Sebastian Miller's Journal

Beware the Assassin!
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I Have Superpowers Now

Okay. Okay, so you know how in my last journal entry I mentioned a “feeling” surging in my chest? I don’t think I was waxing poetic, cus my chest is freaking killing me. I just can’t stop wheezing! Like, I can’t speak above a whisper, and moving sucks so bad that I can hardly breathe afterward. But it ain’t all bad, thank Christ. I don’t even how I can do this, but if I just focus for a minute, I can make stuff appear out of thin-air! I figured it out when I was craving some chips real bad, and *poof*, there they were! They were really bland and weren’t filling at all, but still, I made them with my MIND!! After I was sure I wasn’t just baked outta my mind, I ran over to Luke’s place to show him my new trick.

I told the guy everything about the job and my powers, and of course he thought I’d finally lost it, but he was singing a different tune once I summoned him a turkey sandwich. Safe to say, Luke had mixed feelings over the whole situation. He was real bothered by the way (I think) I got 'em, how I got dragged to the other end of the country and nearly got my shit kicked in by a movie monster. How it sounds like my lungs are gonna pop with each breathe I take. But. SUPERPOWERS, MAN! Once he was done nagging and gawking, I told him 'bout the plan I hatched.

So we set up a few fold-out tables on Luke’s parents’ lawn and I fabricate some garden gnomes and action-figures, and a set of plates too, for good measure, and we had ourselves a yard sale. We woulda done it back at my place, but not too many people with money hang around that part of town (also Luke still lives with Mommy and Daddy, point and laugh!) Only about eight people showed up, but that was enough to sell out the gnomes and one of the platters; no-one was interested in the action-figures, though. Can’t blame 'em, the damn things came out all mangled. But we managed to end the night with a crisp 50 dollars to our name. Only problem is that when I went to toss those trash toys out, they were just gone. Searched the whole house for them, and I knew for a fact nobody would bother stealing them. That’s when I realized the stuff I bring into the world is on a timer, and when that timer runs out, back to nonexistence they go. Not wanting to try my luck against a crowd of angry customers, I ran all the way back to my apartment.

My chest feels like it’s gonna burst…

Mushroom Hunt
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
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