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Esteban Hormiga
Let him cook!!

A Newbie Contractor played by HeihachiGaming in Earth Unveiled

Esteban Hormiga is a chef who will risk their life to become the ultimate alchemical chef and invent a solution to world hunger.

They are 26 years old, live in an little apartment in reynosa, mexico, and often appears as a mexican male in chef's clothing and a tattoo of ant on his back.

Esteban Hormiga lives in Earth Unveiled, a setting where we learned the supernatural's real; but in the modern-day is carefully controlled by Conspiracy. Their Questionnaire has 5 answers.













3 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

2 Brawl

4 Crafts

0 Culture

1 Drive

0 Firearms

0 Influence

0 Investigation

3 Medicine

0 Melee

0 Occult

0 Performance

4 Science

3 Stealth

3 Survival

2 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Esteban Hormiga is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Esteban Hormiga has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


6 Mind





(Esteban Hormiga has no Traumas)



Circumstances describe your situation.

Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

Finances: Poor
From Assets and Liabilities
You are completely incapable of holding onto money. You start each Contract with 1d10 x10 dollars in cash.


Conditions describe your state of being.

Examples of Conditions include curses, diseases, and impactful personality quirks.

Conditions are granted by Assets and Liabilities or by GMs based on the events of Contracts and Downtime activities like Moves, and Loose Ends.

Because Conditions may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

From Assets and Liabilities
Trained Reflexes Your life has been filled with tight situations and violent encounters, so when the fighting starts, you act quickly. You get +3 dice to all Initiative rolls.
Paranoia You have a natural distrust of everyone around you, and are always on edge looking for threats. You must roll Self Control in order to let another person remain in a position where they could easily hurt you, or to allow someone else to perform a task which is necessary to keep yourself safe. If you fail, you may Exert your Mind to overcome your fear.
Tough You can function under intense pain. Stress from Injuries is reduced by 2.
Born Runner You are built specifically for running. +5 feet of free Movement, +2 dice to all-out sprint rolls.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends will cause problems for you if you don't tie them up.

Examples of Loose Ends include enemies, debts, evidence, and promises.

All Loose Ends have a Cutoff that counts down each time you attend a Contract. When it hits zero, the Threat of your Loose End manifests, causing issues for your Contractor.

You cannot see the current values of your Loose Ends' Cutoffs, but you can take initiative and make Moves on your Downtimes to deal with them before time runs out.


Contractor Timeline

0 Victories - 0 Failures
Remaining Exp: 0 (Earned: 156 - Spent: 156)
An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move

Esteban Hormiga has not written in their journal yet.


Esteban Hormiga has made 0 Moves.
Contractors must have participated in at least one Contract before they can make Moves.


Born and raised in a bordertown in Mexico, at 18 years old, Esteban was recognized as a scientific prodigy and expected to quickly grow into a leading position of research for Mexico, but a lot of traction can attract the wrong sorts of people. Esteban was kidnapped by the cartel and forced to make a bomb, after 2 weeks of torture and repeated starvation he was able to escape by rusting the bars of his cage with water and breaking them down, after walking and successfully stealing a car he managed to make his way back home. As soon as he made it back he knew what his purpose in life was, he immediately applied to culinary school and started working towards ending world hunger, and for the next 4 years he'd see no progress with science, he started doing research into alchemical studies and got into contact with a witch nearby after 2 weeks he'd finally perfect the recipe for a concha that could heal wounds, he would donate a batch to a hospital anonymously to see if it worked, and it did, 3 people were fully cured of their ailments and 4 were streamlined straight to a steady recovery. He soon realized that he would have to work harder to make progress and 2 jobs weren't gonna help him, and so began his search into alternative forms of payment.

Assets And Liabilities


-9 Trained Reflexes
-6 Tough
-6 Born Runner


+6 Finances: Poor
+6 Paranoia