Simon chatmon's Journal

Mushroom Hunt
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Monster Hunter: Island

Death among contractors

Wow during the last few days I learned two things the first is I realize now that im playing in the big leagues and that this isnt a fucking joke. I almost died but I loved it I was hunted for sport and I loved it for all it was worth.The thrill of being on the verge of death a hand connected by a thread bitten off by a aligator, hunting dogs biting at my ankles as I swim for my life, and sniper fire flying past my ears, nothing in this worlf compares to almost dying nothing, and for that these contracts will be what I live for. The past few years my lifes been a joke i've been a waste to society but now I have a purpose an interest, a little spice, no fucking poison in my blood I feel great, thank you whatever intervention that has put me here thank you I owe you my wellness my life.
The second thing I learned Is don't fuck with biblical angels. We were five minutes into our mission getting from point A to B while being chased by killers, and I found an earpeice in my backpack, of which I was offered to communicate with one of the hunters the biblical angel who I was working with wanted to keep the earpeice but a robot who I was also working with wanted to destroy it thinking it was somesort of tracking device, bing bang the earpeice was destroyed and  and well the Angel didnt like that so bang out of nowhere chop and that was the end of the robot, and here aswell as learning not to piss of sword weilding angel I more importantly learned that the group of people we work on in these job are a team but also we are not a team, we work together for a common goal but not necissarily in the same way and that is where conflict starts within the team, and although I understand where and why people do this, I dont, I favor sucess and making friends then sucess my way while making enemies and in the end I think friends and allies will win me games and give me sucess.

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