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Mushroom Hunt
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Punching Bag

My body still aches from the shot, but it gets better every day. Being in the hospital was rough. I got a bit... rusty while I couldn't fight, so i have to train twice as hard now that I'm out. 

So, I bought a shitty punching bag from the goodwill near my house. Hung it up in the living room and, honestly, it's probably the best purchase I've ever made. I spend like, several hours a day just beating into it. Sometimes I play music, too, and punch along. It's a lot of fun.

Good way to release anger, too. I usually don't have too much to be mad about, but that last mission, man... It did NOT go according to plan. Like, at all. One of us died, and, well, I barely made it through that one. I tell myself that I'm just punching it to let it all out, but really, i feel like I need to prepare myself for next time. To get better, so that next time i don't have to deal with this kind of thing. I hope.

I'm not.. entirely sure about the brand of this bag, it seems like the label has been rubbed off, but I'd recommend it if i knew. This thing can really take a hit. My limbs are already feel back to normal strength- maybe even a bit stronger! And I'm gonna keep at it because, honestly, it's a pretty fun hobby.

Im thinking of naming him (the bag) Fred. It's such a punchable name. It's like, take that, Fred! How do you like my fist in your face?

Jericho out.



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