Haïta's Journal

The Chupacabra


Oh good heavens, what a day and a half! Too many happenings for one day THANK YOU. At the greatest very least, but a break! But a short respite from the insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom! It all but started when I found myself in a strange new situation, a town of some kind. Fascinating. But, oh but oh! You would not believe this! A man, suited, strange, out of place as myself quite quickly introduced himself to me and therefore tagged me along regardless of my opinion! I suppose it is not the worst, of all my experiences, with strange out of place individuals.

He tells me such odd tales, of the Chupucabra, the Mexican vampiric beast of myth. A truly glorious goal he has! To hunt down such a creature! Oh my, I could never do such a thing with my lack of monster hunting skills, a wonder of a man he is indeed. Perhaps! Oh perhaps, we shall meet again one day, I do hope the forces are kind to me, to shift me into his general vicinity once more. I could but apologise to him for my incompetence and inconvenience! Oh, my poor self-image, he must think me a running away coward! I show no cowardice, Larry my new friend I do but promise! 

Alas, he may not even think himself my newest friend, my face and my demenour may've put him off! May we meet again! May we meet once more! 

Territorial Dispute

Larry again!

I saw Larry again today, oh wonderous oh how nice that fate brings us together so quickly and easily...may I be so grateful to call him a friend? I do hope so! I even gifted hima. Goldfish I had rescued from the aquarium I had appeared in before seeing him once again! It's inherently evil. I'm not all that sure what exactly he was doing here, up to his usual good old fashioned hijicks I suppose! Hitting down corpses and letting me look at old books! Wonderous! I do love a good old book or two, reminds me of all that poetry I had the pleasure of reading that one time, quite funny because I didn't understand a singular thing about it! I don't speak that language!  What else should I write about? Oh yes, no violence or anything of the kind, wonderful outing really, very dark but oh well the light always lovingly catches my eyes. They're quite shiny. If I could gift Larry my eyes I would but I need them to see and such so it would be a bit unfortunate if I couldn't see where I was anymore, or him, my new friend (allegedly)!  

I really do need to retile my bathroom, I was thinking perhaps a nice soft blue but recently I did see a lovely mint turquoise/sage green mix in the hardware store across the street and it really got me thinking abouts matching rugs, curtains and soap holders. I should ask Larry, I wonder what his favourite colour is.

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