Lucian Evermore's Journal

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The first podcast

Title: "The Ethical Dilemma of a Vegan Vampire"


Host (Vegan Vampire):
"Good evening, dear listeners, and welcome to 'The Ethical Dilemma of a Vegan Vampire.' I am your host, Victor, the Vegan Vampire, and in tonight's episode, we're going to explore the complex moral quandary that has arisen in my life as a vampire.


Host (Vegan Vampire):
In this podcast, we'll delve deep into the challenges and ethical dilemmas I face as a vampire who consumes real human blood while still considering myself a vegan. It's a topic that has haunted my every night.


Host (Vegan Vampire):
In tonight's episode, we'll confront the difficult reality of my need for human blood to sustain myself. I'll share my rationalizations, the arguments I've developed to justify this consumption, and the guilt that plagues me.

Host (Vegan Vampire):
You'll hear about my internal struggle to balance my vampiric nature with my commitment to veganism, and the moments of crisis that have shaken my resolve.

Host (Vegan Vampire):
We'll also discuss the reactions of the vampire and vegan communities to my unique dietary choices, exploring the moral and ethical dimensions of my existence.

Host (Vegan Vampire):
As we wrap up, I'll offer 'Twilight Thoughts,' my reflections on the ongoing ethical dilemma I face and the potential paths forward.


Host (Vegan Vampire):
Thank you for joining me on this episode of 'The Ethical Dilemma of a Vegan Vampire.' It's a complex and challenging journey, and I hope you'll continue to follow along as I navigate the intricate web of ethics and survival. Until next time, remember: the night holds mysteries that even the undead struggle to unravel."


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