Lucius (strákur) Emmanuel Jóhannesson's Journal

Cannibals of Colgarac


Today i went with my friend dr Edward Graives to Georgea

we werre looking for  strange things because the hat man told me so and he also told Edward but we couldnt find any strange things for a while

But we got to eat some letice and popcorn with the 6 dollars i had

we went to the feilds and helped the men mqkw the soup it was very sweet and very good

then we went to the church wich is not asgood as the one at home but  better than the one on cliff then we went to go back to the bed and brekfast and had not brekfast 

i had salad and Edward and michael had lam 

but michael said it wasnt lam and edward looked trepidatious

i leanrt that word in school

edward went down the stairs and i followed him but they wouldnt let me in the kitchen so i stayed outside and looked around for strange things

i found some strange things and was going to show edward but he was still innthe kictchen so i looked more and saw the floor was wierd

i kicked in the floor and it opened and i went down and it was dark and i saw a man and he was queit and called antony

i broke the things holding him down and pushed the table up the stairs and heard a loud sound and called for  edward and we took him to the hospital and on the way edward did not play music 



now im at home and i miss edward edward was nice 

michael was sorry for eating the lam but i dont know why maybe it was because edward dint like it.

me and michael have been playing doctor because of Edward where i hold my steposcop to michaels tummy and cure michael of the cold

mother did not ask me where i went but i told her anyway she said wow i have a big imgagination and should go upstairs

we have alot of bottles in the house of medisine with little pills and bad goop in them maybe edward would know what these are i think he would

i wonder what doctors do every day when they arent poking you and giving out stickers

i wish he was my doctor  

i will keep a painting i made of me and edward for when the hat man comes back and i next see him i want to give him a gift since he seemed sad after the holiday which makes me sad and i dont want him to be sad and I accidentally got paint on michael but michael didnt mind and looked very pretty in green michael should wear green more maybe i should paint green michael i think edward would like green Michael 

its raining today and i can hear it in the atic very loud maybe we need new windoes hmmm i think im done i hear someone coming upstairs so imngoing to hide my book now bye bye diaery


A Doctrine of Sulfur

The one who lives in sulfur is vastly unknown due to that of mankind for various reasoning, several reasons escaping us due to our limited knowledge. It could be that Sulfur is unknown purposefully, a being shadowed to allow only the strongest and most faithful to find their way into it's pits. It could also be that Sulfur has been overlooked itself, other deities and powers favoured over the 'assumed' weaker being. Whatever the reason may be, these volumes attempt to chronicle tales of Sulfur, ties to our own world, it's cultists and believers and it's principles in an easy to understand way.

Who, or what is Sulfur?

Sulfur,  in the common sense is a chemical element with the symbol S and atomic number 16. It is abundant, multivalent and nonmetallic. The element of sulfur is a bright yellow, crystalline solid at room temperature and once burnt becomes a blood-red liquid emitting a blue flame. Sulfur has been recognised throughout human history, referenced in the English translations of  the Christian Bible, commonly referred to as 'Brimstone', giving rise to the term 'Fire and Brimstone', and similarily titled sermons, in which listeners are reminded of eternal damnation that awaits the unbelieving and unrepentant.

Sulfur, in the sense of the individual, can be likened to the chemical element, although perhaps in reality it is the chemical element that can be likened to the individual. The 'Fire and Brimstone' description of the Christian Hell is a vivid one, and one that has been taken from the context of the One who lives in Sulfur. The Sulfur, or Sulphur pits are pits of 'Fire and Brimstone', of burning blue and blood-red boiling pools, pits of scorching hatred and agony surrounding the individual themself, known as 'Sulfur', 'The liar' or 'The one-eyed'.

The individuals depictions differ, but are often of an immobile, gargantuan and complexly shaped 'loosely humanoid' torso, dipped deep within the pits of sulfur, with peeled away skin and tortorous wounds. Sometimes it is depicted as a snake, similar yet different to the ouroboros present in many cultures, a snake cut in half attempting to eat it's own tail, a tail yanked away and bloodied by violence. However, in all of the different depictions there reamins one similar feature, a singular 'eye'. To call this feature an 'eye' is misleading, a more apt description would be that of an eye-hole, hollow and devoid of anything like the bodyparts we label eyes, but instead sporting a tongue.

Sulfur spends it's times in a perpetual state of torture and wait, with no way out of it's found predicament it lies in wait, no arms to move, no legs to run, no eyes to see, nothing but a singular hole in which it forces out it's tongue in order to feel anything at all.

The ideas held by the cultists of Sulfur is that of 'If I must suffer, so must they.' following in the footsteps of their deified one and it's torturous existence. These cultists, at least those who are well-known enough to be somewhat documented speak of time spent personally within the sulphur pits, their stories insinuating that they exist not as a place to inflict punishment upon sinners and morally corrupt, but as a way of initiation for the cultists. A cultist is cast into the pits to spend time in the same state as their deified, effectively dying themselves in the process, suffering for so long that they undergo a transformation, understanding the point of view of Sulfur and the reasoning behind it's need for bloodshed, and suffering upon a grand scale. However, these claims are not fully verified due to the lack of knowledge on the subject.


Sulfur is different from the concept of destruction as an alternative to creation, and  is different from the moral and religious concepts of Lucifer or the Devil as a mirror flip of Christ and the Christian God, instead opting for principles of Hedonistic living due to lived experience, hedonistic living which increases the suffering of others being placed above all, Sulfur does not punish Sinners, nor congratulate them, and Sulfur does not push for a moral life, Sulfur simply exists in torment, a state which many of us experience in day to day life, some of us for our entire lives and just as Sulfur itches to ennact it's rage and pain upon others, so do we.


Manananggal Mayhem


second holiday 

i had fun on this sceond holiday i keep metting men! 
and this one was called laurence and he was thinking he was dreaming so maybe i am part of a dream i dont know

i hope not

That would be uncool

but on this holiday i got some bread and i threw a bed at a margaral 



i threw a bed at it

and a brick

and punched it

then lorewence woke up and he like stabbed at it with a pen it was weird there was a lot of goo and michael helped me with his long arm and was very agreeble today and didnt hug me too much or  hurt  lorwence but instead helped with the man eagle it was very nice of him


after that i dont remember much but i think he helped me to the doctors but ed wasnt there so maybe its a different doctors he works at

but my ouchies feel better now but my brething hurts which is kind of bad but michael has made me feel better and i think hell help one day so thats good

i think i will draw laurence if i see him again that would be nice maybe he would like that

oh and his cat!!! Kitty!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

okay going to try and fix my tv now i think i can do it i saw the hat man do it

in the words of my new freind lorewenve dont know last name but it doesnt matter i tbink


'fucking bozo!!!!!'






Drawing session

deer diary today I did alot of art it was very fun my parents were nice today and bought me bew crayons theres a box of sixety

i didnt even know that was a number!

i spent the whole day drawing until it looked goodd enough to show doctor edward the hat man and lawronce becuase i want them to like me and i had fun on the holidays!!


the hat man was hard to draw becuase of his sunglasses but i did it and i hope he likes it becuase ill put it on my wall with green michael and me and ed once he sees his too 


i wonder when elias will get back home from the boreding school

i miss him and the house is big and lonely without him and to spend time i have to count the cracks in the walls instead

at least i have michael that is good

but maybe he will be back for the holidays!! !!! !!!



anywya i think michael wants to write now so im going to bed 

goodnight diaery



W b YNm

H' nilgh'rinahh l' ahlloigehye hup mgepuaaah h' yaor bthnknahorr

bb i HUU b 

mm I b oPPj

Ep ya nnn'drn h' mgep hup mgepnafl'fhtagn h' ehye n'ghftlloig lw'nafh

n III nakw j

Y' ah lloigehye h' ah lloigehye

Y' ephaiah lloigehye  h' ahna lloigehye

hh N i ama I w

H' fhtagn ng l' c' cycle ot lw'nafh aiai

b  n Ikm  w

mm UHn i

bbIIj HH ba YU







Wendigo Again!


We did this to them didnt we


Home again

dear jesus christ our lord and savir my name is lucius Jóhanesson and i am losing my sense of humanity


i have not moved from my bed jesus since i got home and i dont want to move yet but my mummy and daddy keep teling me to go down for dinner 

i am sad and i dont want to be sad any more because being sad is making me more sad

i hope you heer my praying and answer it like you did with Michael i did not forgeat that i promise


plaese make me less sad and more happy and do the same for Michael 

forgive me for what me and edward did to the townspeople of gerogia i am very sorry and i repent

i hope they were all firm belevers and will go to your kingdom and one day i can say i am sorry


i am also sorry for punching my walls and my floor and my tv and my bed and the stove and the kitchen and the bathroom and the couch and the mirror and the microwave and the oven and eevery thing else i do not rember

maybe the hat man can fix them for me i think that would be nice


i am finaly sorry for saying the lords name in van and also for  putting edward in danger i do not lile my freind being hurt or anything

please take away my nightmares and my fears 


thankyou lord jesus christ


Prison Bus


went on bus today very warm did not like it AT ALL 

instead of bad town we went to a dessert today and instwad of one person their were three!!!

i met gloria louee and Charles who has an old name and old clothes AND TRIED TO HURT MICHAEL I DIDNT LIKE IT HE WAS VERY MEAN i know michael was trying not to hurt him really but he dint understan and he kept trying to hurt him so I had 

To punch him to make him stop doing that and he did and Michael also stopped wich was good and we all stopped 


i also met new people like man of tree who had wood for skin and leaf for hair it was vedy cool 

i also accidentally broke someones fingers because he took my 8 dolars which i gave him but he didnt give them back when i changed my mind and dint give them BACK!!!

we almost got blown up and then blown up some vans very cool to look at very nice big fan


but eventully after making sure we dint kill the man or the other man who can blow things up with his mind

We manged to get out of the many car block and get to the prisone and when we got there they looked at us funny but we were oky and like they took gloria becoause she wa sin prison!!


i wonder what she did

also Loue sent me to a different cuontry wich was sadbut midas saved me

i prefer Ed to these people

okay bye bye



Hello diary

Hello agin diary

today i woke up to brush my teeth and raelised my tongue was black!

I slid it round my mouth and unrolled it and it was very long and kind of like the lim that michael gave me

very weird i dont know why it is here allways now but i dont mind it is like a little kiss from micheal and i think might be helpful i can make my tongue grab things now very fun


now i am home things are normal as usual

very quiet wich is ok i geuss i just miss my new freinds and being helpful with my fists instead of punching my room and items 


my bed is broken again and i am sad again

maybe i should pray for the hat man to come back and fix it or i should save my 7 dollars to get it  fixed i think it wuldnt cost too much yes


I saw something strnage this morning it was a few people walking around near our home in purple clothes and some of thtem were holding keys

very funny they look like the one on my chest! Maybe i should show them they might like keys and think itis very very cool


i dont even rember how i got this wich is wierd but oh well

it is good it doesn't hurt and that the other  eight scars also dont hurt 

and i am glad i can still speak whith my new tongue thnkyou michael

The Chupacabra


Hello dairy wierd day today

I was at home eating a grilled chees and the hat man came into my home and said hello lucius how are you would you like to work again and i said yes I would 

i met a new person caled larry and he said we were in ukran but we later found out ot was meksico instaed we saw a wierd goat that had been GOT and larry siad the word shit it is a funny word

we spoke to someone becas i realised that it sounded like the chubocupbra and we went to talk to this man who was apparently strange bit he didnt seem strange he seemed nice so I didn't think it was him i think larry did thogh

it was soon after i dont know what happened i think i got lost in the grass but i later saw larry again when it was dark and he was looking for who was getting the goats and it wasnt the chubovupra but insted just a man who was regular

he worked with the food and was trying to make it seem like it was the nice man doing it which is very rude of him so i asked larey if I could punch him and he said yes the sixth time and i punched him and i think it broke something because he went all pale and also red very wierd

then larry did something and it like showed the skellyton and unpeeeled him very weird too but then we buried him and i went home and ate pasta

larry is nice i liked today and michael wants to hug him soon


My scars

I woke up today and had brekfest i had eggs that cain made and we contineued to learn about things

Michael helped me heal my scars today i didnt know trhat couled happen but it did and now i can breethe better again when i am tired!!

very cool

Other than that not much has happened i hope my parents are doing good out of the countrey 

cain tells me they are but i dont mind much because he is very very nice he took me back to the church on the cliff and i saw some of the people who tried to take michael but they were nicer this time and said lots of sorries 

cain seemed angry at them but he was nice to me some of them where missing though i asked and cain said they also went on hooliday like my parents!

i hope theyrs having fun on holiday but it was nice at the church they were all welcoming and we had some cake and tea and cain tried to teach me how to use nivea but i broke them all so he just taught me to punch things good which was fun

afterwards i was tired so we went home and watched cartoons while he did his papers and i also did some papers to be like him and scribbled on them with my crayons 

i drew him and also me and michael i think he liked it because he put it on the fridge!

Deep Ocean Troubles


I dont really rember much here



Hello diary today cain had been giving lessons to help me!! first lesson was about spelling and I am getting better at it i think lesson two was gramar but i dont get that as much but he says well go over it again

lesson three was cooking and we made food over then pasta like soup and bread and cake it was good i liked the cake

lesson four was dancing but we had to stop because i almost broke his hands 

then lesson five was target practice with someething over than his hands!

finally we did some reading of the learning type instead of fun stories but thats okay becaus he also read stories to me afterwards.

a lot of the books were about other types of christianty and they were very interesting i liked them even if they were a bit boring 

Cain helped make it more interesting becaus he did silly voices for all the lines

Did you know some peopl beleive that a big snake with a mans face actually made the world but they dont like him becaus he isnt the true god and also isnt perfect so we as people arent perfect

its okay though because cain said im a perfect son

maybe i should call him dad but i dont know if that would make sense becaus my mamma and pabbi are still on holiday oh well maybe i can have three! Thats more than the normal person so i will be very special


okay diary done

Digital Devils

Funny game!

ohhh we plaiyed a fun game and billy from the ship was there

i like billy becaus he is also a Christian and i am a christian so it is nice i think he would also like my father which is nice but the games were fun and i got to write my favorit colour and tell people silly things 

Solvestrum Castle

Long contract

hello diary this contract was long and i don't remember alot of it so i am going to summereyes.


i was at home when the bad guy from the bible came and told me i had to work well not had to but i dont like missing out on the work

so i went with and we went to russia and it was also cold like here! Not warm like lots of other jobs i am glad it wasnt warm i get very sweaty 


but i made some new friends there was a little monkey and he talks kind of like that bird

very cool

oh! And he shoots fire from his hands!


there was also a big weird thing i dont know what it was but it looked like a sea cretur so maybe a wierd fish but they were nice and there was someone older than me called Cassie but they didn't have a good time


we found a guide who took us to the castle and i punched a wolf which was fun

i was allowed to becaus it tried attacking us first

so we got to the castle and the fish person was injured so they took them to cure them and we all went to eat but there wasnt very good vegetarian options for me

then they brought out the fish person on a big plate and we all realised the food was people that had gone on holiday like the ones in georgia


i dont understand why people keep doing this but maybe it isnt as bad as I thought...i dont know if its good or bad but alot of people do it


anyway we killed him and it took a while but it was pretty cool because we all combines out srength and powers like in a comic! But the castle working people locked us all up and well we had to try and get out but it wasnt that hard there were nice people who helped us by teaching us about working and skills and checking papers and if you forget your jacket you die


so i worked for the first time a regular job and i liked it and i spent my wage on candies


thats all thankyou diary


I helped!

Today I helped dad and freinds by getting a person to the church I didn't really know what it was for but dad said it was to sacrifise for the grater good and i said i would help 

i dont think he believed me but he said okay and i went to help!!

so i piced up my phone and called people trying to call the nice lady but i kept getting the number wrong and i called a teacher from flo ride a and someone who was old eleven and Billy chance and the hat man and the hat man told me the womans number


I called the woman and i used my importent skills to convince her and she came over to the church and i told her to follow and then they all grabbed her in a big net

im glad I wasn't in a big net I dont like those


but then they all got the nives like the ones you use to cut vegetables for cooking and cut her like vegetable like the ones we put in pasta

they peeled her skin like a carrot and opened it up like when you take the hard bit off potato and cut the inside open or like with avocado with the pit inside they started to remove the things inside like avocado and afterwards she had gone on holiday


then me and dad went home and we made pasta which is why i was talking about pasta it was pretty good okay end of dairy.

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