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A Newbie Contractor played by WalnutOwl as a Free Agent

Toast is a exorcist who will risk their life to become the ultimate genetic-anomoly and invade the earth, starting right here.

They are 1 years old, live in a toaster, and often appears as a sentient piece of toast.













5 Alertness

0 Animals

5 Athletics

4 Brawl

0 Crafts

4 Culture

0 Drive

0 Firearms

5 Influence

5 Investigation

0 Medicine

0 Melee

5 Occult

5 Performance

0 Science

5 Stealth

0 Survival

0 Technology

4 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Toast is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress
  • Missing legs (Has no legs and has to move with arms)
  • Burned
  • Body 6


    9 Mind





  • Nightmares Your sleep is plagued with horrible nightmares.
  • Paranoia You have a natural distrust of everyone around you, and are always on edge looking for threats.

  • Source


    Circumstances describe your situation.

    Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

    Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

    Finances: Poor
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are completely incapable of holding onto money. You start each Contract with 1d10 x10 dollars in cash.
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are not an accepted member of society. You have no citizenship in any country or nation, and have no legally recognized forms of identification or licenses, making many elements of modern life impossible for you to attain. Making Moves to gain new Circumstances is significantly hampered by your outsider status, and in some cases may be completely impossible. Your Outsider status may occasionally cause GMs to give you new Loose Ends, at their discretion.


    Conditions describe your state of being.

    Examples of Conditions include curses, diseases, and impactful personality quirks.

    Conditions are granted by Assets and Liabilities or by GMs based on the events of Contracts and Downtime activities like Moves, and Loose Ends.

    Because Conditions may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

    From Assets and Liabilities
    Contortionist You are unusually flexible, and may squeeze through small spaces with ease. Reduce the Difficulty of any roll to escape a grapple or Dexterity roll involving flexibility by 2.
    Convenient Klutz Your manner of tripping over yourself is so unpredictable, it makes you difficult to target. When you are attacked, you may spend a Reaction to instead fall on your face and take a Severity-1 Injury, avoiding the attack. Only works if your Dexterity rating is 1.
    Focused You’re cool under pressure. Stress from Mind Damage is reduced by 2.
    Hemophilia Your blood doesn't clot as normal, making any Injury a potentially lethal one. All Injuries Severity 2 or higher degrade at a rate of 1 Severity per minute. Stabilizations are made at +2 Difficulty, and all Proper Stabilizations require a blood transfusion.
    Illiterate Your reading and writing are rudimentary at best. If you are capable of reading or writing at all, it is restricted to 5-6 year old level.
    Nightmares: eaten by ducks Your sleep is plagued with horrible nightmares. At the start of each Contract and each time you fall asleep, make a Self-Control roll. If you fail, you take one Mind damage.
    Short You are very short, 4’6” at most. You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adults, and your move speed is reduced by half.
    Mute You cannot speak. You may communicate with the GM and describe your actions, but cannot talk to a player character or an NPC unless everyone concerned uses sign language or you write things down.
    Vengeful An insult to or an attack on your person simply cannot be tolerated. Each time someone wrongs you or disrespects you in a major way, you must succeed a Self-Control roll to resist taking revenge.
    Anti-Social You struggle with engaging in social interaction. In order to start a conversation with someone you have known for less than an hour, you must succeed a Self-Control roll. If you become the center of attention in a large group, you must succeed a Self-Control roll or Exert your Mind to avoid fleeing or shutting down.
    Compulsive Liar You have trouble with honesty and generally find it much easier and safer to make things up. Any time you are asked about yourself, or are offering information about yourself, you must succeed a Self-Control roll in order to tell the truth. If you are ever caught in a lie, you must Exert your Mind in order to come clean; otherwise you must attempt to justify the initial lie with more lies.
    Paranoia You have a natural distrust of everyone around you, and are always on edge looking for threats. You must roll Self Control in order to let another person remain in a position where they could easily hurt you, or to allow someone else to perform a task which is necessary to keep yourself safe. If you fail, you may Exert your Mind to overcome your fear.
    Delusions of Grandeur You believe yourself to be the very best, one of the elite, superior to anyone else you meet. You must succeed a Self-Control roll in order to believe something or take an action which contradicts this delusion.
    Lycanthropy You are possessed by an impulsive aspect that physically and mentally transforms you on the full moon and the surrounding nights. At the start of each Contract, roll a d10 and multiply the result by 2 to determine how many nights until the full moon. On the two nights leading up to the full moon, you experience minor physical changes and all Mind rolls are +1 Difficulty. On the night of the full moon, you transform fully into an obviously unusual creature and all Mind rolls are +2 Difficulty.
    Bane: water You are weak to a specific material or type of attack. All Damage you take from your weakness is increased by 2 and ignores any non-material Armor you may have.
    Sore Thumb You stick out like a. . . You automatically fail all Stealth rolls, and rolls to notice or locate you always succeed.
    Deaf You cannot hear. You automatically fail any rolls which require hearing, and are at -3 dice for multi-sensory rolls.
    Sensitive You're emotionally fragile, and very likely to be mentally and emotionally scarred by your experiences. You have four Limits, instead of the usual three.
    Weak Willed You are highly susceptible to any attempts to influence you. You are at +2 difficulty to resist mental, emotional, or social Effects, as well as to resist standard social rolls.
    Blind You cannot see. Any rolls which require sight fail automatically, and any actions which are made easier by sight are rolled at up to +3 Difficulty, depending on the specific action.
    Dark Fate When things go wrong for you, they go very wrong. Any time you roll an Outcome of 0, it counts as a botch (-1). You also cannot use Will to Survive to reduce the Severity of incoming Injuries.
    Giftless: preventing mold You have some pressing issue which forces you to spend your rewards from Contracts on simple survival. You cannot receive Gifts, or spend Gift or Improvement points.
    Imbued After accepting your first Invitation to a Contract, you are Imbued, altering you in several ways. After completing a Contract, your learning and conditioning improves rapidly. However, you require the Contracts to advance. You have an indomitable Will to Survive. You may Exert your Mind to improve the Outcome of your Actions. You are highly receptive to therapy and may "cure" one of your Traumas with counseling on a Downtime.
    Unshakable You're hardly human anymore, and actions that once troubled you hardly seem to matter at all anymore. You are at -2 Difficulty to all Trauma rolls. You receive this automatically upon reaching Veteran status (25 victories), and cannot take it prior to that.
    Seen Things Your exposure to unspeakable horrors has hardened you. You are at -1 Difficulty to all Trauma rolls. Requires Seasoned status (10 victories).
    Pathetic You are so pathetic, no one takes you seriously as a threat. As long as your Brawn rating is 1, opponents must roll Mind and achieve an Outcome of 4 or higher to attack you instead of other targets in Combat.
    Less Than Human: Ducks There is some particular class of person that you consider wholly deplorable and undeserving of compassion. If you have the Limits Murder, Atrocities, and/or Life-Saver, they do not apply to your chosen class of person.
    Beautiful You're quite the specimen! Rolls where your good looks could help– be it via sexual attraction, first impression, or trustworthiness– are at -2 Difficulty. Social interactions should be role-played accordingly. Effect activations are unaffected.

    Loose Ends

    Group of Enemies: Ducks

    Moderate Deadly Given by a Liability
    Your antics have attracted the attention of a powerful group of beings, and they are willing to commit whatever collective resources they have towards destroying you.

    Individual Enemy: Ducks

    Moderate Dangerous Given by a Liability
    Whether through misfortune or deliberate provocation, you have made a lifelong enemy out of someone, and they will stop at nothing to take you down.


    Contractor Timeline

    0 Victories - 0 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 5 (Earned: 150 - Spent: 145)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move

    Toast has not written in their journal yet.


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    Toast has made 0 Moves.
    Contractors must have participated in at least one Contract before they can make Moves.

    Assets And Liabilities


    -3 Pathetic
    -3 Less Than Human
    Type of being: Ducks
    -6 Focused
    -3 Beautiful
    -3 Contortionist
    -0 Unshakable
    -3 Convenient Klutz
    -0 Seen Things
    -0 Imbued


    +15 Hemophilia
    +3 Illiterate
    +3 Nightmares
    Subject: eaten by ducks
    +6 Short
    +6 Finances: Poor
    +6 Mute
    +6 Vengeful
    +6 Anti-Social
    +6 Individual Enemy
    Name of Enemy: Ducks
    +6 Compulsive Liar
    +6 Paranoia
    +6 Delusions of Grandeur
    +6 Lycanthropy
    +6 Bane
    Weakness: water
    +6 Scarred
    Scar: Burned
    +9 Sore Thumb
    +9 Deaf
    +9 Movement Impaired
    Impairment: No Legs
    +9 Sensitive
    +9 Outsider
    +12 Weak Willed
    +12 Group of Enemies
    Name of Group: Ducks
    +15 Blind
    +15 Dark Fate
    +30 Giftless
    Gifts must be spent on: preventing mold