Mason Berkman's Journal

To Russia With Love
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Incognito in the Mountains

After the contract, I went to go live with Batamir who apparently is this whole famous musician, didnt really know he existed not gonna lie till now since I believe myself a connoisseur of the classics. Arriving there well I spent my first week staying jittery and awake before crashing because holy hell that fucking snake oil shit is now god damn jole of a drug.

Setting up my little home in his abode I live in a decent place and work as a handyman mainly, in exchange for living there I work and am well put to use in his tests thing.
Got a toolshed to my disposal, I work on maintaining the house mainly and I get to build stuff occasionally for my tool shed.

Anyway I got put to use by Batamir in well uh I rather not say, 3 times in a row for a week for Monday, Wednesday, and a Friday I feel honestly odd about it all as I was kinda used in an experiment, not kinda I was used but ey, if it makes me better, why not as I can now take a punch like a champ and move faster and just generally be more fit I went for it but I still feel jittery bout the whole thing but hey I still look good which is the nice thing, nothing has changed on the outside.

Also during this whole new job and experimenting with things, worked on my old skills in good football on a tree and mainly hung out in the forest. With work gloves on of course, I tried out some stuff and watch youtube which really can teach you anything, and the work as a handyman has helped quite a bit in my carpentry work as I even picked up some tricks. Seriously worked my ass off as I kinda pushed myself to the limit this month but hey I feel better than anything right now atleast.

Also spent all my god damn money on getting a new damn car online, a nice car though and with 5 dollars remaining from what I worked this month. I also am well borrowing some tools from the tool shed.

Beware the Assassin!
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Working on a Degree


Working on my Degree

After leaving California, and returning the costume I was back to Appalachia wondering what I had just dealt with. Coming back and continuing my job as a handyman I decided it was a good time to work on well not getting my degree but learning more about the degree I was working on, going off the old books that I hadn't read yet from when I was at college and buying books off amazon I got some help and understanding more into the technical side of it all a bit better now. I definitely would say I have even improved to a better degree entirely.

Reading the variety of books I picked up a neat trick that well wasn't in any books at all but reading did help, with my I had decided to try to get back into making things and well I had some decent fun with graphing paper as I can do some neat things with it now, with this new knowledge and a new headache after doing it as it is tiring I went and bought a whole little notebook online so I can have a decent stack of graphing paper on me at all times now so I don't have to go looking for anything now so that's pretty good for me, and also a plastic bag just in case I go into any water, ya know being careful and all that. 

Lastly, I decided to have a cup on at all times because getting kicked in the balls is not a fun time, rather have kids then no kids so yea not gonna ever take that thing off now.

Monster Hunt IV Bunyip
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Pushin it to the limit

With the various things that occured and well what I have seen, I realized I gotta push harder than I ever had for a job like this and to well achieve what I am looking for. 
Setting up the board in my room as I believe soon I will be strong enough to head back to Oregon to hunt down the demons one by one and send em back to hell, right after one more job its gonna be time to move on back home. But for now I will train for this month.

Standing on the razors edge as I wonder what I lack in, remembering how some of the guys I work with do have some sneaky fuckery types of skills such as the good ole lock picking which I wondered at first how to acquire, so I ordered a decent pair online with 3 replacement football belts since they broke a while back and seeing how useful they were using them before. But yea with the lockpicks and the access to the interenet I read online forums, how to articles and generally what I can as I set up my own testing statin with a door knob that was thrown out and set up various difficultys and with that I got better lastly got a winter coat and gloves after remembering a trip to russia. 

Worked on sneaking around as well by the usual reading and trying it out on the wildlife on the mountains here to see how close I can get without spooking if off and it worked a good bit, lastly was well putting my body down for the game and what I meant for that was fully cherish and embalish my soul for the game, for FOOTBALL BABY and I worked my ass off in training and I will say doing so has lead to some unique strengths as well I cant remove the eye black now which is neat I game but is rough when it comes to each but nice for the eyes, and uh well holding things with my bare hands is harding now so thats something I help with. During between all of that I did my little job as a handyman which is not really that hard but it is neat and gives me a nice place to live.

The Third Sick Hall First Escapee
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After the job it had shown me well I dont think I could take on a whole team of demon football player unless I had the power of god by my side which I have no clue if I even do but I realize I may need to spend some time to continue well until I am stronger, fought a ghost and got pretty decently hurt so I am gonna still continue to live at Batamir's who despite the oddness has a decent pad and given me access to a nice selection of tools and general place of living so yea not gonna leave the man behind. 

Went and got my permit for firearms so that should be no worry as its more self-defence anyway, I even went out traveling to Oregon for a quick bit and well got this old medal that my old friend over there once wore, he was the quarterback on our team and a good one but sadly he had passed a while back so got the old medal and now I realized that guy really had something, making way to his house, talking with the parents and all that, checking his room and then the medal I quickly skaddled out of there and back to appalchia and sent the Gizmo back to the kid and hella cool he made it better than the original, should try making my own device such as I do have the knowledge. Like more of a exo-skeleton concept but that will do for now, and I got my strength issue under control so I dont go breaking things.

Happiest Place on Earth!
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Reaching Peak Smartness

After the whole thing back at the place, I left on a plane back to Kentucky back at the house to where instead of working on my well muscles I decided hey why not flex out the brain a good bit, give it a good work out, I spent a good majority reading up, amassing a new level intelligence as I put it to the test on geoguesser, dictionary, IQ tests and simply going through many forms of quizzes, studying and simply practice I think I did it.

With this I tried my hand on doing this too but for well my job, working on my repairman skills as I went online and kinda went to study and memorizing various amounts of schematics, going from the basics to the advanced shit in what I believe is nearly an instant. To where I can now see where the schematics lie in real time in my head and well my hands do the work and it is all fixed with the tools in hand, as I put myself to the test and I can say after a week of learning this I am now a master repairman in this household. I doubt Batamir can find another lad for me to what I can at this point but I cant get to ahead of myself on the Mansions issues.

Lastly I went onto amazon and got a radical idea, apparently their is a thing known as magnetic glove for handyman such as myself and I got some pack of throwing knifes so that I can always throw stuff on hand when I cant find anything to grab, so yea bought the magnetic glove that even included a flashlight which is nice, and the knifes off a website specifically for knifes and I set it up and I deem it amazing thing I thought up.

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
The Doll House
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Medical Help and Relaxing

So after leaving the hell room that was that the contract that had took place, after a good bit after coming back it appeared that the neck ripping has messed up my neck which was quite an issue for me, as it hurts quite a bit.

So aside from the pain I am currently feeling in my god damn back, I work on myself a little bit as best as I can which is the usual working on the languages now that its a new thing and I am quite new to them all, marking all the tools I got down which are in place and having officially settled into California as the beaches are beautiful and being hired by a big guy is something else entirely, I am glad for meeting him back in russia.

So aside from that right now, I am planning on starting up a business in construction so that I can try to enact my plan of well sneaking in my eyes into the football, and hell even thank batamir for helping me so far in my life as I have been living with him for a bit. For now I am writing the steps and what I am going to try to do which is definitely gonna take a bit and I hope with my effort that football can be protected, so I am planning on getting a chiropractor or something of the sort that maybe will help with my pain issue now so I hope the next job helps quite a bit.

Six (Requires Organization | Do not run)
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New Dreds and Looking for a new job

Well after Indianapolis, with the news looking for my type of clothes when I got back into Cali, went shopping and got something that would fit the little deserts around here,
After getting some new clothes I well uh remembered the whole thing about my boss Batamir, he has been gone for a long while, and well that's quite suspicious, and in this line of work that means something is up.

Put in my resignation for my position and well left, hoping the odd guy is well I exit the place and well sadly quit.

Now onto job hunting, I get a good job working as well a Mechanical Engineer for a big company, so the pay is good but it is an entry-level position so may be a while till we get big bucks. 

Also uh after quitting the Batimir gig feds came and gave me a blood test, nearly gave me a heart attack as it was a bit of the ole terrifying.
Lastly uh the job really helped me on well my fighting skills shall I say, my hand on technique is really on a whole different level as well I can punch through a wall with no issue what so ever.

Aside from new clothes, quitting and getting a new job, fbi blood test, the whole new fighting power, gonna have to put the business idea on hold as due to the fucking David guy, glad he is dead but yea gotta hang low for a good bit after all this.

rich blood
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Business Plan go

After the recent events of well getting back into the contracts it is time to try and start the business once more, despite it take probably a couple months as to do so.
I looked into what types of business I can start and I am just trying to get revenue first and a income before I go into bigger things. I am thinking Nuts and Bolts manufacturing as it requires the least investment and the plan is to spread a bit further out like consultancy and designing. First before the plan is begun after the troubles I had faced in the previous job I had decided to get back into some old things that I forgot as I had been out from playing football, mainly read up on books for a bit and basics of field medicine for a solid week and a half so wasnt hard. Training as to how be more sneaky I mainly went out by well I did some light reading and decided to practice it by playing some outdoor airsoft to which i cant shoot for shit but I did learn how to be a bit better around corners. With half a month of training it went into business to which the business was to be named like Berkman LLC. But first in order to begin this business venture a move out of the lands of hell first, Florida.

Going north as to establish this in the first place, is North Carolina so really the rest of the month was spent moving into a neat place in Durham, planning on next month to start getting my licenses and try to get a business grant so I can really start it. May take a year or more but it will be worth it.

Also the beard grew out, and went cut the hair down to a buzzcut. New me at this point.

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