Lou's Journal

This Party Sucks!

Freedom at last.

Finally! Freedom at long last, not that I couldn't grt out on my own or anything~
I was in solitary confinement, I think I was there forrrrr about a week or so this time-I had even started painting the walls agin!-when for the first time in forever..I got an actual visitor.

I don't have any family, and surely the friends I had made would never come to visit me in these situations. Unless they wanted to be on a list hehehe.

But the visitor was a tall, dark and very shiny man. Apparently he's called Midas'. Nice enough guy! <3 Midas offered me a deal for my freedom, and whilw I'm particular in my work I couldn't NOT take it, a written document later and for the first time in a long while I found myself outside.

I didn't actually anticipate company, but there to greet me were three new friends! Larry Augustus something something Junior, a bird humanoid Johnny Rook and a woman called Caroline? Carolyn? Yeah something like that.

Ragtag team! Amazing chemistry, new friends!

So the whole thing was to go to some rich ass party in Romania, and they were vampires…duh..Romania. But we all did sooo well <3 I blew things up a total of four whole times! And almost Larry but it was an accident promise. And almost myself but honestly that’s just how I’d want to die..being blowm to smithereens <3!

We rescued the woman we actually came here for with about twenty vampires on our tails, and we all only just managed to loose them. God I hate rich gatherings and shit, always a bummer, whether it’s vampires or just the haughty attitude y’know? Hey we did it that’s the important thing, and I have so much complimentary cheese and crackers to take home.

Hopefully Midas’ll come again. I’d like some more freedom. And hey, maybe I’ll even see Larry, bag woman and idiot bird again. I can apologise for almost blowing him up. Silly boys always make accidents and all that~

I think the guards are coming so gonna cut this one short. See ya.


Mashed potato day

It's mashed potato day today,. The chefs always make them so lumpy, despite apparently having trained in France or something ,but at least I can enjoy them out of solitary this time.

On second thought, this tastes like wet newspaper. Best to save it to throw at a guard.


I can't believe they let me have a diary here, maybe they think it'll help me with my feelings or something. Right now I'm really missing the short amount of freedom I was given, despite what a fucking terrible party it was anything is better than this place and it's less than wonderful slop. Maybe I could convince Larry or something to write me letters. A pen pal would be nice, something to do other than get into fights, exercise and paint walls. Although what would I write about? Not a clue. I could send him doodles, I like drawing in this notepad. 
My injuries have been slowly getting better, I'm not bleeding now and the cuts have bruised over, it's crazy that the staff here didn't even mention the state I was in when I got back, glad I have an excuse to be prescribed pills at least, it also seems that I,m harbouring a new ability. More bombs, the guards will be ecstatic. I tried using it on myself and in hindsight probably should've realised it would hurt me more, but hey, my scar is completely gone so it,s better than nothing. Third time I've almost killed myself in the past few days.

I hate mashed potatoes so much. Or I guess just these ones.


September 26th, 1999.

Dear Mrs. Isabella Lou,

Congratulations! I'm happy to hear that the delivery went well, I was worried sick and I know you have already 'emailed' me but I thought it'd be best to send you a heartfelt letter too, I've heard so many labour horror stories so it was a true breath of fresh air hearing you were safe and sound, and oh that cute photograph of you and the young one! Do you have name ideas yet? I have many if you're not sure! Of course I'd trust you to pick a good name for your child! Haha!

Remember to take care of yourself as well as the little one, we wouldn't want any further issues so PLEASE get some rest. I await your (hopefully swift) reply.

your sister, Mar.

The Elephant Gardens

The zoo

Today I cost a man a lot of money. A LOT of money. I've never even seen that much money in my life, maybe I should've befriended him a little better.

I cost him that much because I was recognised, I suppose vampires don't recognise me but zoo-goers do. Do vampires watch or read the news? I wonder.. But, right, yeah, he had to pay off a few guards, easily bribed really..or maybe it was a mix of that and his lie about a 'criminal rehabilitation experience'. Hah, well I wouldn't really plan on blowing up a zoo anyway, unfair on all the non-human creatures.

We were looking for...uh, a creature that was sentient I suppose..uh more sentient than the regular animal, like us type of intelligence, poor creature, doomed. It took a while of attpting to make our way through exhibits with both me and Johnny Rooks staying with the group but we eventually got help from a person I didn't really interact with, Haïta? Was it. Yeah. He actually spoke to an elephant. I know I've seen a lot by now and I'm not exactly all that normal myself but still, talking to an elephant. Strange.

The elephant provided us with an escape no one could really stop, we all climbed atop of it and fled from the zoo. If only I had an elephant in my prison cell...hahah.. Speaking of I should start gathering things, maybe even converse with Midas a bit, I don't want to be here forever.


September 26th, 2006.

Dear Isaballa,

Let me visit for your sons birthday, surely what I did can be forgiven, and I am sure he blew it out of proportion, you know he's a prolific liar after all. It is no lie that I love you and him however! I'll bring money and gifts, and you can take this as an opportunity to teach him about forgiveness, then perhaps he'll begin to act right.

you'll find a small amount of money enclosed. Think over your decision. Thankyou.

A Final Chance


Today was an eventful day, I started it like any other, in my cell.

Moments later I was dragged out by a man I learnt later was called Gary, a stand-in for an apparent harbinger 'Lucifer', one I've never met, in fact I didn't even know Midas HAD coworkers. It didn't exactly click then. But I was out. Out of prison for good, he couldn't exactly just take me back after that I suppose.

A plane ride (the first in a long time) later and I was in Mexico, third contract, with some new faces and an old one! Johnny Rooks, same as always. Doris..I didn't get a last name and Billy Chance.

Billy started off not liking me, I can see why really but I did my usual joking act, it's not like I needed him to like me, or any of them really, not to get all stupid or pseudo intellectual to myself or anything but life is fleeting, especially on this job, I'm never someone to try and bond, at least not intentionally. In reality I could be gunned down at any moment, blow myself up, contract an illness.


I finally got a chance to use my gun, twice actually, forgot how fun it was, Billy seemed to deem me helpful after that.


I was at the bar, drinking, and I heard a gunshot, I thought it'd just be Billy in an altercation and to be honest he looks like he can handle himself and all but...it was Doris.


I know I said I wasn't going to make any bonds but...


Doris just reminds me of myself when I was..

It just, I didn't want them hurt or..


The important thing is my 'coworkers' were okay, couldn't just finish things on my own anyway.


Things really ramped up when we found this 'Lucifer', who apparently wasn't actually Lucifer but someone named Jack, Billy and him seemed to go way back, me and the two others couldn't do anything but watch as he and Jack fought..Billy slumping to the ground..


We all saw the same thing I think. I used to be religious but I lost my faith a long time ago, he never seemed to answer my prayers after all, but perhaps if things really are predetermined he decided I wasn't worth saving.

I suppose if god really is real, there is nothing I can do to repent. I don't intend to change my ways anytime soon, god or not. If I'm going to hell, I'm going there far more well known than I am now.


Fran Pinto


I had to dispose of the rest of my personal journal, but just writing one more before I burn it, both to practice this handwriting and to get my feelings out. Icky.

Soo..since landing in Mexico and all I've gotten used to the heat a little better, not the worst, and Billy decided to stick around for a while, I thought it'd be smart to get some work for a while so I brought the idea up to Billy, he knew a guy who dealt in fake papers and now I'm known as Fran Pinto. We even went to buy tanning products and hair dye, now my skin is about the same colour it was before they locked me up in prison for years. With the long, new coloured hair, skin colour, name and clothing change hopefully they shouldn't find me out anytime soon.

Billy..took it a little further though, bought out a home for me while I look for work or education..

It makes me feel a little bad, and he believes I'm redeemable and going to change which makes me feel worse. Whatever, I'll work to pay him back then I'll have the experience maybe.

I just know I can't do it forever, I'm already real bored, but hey, who knows maybe I'll surprise myself and Billy chance...

probably not.


At least my handwriting is looking a little different now, time to burn this page I guess. Now I just have to remember to say Fran/Pinto instead of Lou.


September 26th, 2010.

Dear Diary,

I miss them. I know I've written that already but I don't know what else to say. I don't understand why they left me. Why this happened. I don't understand why I have no other family or no other place to stay but here. I don't understand why they didn't kill me too. I keep having nightmares about it all and how horrible it was. 
I can't get those bloodstained walls out of my mind.

It doesn't help when I wake up covered in it too.

Maybe I can run away.

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