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"...Your reality is falsified."

A 6-Victory Novice Contractor played by coml8i08 as a Free Agent

Castilver is a silent traveller who will risk her life to become the ultimate reality manipulator and silence the world.

She is 19(76) years old, lives in Hidari Ringo's shrine grounds, Yokohama, Japan, and often appears as a short girl with blonde hair, red eyes, currently wearing grey trimmed black blazer, black turtleneck, grey jeans, and a pair of black boots.

Her journal, Story of an unimportant person, has 12 entries. Her Questionnaire has 17 answers.













4 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

0 Brawl

0 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

3 Firearms

0 Influence

2 Investigation

2 Medicine

0 Melee

0 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

3 Stealth

2 Survival

2 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Castilver is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Castilver has no Battle Scars)

Body 6


8 Mind



Near-Death Experience


(Castilver has no Traumas)

Reality Matter

Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one day


Finances: Average
From Assets and Liabilities
You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.
From Assets and Liabilities
You are not an accepted member of society. You have no citizenship in any country or nation, and have no legally recognized forms of identification or licenses, making many elements of modern life impossible for you to attain. Making Moves to gain new Circumstances is significantly hampered by your outsider status, and in some cases may be completely impossible. Your Outsider status may occasionally cause GMs to give you new Loose Ends, at their discretion.
Arsenal: Explosives
From Assets and Liabilities
Through some legal, licensed means, you have reliable access to a certain type of material others don’t. You may transport this material without the authorities interfering. Choose drugs (narcotics, prescriptions, poisons), explosives (grenades, dynamite, c4), or armory (any firearms or armor, even if normally illegal where you reside)


From Assets and Liabilities
Sleepless You do not require sleep. You do not require sleep, and any resistance rolls against supernatural attempts to put you to sleep are rolled at +2 dice.
Daredevil You have a penchant for taking wild, unnecessary risks, and somehow manage to survive them. You get +3 dice when attempting an action that is especially risky, and may ignore a single 1 on that roll.
Glass Jaw You are easily knocked out. Whenever you take an Injury that is Severity 4 or higher, or if you take any blow to your head, you pass out for the next Round. When you pass out, you drop what was in your hands, fall to the ground, cannot move, and cannot take any Actions.
Nimble Fingers Your fingers are particularly long and slender. You receive a +2 dice bonus to any action that requires fine manual dexterity.
Immutable Body Your body is naturally resistant to being reshaped or permanently damaged. You may Exert your Mind to negate any effect that would transform your body against your will (including the Warp Form Effect). All Battle Scars you would receive are one level less severe.
Trained Reflexes Your life has been filled with tight situations and violent encounters, so when the fighting starts, you act quickly. You get +3 dice to all Initiative rolls.
Ageless You are not immortal, but the passage of time takes a lesser toll upon you. For every four years that passes, you age a single year.
Nightwalker You find the daylight unbearable. You suffer a -3 dice penalty as long as you are exposed to sunlight. This stacks with any other penalty you have.
Pathetic You are so pathetic, no one takes you seriously as a threat. As long as your Brawn rating is 1, opponents must roll Mind and achieve an Outcome of 4 or higher to attack you instead of other targets in Combat. Outside of combat, others may laugh at your pathetic appearance, roleplay with this in mind.
Contortionist You are unusually flexible, and may squeeze through small spaces with ease. Reduce the Difficulty of any roll to escape a grapple or Dexterity roll involving flexibility by 2.
Avoidance You are so off-putting, that most people just avoid you. As long as your Charisma rating is 1, you may Exert your Mind to cause someone to ignore or avoid you in a social situation. Any Stealth rolls you make as a part of that attempt get +2 to their Outcome.
Short You are very short, 4’6” at most. You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adults, and your move speed is reduced by half.
Short Fuse You have major issues controlling your temper. Whenever tensions run high or someone disrespects you, you must roll Self-Control not to escalate the situation or have a violent reaction.
Honesty You're honest to a fault. You cannot lie and must keep any promises you make.
Clear Conscience You have a special knack for shrugging off traumatic experiences. All Trauma rolls you make are -1 Difficulty, and Stress Penalty does not apply.
Imbued After accepting your first Invitation to a Contract, you are Imbued, altering you in several ways. After completing a Contract, your learning and conditioning improves rapidly. However, you require the Contracts to advance. You have an indomitable Will to Survive. You may Exert your Mind to improve the Outcome of your Actions. You are highly receptive to therapy and may "cure" one of your Traumas with counseling on a Downtime.
Paranoia You have a natural distrust of everyone around you, and are always on edge looking for threats. You must roll Self Control in order to let another person remain in a position where they could easily hurt you, or to allow someone else to perform a task which is necessary to keep yourself safe. If you fail, you may Exert your Mind to overcome your fear. If you do not do so, you can succumb to your fear, and either push the person away, or flee the scene. If you flee the scene, you must get far away from the previous spot, and must find a place you can be by yourself.
Jack of All Trades You are naturally capable of most things, even without any training. When making a roll which utilizes a Primary Ability (or just Ability) that you don’t possess, you do not suffer the standard +1 Difficulty penalty, and you receive +1 dice to the roll. (All Ability that have 0 rating will be considered at 1 rating.)

Loose Ends


Contractor Timeline

6 Victories - 0 Failures
Remaining Exp: 0 (Earned: 205 - Spent: 205)
An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


Castilver has made 0 Moves.
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Castilver is an outsider from a place she'd rather not talk about. Without a place, family, and friends to call home, she began traveling, in search of a purpose. Her appearance is that of a short girl, with a slender body, wearing a black turtleneck, grey jeans, brown boots, and a long white coat. She also has another set of clothing which consists of grey trimmed black blazer, black turtleneck, grey jeans, and a pair of black boots. She has a passive, and rather emotionless face all the time, most likely because she doesn't interact with people at all.

She also has problems interacting with people and tends to freeze up when faced with social interactions. However, if she senses a threat in the person approaching her, she will try her best to back away.

As of Fate of a Lonely Pup, she no longer has anxiety interacting with people, but she still has paranoia around strangers that might pose a risk to her life.

When faced with serious situations, she will not hesitate to gamble her life away.

Assets And Liabilities


-0 Imbued
-6 Clear Conscience
-3 Pathetic
-3 Contortionist
-3 Avoidance
-12 Arsenal
Arsenal Type: Explosives
-15 Gifted
-0 Finances: Average
-9 Trained Reflexes
-9 Ageless
-9 Sleepless
-9 Daredevil
-12 Jack of All Trades
-3 Nimble Fingers
-15 Immutable Body


+7 Short Fuse
+12 Glass Jaw
+6 Short
+9 Outsider
+6 Paranoia
+9 Fairy Rules
+9 Nightwalker