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SHINBONE-MK2 AKA "Chest Cavity Man"

A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor played by geniebottle in Weavers of Fate

SHINBONE-MK2 AKA "Chest Cavity Man" is a technobarbarian who will risk his life to become the ultimate conquerer and do drugs and kill people.

He is 36 years old, lives in a scrap city in an hellish wasteland, in the remains of a lake, and often appears as a large, shirtless man with a metal face, metal interior and plasma axe.

SHINBONE-MK2 AKA "Chest Cavity Man" lives in Weavers of Fate, a setting where all possibilites can exist alongside each other, connected or otherwise.













3 Alertness

2 Animals

5 Athletics

2 Brawl

1 Crafts

0 Culture

3 Drive

0 Firearms

0 Influence

0 Investigation

0 Medicine

5 Melee

1 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

0 Stealth

2 Survival

3 Technology

0 Thievery

(Tap for Combat reference)
Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(SHINBONE-MK2 AKA "Chest Cavity Man" is unharmed)

(Tap for Severe Injury reference)

Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress
  • Tinnitus (You suffer a -2 dice penalty to any roll which benefits from hearing. You cannot distinguish the words of others in loud situations.)
  • Concussive Neuropathy (Intellect rolls take twice as long (minimum of two Actions) and you receive a -2 dice penalty to all Initiative rolls.)
  • Body 8


    4 Mind





    (SHINBONE-MK2 AKA "Chest Cavity Man" has no Traumas)



    Finances: Poor
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are completely incapable of holding onto money. You start each Contract with 1d10 x10 dollars in cash.
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are not an accepted member of society. You have no citizenship in any country or nation, and have no legally recognized forms of identification or licenses, making many elements of modern life impossible for you to attain. Making Moves to gain new Circumstances is significantly hampered by your outsider status, and in some cases may be completely impossible. Your Outsider status may occasionally cause GMs to give you new Loose Ends, at their discretion.
    Notoriety: Raider Barbarian
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are easily recognized and treated badly by the public at large due to something bad in your past. There is a strong hatred of you in English speaking cultures, and anyone who watches the news or is tuned in to popular culture will reflect that attitude. You get -3 dice for any rolls in social situations, and must roleplay your notorious status when relevant.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Ugly A hideous disfigurement makes your appearance disturbing and memorable. Any rolls that involve physical appearance in some way are at +2 difficulty. Social interactions should be roleplayed with this Condition in mind.
    Illiterate Your reading and writing are rudimentary at best. If you are capable of reading or writing at all, it is restricted to 5-6 year old level.
    Vengeful An insult to or an attack on your person simply cannot be tolerated. Each time someone wrongs you or disrespects you in a major way, you must succeed a Self-Control roll to resist taking revenge.
    Forgetful Your mind is a sieve, and while you can recall broad strokes, committing anything more detailed to memory is quite difficult. You must roll Mind Difficulty 6 in order to remember any details (locations, names, address, where you left something that you set down, physical descriptions of things, bits of information you were told, etc…) If you fail the roll, you may Exert your mind to remember, but if you botch the roll, you are stuck.
    Delusions of Grandeur You believe yourself to be the very best, one of the elite, superior to anyone else you meet. You must succeed a Self-Control roll in order to believe something or take an action which contradicts this delusion.
    Bane: Water Based Powers You are weak to a specific material or type of attack. All Damage you take from your weakness is increased by 2 and ignores any non-material Armor you may have.
    Short Fuse You have major issues controlling your temper. Whenever tensions run high or someone disrespects you, you must roll Self-Control not to escalate the situation or have a violent reaction.
    Supernatural Condition You have some unique supernatural affliction or curse due to your heritage or background. Cyborg: You are extremely heavy, unable to swim at all without a successful check, and if you take electrical damage you must flip a coin. On a failure, you are Incapacitated with a Severity-2 Injury, but on a success, you gain either +2 dice to your next check or an Injury heals 1 Severity.
    Weak Willed You are highly susceptible to any attempts to influence you. You are at +2 difficulty to resist mental, emotional, or social Effects, as well as to resist standard social rolls.
    Cat-Eyes Your eyes catch the light in the dark like a cat or dog's, granting low-light vision. You suffer no penalty to rolls in low-light situations. You cannot see in pitch blackness.
    Oblivious You frequently fail to notice the soul shattering horrors that drive others mad. As long as your Perception rating is 1, all Trauma rolls and defensive Mind rolls are made at -2 Difficulty. Does not affect any Trauma rolls made as an additional cost to Gift activation.
    Lizard Brain You are so unintelligent, you're accustomed to acting on instinct alone. As long as your Intellect rating is 1, being reduced to 0 Mind does not incapacitate you. Instead, you are able to continue to take Actions, though you are limited to dog-like level of intelligence, and Penalty still applies in full.
    Tough You can function under intense pain. Stress from Injuries is reduced by 2.
    Light Sleeper You are able to function with less sleep than most people. You need only four hours of sleep per night, and any supernatural attempts to put you to sleep are rolled at +1 Difficulty.
    Clear Conscience You have a special knack for shrugging off traumatic experiences. All Trauma rolls you make are -1 Difficulty, and Stress does not apply.
    Born Runner You are built specifically for running. +5 feet of free Movement, +2 dice to all-out sprint rolls.
    Attuned Autoimmune Your background has exposed you to a wide variety of toxins and diseases, and you have adapted to resist. +2 dice to resistance rolls against any diseases or toxins.
    Daredevil You have a penchant for taking wild, unnecessary risks, and somehow manage to survive them. You get +3 dice when attempting an action that is especially risky, and may ignore a single 1 on that roll.
    Trained Reflexes Your life has been filled with tight situations and violent encounters, so when the fighting starts, you act quickly. You get +3 dice to all Initiative rolls.
    Immutable Body Your body is naturally resistant to being reshaped or permanently damaged. You may Exert your Mind to negate any effect that would transform your body against your will (including the Warp Form Effect). All Battle Scars you would receive are one level less severe.
    Lanky You are particularly tall and have long limbs. Your "touch" range is ten feet instead of the standard five.

    Loose Ends


    Contractor Timeline

    2 Victories - 0 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 0 (Earned: 162 - Spent: 162)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move

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    Assets And Liabilities


    -9 Trained Reflexes
    -15 Gifted
    -3 Cat-Eyes
    -6 Clear Conscience
    -6 Tough
    -3 Lanky
    -6 Light Sleeper
    -9 Daredevil
    -6 Born Runner
    -6 Attuned Autoimmune
    -15 Immutable Body
    -3 Oblivious
    -3 Lizard Brain


    +3 Notoriety
    Reason: Raider Barbarian
    +6 Scarred
    Scar: //
    +3 Ugly
    +3 Illiterate
    +6 Finances: Poor
    +6 Vengeful
    +6 Forgetful
    +6 Delusions of Grandeur
    +6 Bane
    Weakness: Water Based Powers
    +7 Short Fuse
    +9 Supernatural Condition
    Supernatural Condition: Cyborg: You are extremely heavy, unable to swim at all without a successful check, and if you take electrical damage you must flip a coin. On a failure, you are Incapacitated with a Severity-2 Injury, but on a success, you gain either +2 dice to your next check or an Injury heals 1 Severity.
    +9 Outsider
    +12 Weak Willed