Vector "Yora'tu" Kertan's Journal

Minds of a Templar

A tidy book in black leather cover with no visible text on it, until seen in dim light. An optical illusion then reads: Minds of a Templar, Book of Stories.

On a first page stands:

I, Yora'tu, welcome you to a records of my past. Please, let me take you trough my journey of many stories and non-transferable experiences.

You may find some of those incomprehensible or chaotic. Trust me, that is how you should feel.
Even now I am talking to you, my friend, not knowing who you are and knowing that you don't know me as well.
As uninteresting this moment is, you are holding the only way I can show you my ways, how to speak to you my thoughts.

Under that line there is a feeling like something unwritten has to be read. Like a mental note, that carries itself to the reader:
"Words make a wonderful interface. Very flexible."
These stories are written like you were me. Read them that way. Maybe you are wondering about what you just felt or why this name for a diary. Let me tell you something. This book is written by a psionic templar me and contains notes that will only reveal themselves to those who are willing to feel rather then just read. Try to read feel these words again.

Now, let me start again:
You are the player, reading words…
And I was the player that will write them.

Lil Game Hunter
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and one made of crystal.

The arrival home started new interrogation. My mother was crazy when I showed up with missing eye. I don't really know what she was more mad at: me or the puma that made that to me. I told her that I got treated well, but she didn't listen. I had to really talk carefully and think out details on how wild mountain lion attacked the safari truck and I got hit in the process. Good thing I hid that burned torso well.

My thoughts were fixed upon largest gaming festival close enough I could afford to go there. I counted every single day before the event. I did muster up my best costume and fled with first train possible. Fled is correct word here, since workers were fixing the latest guest's grand departure. Thus parents were there too. And with them more questions.

I finally arrived. Man, there were so much ppl. Lady Luck smiled upon me as I noticed the short guy in plate armour with fake beard: KleinerHeld, friend I made few years ago. The day seemed to be saved. But at one moment I lost him in the crowd! 
I freaked out. I knew no one else and getting to know anyone is... well not pleasant. Then I focused myself and went straight towards an auction of artefacts. Not real artefacts, but still with quite a value, at least for us. And another problem occurred. The girl, that always run it, wasn't there. I overcame myself and asked if I could help with the auctionandthatIhelpedlasttwoyearsandthatineedsomemoney. Yeah this happens when I need to talk to someone sometimes...

To my surprise the man agreed. After a long thought I figured that what I get is not enough to buy what I need. I had to sell one of my collector's. It was really tough decision. I took me whole day to decide what I later gave up in the auction myself: "Skycraft: Tales from Azerim dice set with box, limited edition". That thing cost me like 150€. Final price was actually much higher than I imagined. 500€! Those guys are crazy. I also got something around 200 from helping, so it was quite nice. That's enough to buy this year's Stormkey... No I need that money for my next quest

I even got a new friend, but I actually felt sad. I held onto the set for 4 years. But at least I got to try the newest addition to the Skycraft series and even won a signed collector's box, or rather the sign on a box I bought. First price was the box itself. Trophy for an trophy
It took quite an effort not to spend it on place, but at the end of a day I actually got enough. 

Back at home everything was a little bit better. At least mother calmed down.
Next day I ordered myself a new sword. Would you believe that thing cost nearly full 500? I thought to buy a jacket, but I guess it has to be left on another time. If there will be another time

I finally found some time to actually think of a gift I received. First idea was to make some sort of armour or shield.
While figuring out what and really how to make it I played with old trinket of a pylon, crystal that should help taping into psi matrix. At least that was in lore and in advertisement
"Yeah , why not I want to be psionic anyways, right?" I thought to myself as I jokingly acted like I can levitate that thing. And it worked. When I tried anything else, nothing happened. I began to experiment and searched in the internet what did I just witnessed. Result was, that the crystal is artificially made and it's spiritual abilities included open mind and self-orderliness. Quite fitting

I fused it unknowingly with the gift. I tried it again with the second pylon I own. AND I GOT IT!. I immediately searched for more info. It said it works best when put onto third eye. I took out a headpiece made out of wires that I planned for an elf costume and tried to put the whole trinket here. Then I got an idea of poping the gem out. Yeah I broke a to-be-relict, but the result was good enough. I put on the headpiece and focused. I spilled the mug as I got too excited that it works. Darai de khassar

Very next day I got package with a note that reads: "I noticed you are still missing this. Dad" When I opened the wrap I found new Starscraper jacket. Full leather and emblem on a sleeve. I just hope it doesn't get destroyed the first possible moment Dad always know what I need. Maybe he's trying to pay off what I didn't get younger.

Now I am ready for my next quest. I hope.

...And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream...

🔞 Truck Stop
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on a bad place

I still wonder why they keep trying to pinpoint me as supernatural. Even though I am not. Well I can't say much, except the nightmare continues. I hope next quest will not be overseas again. Feels like business trip now.
Maybe I should stay at home for next contract. I mean I could, but what dream it would be? Boring.

Yeah, no. I might only live once, but that means I got to use the time the best I can. Another thing is: I lost my sword. Again. And now there is no con to go. Well as I already mentioned: The nightmare continues. At home fortunately nothing changed. Long nights, playing games. But I didn't felt it. Like I knew it was not real. Like I knew that it was real. Sometimes... It creates worlds that have no summer, and it shivers under a black sun, and it takes its sad creation for reality.

I could focus on is to calm myself when under pressure. Or rather how to not get under pressure. Those quests feel like being under pressure though. So I'd rather work on being under pressure then. That is easier said than done, trust me.

Well, this is not a game, where you can just quick load to before you made a bad decision. Now I have to deal with it.  Life is on Ironman mode.

...And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream...

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Eye for an eye

When I got home I found out Ricter wrote me. It took me good 10 minutes before it clicked in. That was the guy on truck stop quest. I chatted back. It turned out that he just wanted to help me with my one eye problem and also has my sword on him. WOOOO! It's not lost!

He even agreed to fly into Europe. I got to preparation, finding closest events. Mentally preparing to walk in town all day. For a moment I was thinking about taking him on Spaziergang, but I can't do that to someone who just came here. I finally decided to take him to my favourite internet-café. There they had a special event from time to time. During that you could win yourself a part of your order for free. If you are able to defeat the 'Spielmaster' EZ

With that I looked up and booked a table. The day got closer and I got to get to work. I promised to give Ricter my eye. The crystal one. I got to working on the second copy. While fidgeting with wires to hold yet another crystal I got an idea. I borrowed father's toolbox and began to make the second circlet better fitting. It looked great. So great I decided to give out my old one and keep the new one. Should've give it to him. Seems a bit stronger

The day came and I waited trough a too much people to for Ricter to arrive. First  I got my sword back. I showed him around and showed my skills in a café. When we got home the eye exchange begun. It was painful, horrible. And a kinda disgusting. He spit into my eye!
When he finished he looked exhausted and I was too. I even didn't play anything

Next day I drove him to airport. On my way back I found a pack of dollar bills. I wrote him about it and his response? "Yeah, it's ok." That guy is awesome

...And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream...


Back in track

With my sword back I finally got back to training. In addition I asked sensei on hand to hand combat and he agreed on bringing me to taijutsu training too. Letsgo!
From that point on I am aware of very much every single muscle in my body. It's sore, but I know I must endure pain as pain is just a state of mind that warns us about protentional damage. I am aware of that that damage. There is no need of pain now. Pain wards injury. I am aware. There is no need of pain.

As I spend less time on computer I feel more power and strength in me. Both physically and mentally. Something's changed. For better. I also bought myself a lockpicks. Not that I need them but I can train precision not only on keyboard now. Quite a change.

Interesting situation was when parents came for a 'routine house check' mother noticed I have booth eyes functioning again. Long story and questionnaire later I got made new glasses with no dioptres on left eye. I look normal again. Except for a long scar across the face. I didn't let that to be healed. I wanted to have a reminder on my first quest ever. Once upon a time, there was a player.

I think I am ready for my next quest. 

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