwelling Hobo who will risk his life to become the ultimate Hacker and form his own secret country underneath america.

He is 20 years old, lives in the sewers underneath New York, and often appears as a depressing looking homeless man with a backpack and flies flying around him.

Andrew Wesker lives in Maelstrom, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day.













0 Alertness

3 Animals

3 Athletics

0 Brawl

3 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

0 Firearms

0 Influence

0 Investigation

0 Medicine

0 Melee

0 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

4 Stealth

2 Survival

4 Technology

3 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


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Body 6


9 Mind



Near-Death Experience


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Circumstances describe your situation.

Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

Respected Expert: Cybercrime
From Assets and Liabilities
You are highly respected and influential within a given field or industry. Just about anyone in _____ will know of you and respect your status and ability within that field. Social rolls made against anyone in your chosen field receive +2 dice.
Finances: Average
From Assets and Liabilities
You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.


Conditions describe your state of being.

Examples of Conditions include curses, diseases, and impactful personality quirks.

Conditions are granted by Assets and Liabilities or by GMs based on the events of Contracts and Downtime activities like Moves, and Loose Ends.

Because Conditions may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

From Assets and Liabilities
Anosmia You have no sense of smell, and your sense of taste is extremely limited. All Perception rolls which depend on smell fail automatically, and any Perception rolls which involve smell in some way (such as tasting things) are at +2 Difficulty.
Pathetic You are so pathetic, no one takes you seriously as a threat. As long as your Brawn rating is 1, opponents must roll Self-Control to attack you instead of other targets in Combat.
Jack of All Trades You are naturally capable of most things, even without any training. When making a roll which utilizes a Primary Ability that you don’t possess, you do not suffer the standard +1 Difficulty penalty, and you receive +1 dice to the roll.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends will cause problems for you if you don't tie them up.

Examples of Loose Ends include enemies, debts, evidence, and promises.

All Loose Ends have a Cutoff that counts down each time you attend a Contract. When it hits zero, the Threat of your Loose End manifests, causing issues for your Contractor.

You cannot see the current values of your Loose Ends' Cutoffs, but you can take initiative and make Moves on your Downtimes to deal with them before time runs out.


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Remaining Exp: 1 (Earned: 150 - Spent: 149)
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Andrew Wesker has made 0 Moves.
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Andrew Wesker was once a humble IT Technician working for a plumbing company in New York. Problem was, the company was a cover for The Mob, and when someone has that much control over a facility's computer network, they notice things don't add up quick. Andrew didn't connect the dots correctly and brought it to his general manager, who promptly put a bullet in the back of his head and dumped him in the sewers, assuming that was the end of it. This, however, wasn't the end. You see, those sewers had many types of vermin inside it, and not all of them were the kind accepted by conventional science. Chief among them was a magical black sludge, a parasitic amoeba colony that inhabits the bodies of other creatures. Now normally, it doesn't have a mind of it's own, and while parasitic, it isn't harmful to it's host. Better to keep your house intact and well repaired then to keep moving every 3 hours. But this human corpse had a benefit not really seen in many other creatures. A powerful mind. It expended alot of energy to heal his wounds and bring him from death, a second chance, in exchange for keeping it alive. Of course, Andrew Wesker's first priority once he came to was to hide out from the mob, creating a secret dwelling within the sewers to plan. He found out he had a new power after he instinctively slipped into the wound of a nearby dying rat. He tested his powers, finding out it's every limit, and obtained the tools he needed for revenge. And of course, he got it. It was hard to kill someone who easily slipped into the walls and knew your computers better then you ever did. When he reached the office of the man who killed him, he saw an exotic pet, a pet bat, malnourished and seemingly only there as a garnish to his hedonistic decor. He died before he could get a word out, a shot point blank to the back of his neck. As for the bat, he took them with him, nurturing him back to health as he became Andrew's loyal partner in crime. Now a man seemingly without a goal, he used his power to fly up to the highest peak of the tallest tower in New York. Then, he saw the many people harmed by the apathy of the elite. Not just the criminal elite like the Mafia, but businesses, politics, and many other 1%ers who seemed to have it all. So what if there was somewhere for people like him to go. Though at any point he could fully return to society proper, he chooses not to, instead planning to secretly usurp the society above by creating one below. One to hold the surface accountable. So he sets off to unite the underworld, gaining capital and respect thanks to his skills and newfound power, as the entity inside him pulses with an unknown power.

Assets And Liabilities


-0 Finances: Average
-3 Pathetic
-3 Respected Expert
Field: Cybercrime
-12 Jack of All Trades


+3 Anosmia