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Walking Catastrophe. | "It'll grow back probably"

A Newbie Contractor played by KaijuTV as a Free Agent

Liev is a free spirit who will risk her life to become a burgeoning eldritch host and powerful enough to withstand the corruption that dwells within and reclaim mastery of her own fate.

She is 28 years old, lives in a small second-floor apartment in new york city (though she much prefers being out and about), and often appears as an athletic woman in summer vacation-ready attire. Even if it's midwinter, short (dark turquoise?) turquoise hair, eyes are ice blue with weird shaped irises, several parts of her body missing but replaced with some sort of magical water-like substance.













2 Alertness

0 Animals

4 Athletics

0 Brawl

0 Crafts

2 Culture

1 Drive

0 Firearms

2 Influence

1 Investigation

1 Medicine

4 Melee

2 Occult

0 Performance

1 Science

0 Stealth

1 Survival

1 Technology

0 Thievery

3 Eldritch Magic

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Liev is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Liev has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


6 Mind





(Liev has no Traumas)



Circumstances describe your situation.

Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

Finances: Average
From Assets and Liabilities
You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.


Conditions describe your state of being.

Examples of Conditions include curses, diseases, and impactful personality quirks.

Conditions are granted by Assets and Liabilities or by GMs based on the events of Contracts and Downtime activities like Moves, and Loose Ends.

Because Conditions may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

From Assets and Liabilities
Oblivious You frequently fail to notice the soul shattering horrors that drive others mad. As long as your Perception rating is 1, all Trauma rolls and defensive Mind rolls are made at -2 Difficulty. Does not affect any Trauma rolls made as an additional cost to Gift activation.
Tough You can function under intense pain. Dice penalties from pain are reduced by 2. This includes Body penalty.
Bounce Back You heal incredibly quickly. Whenever one of your severe Injuries is Properly Stabilized, reduce its Severity by 1. Your stabilized Injuries heal 4 Severity levels per month instead of the standard 2.
Nightmares: Being trapped deep within the earth; the Thing in the Cave, as she knows it, and the incident that gave her her powers. Your sleep is plagued with horrible nightmares. At the start of each Contract and each time you fall asleep, make a Self-Control roll. If you fail, you take one Mind damage.
Sore Thumb You stick out like a. . . You automatically fail all Stealth rolls, and rolls to notice or locate you always succeed.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends will cause problems for you if you don't tie them up.

Examples of Loose Ends include enemies, debts, evidence, and promises.

All Loose Ends have a Cutoff that counts down each time you attend a Contract. When it hits zero, the Threat of your Loose End manifests, causing issues for your Contractor.

You cannot see the current values of your Loose Ends' Cutoffs, but you can take initiative and make Moves on your Downtimes to deal with them before time runs out.


Contractor Timeline

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Remaining Exp: 0 (Earned: 150 - Spent: 150)
An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move

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Liev has made 0 Moves.
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She got lost while hiking and ended up in a cave system that led way too far into the earth and stumbled across something that was not built for mortals to handle, getting blasted with enough eldritch magic radiation to kill a city but surviving just long enough to figure out how to piece herself together with latent eldritch residue. eventually someone from this organization/foundation tracked her down because the eldritch residue was so strong it was affecting the things around her and if she went on a rampage it wouldnt end well. they offered her a job as a mercenary (cause that was her job before the event) as a pretense to keep her under surveillance. she keeps losing bits of body because she's irradiated, still technically a mercenary, and has no sense of danger anymore due to the repressed trauma and every time she loses a part of herself she replaces it with magic water.

Assets And Liabilities


-15 Gifted
-0 Finances: Average
-6 Tough
-9 Bounce Back
-3 Oblivious


+3 Nightmares
Subject: Being trapped deep within the earth; the Thing in the Cave, as she knows it, and the incident that gave her her powers.
+9 Sore Thumb