Rosolio's Journal

You pick up -£10 you feel a little sad.

First Gig

Dear Diary,

What the shit. Big news, some bloke rocked up to the tower today, he was like normal human sized, looked silly up in my arboreal crib but credit to him i dont even know how he got up there. Anyways, fella introduced himself and was looking for me?? Ofc I got my rosolio rizz on and he practically hired me on the spot. Im a contractor (not an employee tho, big difference) for some division of the government dealing with the super natural. I'm literally both super and natural. They've probably hired me cos they're scared of my wizard powers. 

Then the actual first gig. It was me and 2 fruitcakes, a cowboy and a glorified slime rancher. Credit to the slime rancher tho he had some bonkers wizard shit going on, he could turn himself into a yummy ass blob. If i had to guess I'd say it wasnt his first rodeo but he was good to me throughout the job. The task at hand was this silly goose who was distributing anti money, these notes that were worth -10 dollar, probably for some political stuff. This goofball was more than he looked tho and swapped our brains around each others bodies. Rosolio (me) into cowboy, cowboy into wizard (not me), wizard (not me) into cooler wizard (me). Second task at hand was grabbing a cake, some sprite and a bag o chips. That was literally it. Ez job tho and i can already feel my wizard powers growing. Toodaloo, hopefully next time ill slay a badass dragon

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