Fonzie T. Buck's Journal

The Red Menace
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Wondering what to do now

After this whole thing, spending the 5000 from Don got better equipment and a little celebration for me but nothing special as it was just a fancy restaurant. Going from that what I did from that whole mess, having the shotgun and shells kinda have to deal with that so drove to a little dock, rented a boat and cleaned the gun and shells for prints and let it all go down into the sea right near Oregon. It is most likely just gonna float east or west.
With the whole shotgun issue dealt with he decides to practice harder and even spend the next couple weeks and months making his own hybrid-homemade style of Martial Arts, worked my ass off on it, and well after the whole thing with the job it has its own charm as thanks to doing it like I got a little boost with it. Anyway with it developed a wide variety of kicks, punches, grapples, dealing when grappled, the whole rulebook as I tried to get it filled best as I could. More aiming and speed style to help deliver strong punches where it would most definitely hurt a lot. Went to a little baseball place where it had the automatic ball launcher and even tried a new parrying technique and it works like a charm despite it being a quick ball. Now after doing all that just gonna focus on teaching still as an instructor and well on the side continuing more on these contracts as they do remind you at least of the action and rush you used to feel so you cant wait for that. I spend my days kind of waiting for anything else to come up and not really do much for now. So that is neat.

pest control
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Surprising turn, maybe gonna be a movie star now.

After a couple of days, ago started hanging with Donovan and trying out a whole Feng Shui thing to help with the job, and yea it helps a lot. So started training it and got better and better and now I feel like I can run like the wind or flow like water as Jackie Chan said. So spent 2 days just pure relaxing so glad I did man, seriously needed it as I was getting stressed from all of this, and yea kids now kinda freak me out now as I am dealing with all of this. Like seriously kids easily going to kill you seriously when one tried to kill me without hesitation had to put him down sadly. Went to hang out with Donovan as he helped me out with whatever remained from the attacks from the job. Also apparently he told me of this surprising idea that almost had me punch him in the face, basically starting a whole trilogy with me being the main character in the films on Netflix, which let me say on Netflix you are hitting a market but Amazon Prime or even Hulu would do well too. But acting is something I really haven't tried but it sounds neat, and the film names are pretty much classic title-styled names and even got a nickname type of scheme for me. Fonzie Fratricide in Adolescent Armageddon, seriously would laugh my ass off after hearing the idea and was glad to accept starring for the main guy. Still gonna do the Instructor thing but for adult classes, so that makes time for an  acting coach for this film as I gotta work hard for this shit as I am excited about it. So gonna start hanging out more with Don as we work on the film now.

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Another Day, Another Kata

After the whole thing, I did before, which I might say nearly destroyed a town. I didn't do much to be exact but I will say I did start pushing myself harder and harder. 
Like for a while, I decided well since I was getting back into this whole thing of well near-death and constant gun use I might as well start getting back into guns again, went ahead and started spending time at a gun range at an old friend of mine, guys cool and lets me practice but I can't buy guns still as due to my record per se so getting them are a no go but in case I ever get one on the mission I got this thing down and ready now.
Alongside that went uh well driving, by driving I went and got my ol Toyota-corolla as of seeing another person car previously I was surprised at their damn car and am wondering I can get it to that type of level one day, so I went to an abandoned parking lot and spent well about 2 weeks trying to do what they in Initial D where the kid had a cup of water to help him master drifting, well it did help but I am not amazing at it but I definitely do see an improvement.
Lastly began well seeing as Raph has great hearing, I wanted to try to emulate that so I decided to mess around a bit with constant use of Kata and practice, I have decided to just take the time to just listen, hear the world around me, with that I believe I may be onto something so I'm also gonna start to meditate to listen to the world on you know like a whole relaxation thing and with the constant use of well Fung Shei I am doing a lot of, Well it uh paid off as I can hear things on a whole ass other level and its well pretty great. Still hanging out with Donovan from time to time for the whole movie.

dr.bright's outdoor adventures
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Reconnecting old roots

After a well near death to quite a big thing, I decided to get a break for like 2 days and then got right back into working as per usual. 

The first thing I did was well go hunting as to well train my senses I guess, and yea I did not go empty-handed as one of my students is quite the hunt meister and I asked and he said it was cool to borrow his rifle from him for a while as he was going on a vacation for about a week or 2, so went down the hunting grounds and worked my ass off and even got a deer, was pretty fun and I will say I improved in some aspect.
After that, I began to train myself in well the other ways for example as I am recently digging up the stuff my Sifu left me as they are all helping with the gifts I got, so I went back home to where I usually keep everything from him and found quite an odd little trinket, and surprisingly it is a definite keeper as it began to heal some old wounds like the stuff I got a month ago, and well my slowly incoming back issue. Gonna make sure it sits nicely within my coat so no one can take it away as it is detrimental as hell.
Alongside that, I began to work harder on my fighting style, and I will say my hands must be some hands of steel and I accidentally broke our Wing Chun Dummy hear and it was one of those expensive ones, made of steel and I didn't even hurt my hands.
Lastly is that I was well invited by Raph to join his organization, group whatever and I decided to say yes and now I am kind of moving, and planning to sell the building and buy another one near where the organization is so I can still run it on the side at best. I decided this was best as of recently dying I need a well safer and more decent place to live nowadays and there is no harm as I know the people there so it is cool. 

The Hospital
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Maxin, Relaxin, all around chillen

So after a whole crazy thing, I had to deal with that was me, I decided to scaddle out of Goshin as I am well wanted over there for questioning about a bombing. 
Got a good place to hide thanks to Raph and the whole apartment, anyway what I did to pass the time is well first calm down after what the hell that was, not gonna trust surveys ever again after that. I thought about training but decided to take a bit to focus on other big things such as starting up the Dojo once again, but due to the whole situation it is well kind of underground I suppose and in a Fight Club-style I suppose, by Fight Club I mean underneath a bar as the owner really wants to learn about it and so I was given permission to set it up down there and now I run it still on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays though. The second thing was well still working with Donovan on the whole movie franchise of me I suppose, which is a children zombie film I think it's an action-comedy and not gonna lie still not great at acting but I will promise that I will get better probably at it.
Alongside that I worked well my style more and well the one that I don't teach as it is turning quite brutal to use, hands no longer hurt anymore and I see that anything I practically hit around here like my punching back is leaving a mark, so I am gonna have to maybe find other methods soon.

There Can Only Be One King

Here Lies Fonzie T. Buck

Cause of Death: Thrown by Amaranth

A ex-convict/ martial instructor. Fonzie Timothy Buck, was recently found at a interstate near reaching Miami. He was found badly wounded from multiple wounds but the killing blow from getting thrown and his lower body being simply skidded across the ground and his head seemingly fractured to which lead to a fatal but quick death.

Family and Friends will truly mourn a man who tried to right his wrongs from what they have told us.

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