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Slime Ranching 101 (+ Sandcastles)


Balthazar The Magic Guy Once again!

Today we're gonna run over the basics of Slime Ranching, How to care for them and what different Colours mean.

Firstly, you can either buy magic slime seeds and grow your own. This can be tedious, time consuming and not always yield the correct slime. However in my experience, slimes tend to bond better to you this way. Or you could find and tame them in the wild.

Once you've got your slimes you need to build a pen to keep them in. Each slime needs a 5ft by 5ft area so make sure to plan ahead of time for how many slimes you have.

Slimes are typically herbivores and love to chow on cabbages so to you Agricultural Wizards out there be aware of this. You can eventually ween them onto meat but that comes with patience. Something a dear friend of mine, Billy Chance, lacks. Make sure to feed them twice a day and water them every other day.

Slimes love to be held and especially carried in pockets. However they're social creatures so must be kept together. You can tell they're comfortable with you once you feel in touch with them. Once you've reached that level you may be able to take on that slime's properties and become it. I've not fully mastered this so movement is limited at the start. 

Overall, Slimes are a relatively easy creature to look after. Definitely a recommended choice for new apprentices.

Additionally, I have learnt how to control sand and create different structures out of it. After further research, it is the silica that is attuned to the leylines. Fortunately Silica is most abundant giving me control and a vast number of structures. Further testing will be carried out on my next journey from home.

That is all.

Balthazar The Magic Guy 

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