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Agent Re-activated

(The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of Mischa, translated first to Russian from his short-hand, then into English)


I have received orders again; it has been a long time coming. I have toiled long serving the engine of Capital, biding my time, and I am pleased to know my patience was in fact virtuous.

Reactivation was of course unexpected.  The Soviet Union has long since fallen, and had been corrupted long before that.  A true People's Revolution is still very far away.  But there are entities willing to pay handsomely if you'll do their dirty work, so in the absence of revolution I will work to build power.

My orders on this day were to acquire a number of artefacts from a small town in Massachussets.  These included an ancient tome as well as some sort of crystalline focal object.  I couldn't say for certain what is the purpose of these items, but I have ever been obedient and so I completed my task.  It is so easy to deceive Americans, they will gobble up the most outrageous lies without question so long as it conforms to their propagandized worldview.

It appears I will be required to work with other operatives for the forseeable future.  I have not been informed of their loyalties at this time, and cannot trust any of them enough to reveal myself.  Nevertheless, they have their uses.  The Irish lad and his snake proved especially valuable, although I had things well in hand before they rushed in.  I suppose they did save me an hour or two.

Sadly, our mission appears to have pitted us against a group of local vigilantes.  I regret that my work so frequently requires me to take action against the few good souls alive in this hellscape of a country, but the work must be done if revolution is to occur.  I cannot abandon my duty to my weak-minded doubts and morals.  As admirable as these vigilantes were, I was able to easily bypass them and retrieve the musty old tome from a local repository, ensuring my own payment.

It was a joy to work in the field once more.  I eagerly await further orders.

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