Luis B. Rockanstansky's Journal

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Spreading out myself

After the recent contract I realized that I might as well train myself as I could have died, so I decided to go many methods but first thanked my bodies for the calls and help and all that and explained that it was apart of the job for something like that as I was doing a thing for the building, after that white lie I went into preparing and even got myself some neat gear like a bulletproof vest just in case things go sideways from now on as I nearly lost the ability to speak and that well would have ruined me for quite a while.

With the thorough development that is occuring and well I see as better as an eagle can fly, but with the patches of grey skin is definitely odd and well a endouring development that can be hidden with clothes, but better get that checked later but its fine, Recounted and bought the supplies for my forensics kit.

Worked on a variety of skills that I needed to work on like on my hand to hand combat by taking some sessions at this neat little karate place, and even learning some eskrima with the bo staffs and what not, lastly after getting the prayer beads and what happened I looked bit into the occult by researching both online and use of library and that one weird ass store down the corner, seriously the lady constantly annoys me with her stare but aside from that I learned some things and and thats pretty much it.