Sanzō ‘Wibi’ Jun's Journal

The "Monster" of Halloween

Someone finally came.

Hello! Diary, it’s been a while since I have actually written in here. Well, anything other than daily visits from travelers up the mountain talking to me for fortune or an interesting fish I’ve seen.

Yesterday the temple and shrine were closed, but someone showed up anyway, they looked young at the time but apparently they’re not school age! They were also completely green. I thought maybe it had something to do with me finally getting insight into my glorious destiny or something but I’m unsure, maybe it’s a start at least? But they invited me to watch a magicians show, I’ve never been to one of those before.

I got there and it was in Germany, also never been there. And I was paired up with another monk, a christian one and a plastic skeleton who..was sentient? I thought maybe he was a yōkai too but no, just plastic. Odd, but hey what can I say.

so we watched the show and I got distracted after some of the tricks, the fly averted my eyes from the show…so I completely missed the fact there had been a murder! A murder…Jones Bones and Amos were talking to the others I think, the people in the audience who saw it to get clues, when I was approached by this big man named Adam, I was confused at first but he took the three of us into the basement of the theatre and it turns out he was created, not born, by the magician himself, and that his daughter was controlling him and had taken part in the murder.

She ordered him to kill us, and I was very scared actually..I accidentally um, spat in his mouth at first as a response, I can’t imagine my toxic phlegm tasted good..but we managed to convince him to break away from her I’m glad there was no fighting. As for the daughter, she disappeared and Adam was taken back by the green one.

what a strange day? Maybe I’ll see them again.

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