Isaac Adams's Journal

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

down time

shortly after getting back i found scarlet waiting for me she congregated me for not die and then immediately scolding me for not being carful she dragged me to hospital to get treated for the parasites after which she told me to get some rest tell me i would need it for whats next as i slept i dreamed that i was in a misty field this were i saw scarlet in full training gear waiting for me she quickly started fighting me and letting me know it was time to take my training to its final phase this went on what felt like days pushing me to my limit and leaving me scared and exsotied but fully mastering her fighting style and creating my own powerful ability this took over the course of about 1 week  of me falling asleep always going back to that field by the time it was done i had master my abilities but the scars still stayed from the training i prepared myself for the next contract scarlet let me know its only going to get wourse from here i assured her i would not fail to beat any problem that comes my way  she sighs but still smiles back .  

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