Junior T. Jones's Journal

A Party For The Ages!
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Recovering, and realizing I am meant for this

So for the days that went forth after what I did, spent recovering what I had lost like a damn finger. The hospital said I have to live without it now but I am glad wasn't,  any other fingers and just a ringer finger, like if it was my thumb I would have tried my damn darndest to get a replacement because without a thumb its just weird to use your hand anymore at all. After that, I believe I deserve a well-deserved break. My deputies wondered why the hell was I in some odd attire and I simply just said I went to an old friends wedding and the loss of a finger was a whole thing with a knife that happened there, I hope they don't pry too much into it and it so far worked as they forgot about it though some people ask how did I lose a finger time to time. 
Aside from that, I believe that well if doing this whole accepting job out of cop work if it at least aint like horrible like for example doing crimes but if it were to stop truly someone corrupted, vicious, and cruel you might as well tag along from now on as I don't really do much around and but I still do my job proud as one can be, so yea I suppose I can start doing these whole side job things. For now I relax, do my job, and uh maybe one day anger management but nah I feel like its one of my great qualities.

Avengers Assemble!
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Shooting Competitions

After such a well odd time I had, I spent my time trying to well forget what the hell I saw and did, letting a woman die for a man's problem. Aside from that, I am getting back into how I usually work and went and explained the whole fake police vehicle thing, seeing as I am out of state I had apprehended some individuals that were riding in the fake police vehicle and simply sadly was nearly struck by a horrible driver, as I was trying to return to there police station so that may deal with it. Luckily they bought it as I went back to Nevada and wondered what am I gonna do now to pass the time. So I wonder why not push the limits on my good marksmanship, went so I went and asked if we could set up a lovely firing competition for all those who would like to participate in the area, and luckily it was approved and I was even allowed to join in the fun which I was glad, as one needs to be put on pressure if they truly wanna get better. So I entered and brought out my Beretta for this action and it was a fun thing as I won some shooting matching with the local fella's and was nearly about to win the championship but an oldtimer had beat me who I was surprised brought a revolver to this whole event out here, after that I would congratulate him and he would be awarded an engraved M1911, good for him as for me I would definitely am getting better as I am thinking for switching out my pistol for a sweet Anaconda revolver, maybe one day.

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Working on myself

So after well losing a finger, again I had to explain it was a shitty hunting accident where you finger was blown off by a hunter friend on accident when i got back to the station, So right now I am working on myself to get better and for example I am gonna try something out and it has helped me out a lot. Trying out the use of revolvers and not gonna lie even though I am missing well my ring fingers I can spin them like a god and tried a shooting competition with a revolver this time, I won man, got first place and all with a little trophy with my name on it which is awesome, I can tell it is fueled by the well recent contract as of being this good this fast is simply not possible. Aside from the little gun-ho tricks I learned, I mainly focused well on my speaking, how I talk and what not and not really doing much and what I mean for practicing on it really is just well doing my job, doing little press conferences when I am needed, dealing with calls and reports as I try out new styles of talking I guess you can call it as I am trying out new methods here to speak. Lastly I kinda just relax and not do much aside from a little revolver training and working on my sociable skills, so uh yea after doing everything not really doing much till the next contract.

The Dark of the Night
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

It was a good day

After dealing with the recent contract, I worked hard on myself to officially set myself up for this whole contracts thing.
I had established a direct phone line to the station and had my most trusted individual to handle my calls and generally, just don't question me so this would work well as I now got a more continuous contact with my office instead of being unable to do anything once I am gone.
After dealing with that went to the local church and discovered a pretty odd bible, that was handed to me by Father Anderson there and he said it was given to him to give to me, though he didn't say who gave it to him. I took it and it seemed to hold the rather mystical properties such I hold and well tested it out and almost set my kitchen on fire when I got home. The bible itself had a burnt cover but perfectly fine on the inside but is always rather a bit hot to hand, spent my time memorizing the verses inside and had managed to learn how to use such a sacred holy relic it must be. After having a tool to use, I went to go train myself for a bit with a baton, and whilst I was ok with it, I could definitely get better so I went on to an instructor recently and spent a few sessions training with some melee weapons the guy had and I will say I see an obvious improvement than earlier. But I can always be better.


Here Lies Junior T. Jones

Cause of Death: Nazi's, Lottsa Nazi's

Today a Young Sheriff has sadly fallen to pass as he was killed by a group of Nazi's in Goshin, Indiana where he was far away from home.
Suffering from Blunt Trauma to the head, and many other things he had managed to reach the hospital thanks to the police but sadly he was killed in his sleep.

Friends and family are saddened to hear the news, especially his father and many others back home and at the workstation.
A known Christian, he will be remembered.

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