Legacy Power: Le Farouche Cabaler (Feral Favors)

"C'mere." "C'mon ..." (Mimics animal sound perfectly, in between words. "Who's a good birdie? Take this to the people that way." Squirrel holds out a piece of plant matter to the small bird, who carries it off

A 1 Gift Command Creature Power used by Squirrel, created by Redchigh.


Squirrel's more at ease with beast, than man. He treats nature well, and nature treats him well in return.

With a little time, some food, and a calm, stern voice, Squirrel finds animals will lend him their ear, even the odd favor when needed but he always repays their good will.


Exert your Mind and spend a round issuing a command to a Creature. This command can be issued from 20 feet, but you must have some means of knowing where the Creature is and/or communicating the command to it. Your command cannot be beyond their intellectual grasp, it cannot obviously endanger them. Duration depends on the command, but is generally not longer than a day.

Subsequent commands to the same Creature within an hour do not cost Exertion.


  • Lassie (Your commands can be complex and multi-layered but must still be specific.)


Range: 1 ( 20 feet )

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