Guido's Journal

Containment Protocols

Item #: SCP-5273

Object Class: KETER

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5273 is to be contained in a standard medium-size animal enclosure, with security cameras placed in the four corners of the ceiling. Recessed LED lighting fixtures are to be left on at all times, and only dimmed during rest cycles Enclosure should be supplied with an assortment of leafy flora every three days; all waste material is to be incinerated. Climate control should keep the enclosure consistently between 6'-10' Celsius.

SCP-5273 should be given distilled water and fed a supplemented diet including a wide range of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, in addition to the leafy flora consistent within the enclosure. Any leftover fruit or vegetables must be removed from the enclosure after no more than three days. Personnel are not to bring food into SCP-5273’s enclosure that they do not intend to give to it.

A variety of enrichment toys are to be provided on a daily basis. These toys should include be as varied as possible, to further ascertain SCP-5273's anomalous intellect.

Description: SCP-5273 is a diminutive member of the Sauropod species Diplodocus carnegii. The subject measures 118cm from nose to tail, 8.2 kg in weight, it stands 28cm at the shoulder. It has a generally tan coloration to it's scales, with light yellow stripes along the back. The subject has downy feathers over much of it's body, & a feathered crest from it's head to the tip of it's tail, with coloration changing from a red/yellow in the summer to almost white in the winter.

Scenario for The Library

Successful Test

After Action Report - Library Investigation utilizing Paranormal Contractors/MTF Assessement of SCP-5273

Compiled by Dr. Bright


Initial Investigation: The public library of Reno, Nevada (USA) has had copies of [REDACTED] appear on the shelves from time to time, with deletrious consequences for the local populace. Going forward with OPERATION: SCAPEGOAT, we have sent a small number of "Paranormal Contractors" (See File [CLASSIFIED]), to handle the issue for us. Additionally, Dr. Conway has provided us with SCP-5273 for testing in future MTF collaborations.


Observation: As expected, the Paranormal Contractors have taken to SCP-5273 immediately. Note to self: If SCP-5273 goes rogue mid-mission, change designation from EUCLID to KETER. These [REDACTED] phenomena could prove beyond current containment protocols if they prove more common place. While the Paranormal Contractors show the usual diversity we have come to expect from their lot, it will be of signifigant interest if they try to escape with [REDACTED] or even take SCP-5273 with them when they return to their paralell causality. An excellent opportunity to test the subcutaneous tracking module implanted in SCP-5273 as well as study it's anomalous qualities with further stress tests.


Outcome: The Paranormal Contractors have returned, with a copy of [REDACTED] as well as SCP-5273. It would seem they lost one of their number to [REDACTED]. They seem to agree that SCP-5273 was quite useful during the mission, even somehow having divined it's informal designation. For it's part, SCP-5273 was compliant with orders & returned to on-site Containment without issue.

Conclusion: The anomalous qualities of SCP-5273 have proven effective in the field. I suggest we move to the next phase of MTF Operations with it.






Containment Update

Having proven itself in the field, SCP-5273 has been awarded better containment conditions, allowed to keep small items such as toys for enrichment, as well as the sweater given to him by one of the Paranormal Contractors. The Containment has been outfitted with a variety of leafy plants, as well as climate control to keep temperature relatively low.

Ongoing study shows SCP-5273 demonstrates unusual intelligence, possibly human level. Tests to ascertain the extent of this intelligence have been inconclusive, but seems to involve simultaeneous symbiosis with the fore & ancillary brains. Both brains show remarkable density, however this in itself does not entirely explain the anomalous mental ability & psychokinetic phenomena. It would seem some neuron process is quantum. Most likely a continuing side effect to the Temporal Radiation exposure in the egg revivification process.

SCP-5273 always exhibits low levels of this Temporal Radiation, which increases as it is stressed. It is this Temporal Radiation which causes the Psychokinetic display most often visible during the anomalous episodes. These visible are displays usually composed of static electricity as local Space/Time desynchronizes with the area of effect. Minor telekinetic realeases are not uncommon, causing small objects to levitate or SCP-5273 to itself rise a few centimeters off any surface it is resting on.

It should be noted that these Psychokinetic Outbursts seem to be quite traumatic to SCP-5273, with encephalograms detailing extreme stress. The cause of this response is still unkown.

In closure, SCP-5273 remains anomalous, but potentially useful to The Foundation going forward.

Bearly Contained

Field Test #1126

After Action Report - Speciemen Retrieval utilizing Paranormal Contractors/with assistance from SCP-5273 & SCP-2652

Compiled by Dr. Bright


Initial Investigation: MTF teams have tracked [REDACTED] to a Wal Mart Super Center in [REDACTED]. The rogue SCP has been contained with minimal casualties thus far, & in accordance with OPERATION: SCAPEGOAT we are deploying Paranormal Contractors in combination with anomalous SCP's approved for field operations. If results are as consistent as previous tests, we may be able to move OPERATION: SCAPEGOAT to the next phase.


Observation: It would seem we may have over estimated the capabilities of the Paranormal Contractors somewhat. After multiple encounters over several hoiurs, they seemed unable to locate & capture [REDACTED]. They did manage to rescue two of the casualties (Amnestics were deployed after interrogation performed by Cpl. Lin). It would behoove the Foundation to track & possibly request specific personnel from [CLASSIFIED] in the future. It would appear, as in other observations, that Paranormal Contractors are selected at random, with no briefing of the causality they are working in.


Outcome: The mission proved successful, with no action required by MTF agents. However, as noted in my observations the Paranormal Contractors were not especially helpful it would seem. The bulk of the mission appears to have fallen to our dispatched SCP's which they performed admirably. In particular, SCP-5273 seemed unusally cognizant of the location of [REDACTED]. More research into it's Perceptual capacity is warranted.

Conclusion: Our anomalous assets have outperformed Paranormal Contractors. That bodes well for the future of OPERATION: SCAPEGOAT.


Test Results

File: Biological Anomalies in SCP-5273 - Temporal Displaced Diplodocus carnegii

Compiled by Dr. Conway


Further blood & serum tests show that the specimen is warm blooded, as Paleotologists have suspected for some time now. More unusual, is the dense downy feathers clearly not found in the fossil record. The subject is well suited to cold climates, with "plumage" providing insulation combined with internal adaptation composed of insulating fat membranes.

This poses a quandary, as seized data from the raid on [CLASSIFIED] where SCP-5273 was initially located suggest that the trans-temporal revivification was performed on a fossil egg of Diplodocus carnegii as opposed to a "Pygmy" variant as yet undiscovered. The notation suggest that Temporal Radiation is responsible for both the stunted growth as well as the other anomalous features...yet if that is so, does that imply that the great Sauropods were an Artic variety? It is hard to imagine a snow covered landscape providing sufficient foliage to support the growth of herds of massive obligate herbivores.

One of many puzzle pieces hinted at by the existence of the specimen. I suspect form of river born kelp or similar fast growing aquatic vegetation may be the answer. That, or we must assume the notes of [CLASSIFIED] are faulty & the specimen is exactly as it appears: a Pygmy Sauropod. I am inclined to discard this hypothesis with the obvious anomalous qualities displayed by SCP-5273.


Conclusion: More research is required. I submit a request for increased funding with this report. With the proven capacity of SCP-5273 to operate in field operations, it behooves the 05 Council to make an intensive scientific inquiry on the specimen.



Egg Hunt
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CLEARANCE: Reasearch Personnel directly involved with Containment Protocols for SCP-5273

MEMO: Research Intent

While certain more...liberal...personnel may see the opportunity to study a Time Displaced organism as a chance to indulge your scientific curiosity, allow me to remind you that the security of Consensus Reality increasingly depends on the Foundation utilizing it's Anomalous Resources to counter bad actors through out society as well as throughout quantum dispered reality. The mere existence of these Paranormal Contractors implies the forces both willing & able to disrupt our delicate status quo. We must be is a position to effectively deploy our Anomalous Resources without qualm, hesitation, or sentiment.

This is especially true of SCP-5273, with it's growing capacity to alter local Time/Space. The research of this mutation & it's potential replication is of critical importance to the security of not just the Foundation but the world as we know it. If that means that we must risk the "Goose that laid the Golden Egg," then we must do so with a bold hand, for to be indesciscive at this critical time could spell disaster for us all.

Reaffirming the purpose of our reasearch is occasionally required, & in this case I wish to leave no doubt: SCP-5273 WILL continue to assist in MTF operations. Stress tests of it's anomalous capacities WILL continue (with D-Class only, however. Good agents are hard to come by). We will not speak of this again, & personnel who wish to go above me to Ethics will find themselves reassigned.

To drive this point home, the following "Enrichment" activities are canceled:

"Playing with the Dino"

"Honking Contests"

"Snuggle Time"

I am sure you all understand the importance of this work.

-from the office of Dr. Bright



Security Containment Protocol Violation


The following Containment Violations have been recorded for SCP-5273 (Time Displaced Diplodocus carnegii)

-Unauthorized Equipment in Containment: (Description: Virtual Reality Goggles, Attached Computer in Briefcase)

-Unattended Equipment in Containment: (Description: Virtual Reality Goggles, Attached Computer in Briefcase)

-Unauthorized Expermiment: (No Virtual Reality tests or studies are on the schedule regarding SCP-5273)

These are serious matters. Research or Security staff found smuggling in equipment, violating containment, making any attempt to make unnaproved copies of data or recordings of an SCP, contaminating an SCP outside of approved Enrichment protocol, or attempting to breach Containment will be punished to the full extent specified in Section IV Article iii of the Foundation Employee Handbook.

All staff are to report suspicious activity of co-workers regarding this matter to Class IV Security Personnel.

All staff involved in the proper Security Containment Protocols for 5273 are officially on Notice. There will be a copy of this report sent to the Security Director, The Ethics Director, the Site Manager, & if deemed neccesary, to the 05 Council. If any staff have inside knowledge or were otherwise culpable in this event, they are advised to come forward immediately. There will be no leniency for anyone deemed to be acting in a subversive or otherwise duplicitous manner.

Containment Protocols will be increased until this matter is resolved, as follows:

-Any entry into containment of SCP-5273 will be accompanied by Class IV Security Personnel.

-Any Entry logged into Containment will be recorded & a copy of that recodrding will be emailed automatically to an independent Security Reviw council.

That is all.



Ethics Comittee Interview: Re Containment Incident SCP - 5273 - 001

Recording of Ethics Interview Re Containment Incident SCP - 5273 - 001


Interviewer: Dr. Conway, a pleasure. Please make yourself comfortable. Now, as a veteran researcher, I don't need to tell you about the signifigance of the recent contamination, so please try to answer my questions as completely as possible. Let's begin: Your name is Archibald Louis Conroy, yes?

Dr. Conroy: ...yes, but know one has called me "Archibald" in more years than you've bee-

Interviewer: Yes, I'm certain. For the records, you understand? I'm certain a man of your impressive resume understands the importance of a few "control" questions, yes?

Dr. Conroy: ...I suppose so.

Interviewer: I see you have PHD's from Cambridge...Bilogy, Microbiology, & Paleontology...very nice. Ah, & you interned with the Foundation on site with SCP-1265...yes, glowing comments from Site Management as well. Excellent. After which you were transferred to [REDACTED] & assigned to SCP-5273 explicitly for your expertise with Dinosauria. What can you tell me of your reasearch.

Dr. Conroy: you know, SCP-5273 was captured near Central Park, NY, NY less than a year ago. Sightings of a local Cryptid had made the papers, & teams were sent to assess the situation, ultimately resulting in the capture & containment of the specimen. Fortunately, while sitings were numerous, only one civillian appears to have had extensive contact with SCP-5273, a half-blind shoe Cobbler that was convinced the specimen was a stray cat. MTF perssonel deemed it unnesecary to administer amnestics, as the Old Man never truly identified the specimen.

Interviewer: Ah, yes...I have that file...Guiseppe Provenzano...& that was the individual who gave SCP-5273 the soubriquet: Guido?

Dr. Conroy: per protocol, research staff only uses SCP-Designations Numbers to refer to Anomalous Objects.



The Enemy within
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Ethics Comittee Interview: Re Containment Incident SCP - 5273 - 002

Recording of Ethics Interview Re Containment Incident SCP - 5273 - 002


Interviewer: Of course, of course, I am aware of the naming conventions, blind testing, research protocols, etc, etc. However, I have several recorded files where staff under your direction have used that name to refer to SCP-5273. Would you like to hear them?

Dr. Conroy: ...that...uh, won't be necessary.

Interviewer: Ah, then you can explain how your research staff has come into this prohibited information? While I understand the subject demonstrates multiple Psychokinetic Phenomena, it is our understanding the SCP-5273 shows no Telepathic capability. What am I missing, Doctor?

Dr. Conroy:'s true that beyond the established record of Vocalizations, SCP-5273 cannot communicate in any meaningful fashion. However, as it's Psychokinetic properties have been refined, at the explicit insistence of Dr Bright I might add, the subject began...writing.

Interviewer: SCP-5273 can write? What did it say?

Dr. Conroy: Mainly, it told us it's name. The unofficial one mentioned previously. While we knew SCP-5273 could understand complex commands, we had not guessed it had sufficient sapience to not only grasp what we were saying but learn how to read! Currently, we suspect it's capacity is equal to a child, mostly using words it perceives in Containment, Euclid, Keter, so on...but it has begun to grasp how to put these words together to communicate: of that we are certain.

Interviewer: Hmmm...comprehension equivalent to a human child already? Your research suggests the subject is less than 4 years of age.

Dr. Conroy: Yes, as far as we can understand it. However the process used to revitalize the egg SCP-5273 was hatched from effectively created a quantum tunnel, bringing the specimen forward through a shared causality. We can only guess on the side effects, the actual time experienced by the embryonic fetus. For the researchers, it was the flip of a switch: for the Embryo, millions of years passed...


-To be Continued-

Animal Farm
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The Uprising

A shaky video shot from a helicopter shows huge herds of animals tromping over fields & blocking roads, before focusing on a young woman, clearly a reporter:

"...Yes, thank you John. You can see below me, the herds of cattle, pigs, horses, various fowl...even some dogs & cats. The exact number is hard to pin down, but seems to be growing."

Cut to an Anchorman

"Cyndy, have authorities made any guesses about this incident?"

Back to Reporter, trying to hold her hair out of her face

"No John. No explanation has been forthcoming yet, though severl epedemioligists suspect a break out of "Mad Cow" disease or some other highly virulent, zoonotic agent. The speed at which new animals become infected, joining the herd is startling...entire farms & dairy centers have been deserted after the apparently infected animals pass through."

The Anchorman wears a mask of worried concern

"I understand the national Guard has been activated to corral the animals, Cyndy? Should the folks at home be worried?"

The Camera records the animals steadily moving deeper into a heavily wooded forest

"Yes, Police, National Guard, & Forest Rangers are all cooperating to get to the bottom of this John. So far, people are advised to keep their distance from the mass of animals, even when pets or domestic animals can be identified. Report animals behaving strangely to 311 immediately, & wait for further instructions. Other that that, we are still waiting to see how the situation devel - Oh, John we are being instructed by the National Guard to clear the airspace."

The Camera cuts to the Anchorman again

"Alright Cyndy, thanks for the update on this evolving situation. You stay safe out there. Well, we can only wait & see what happens next; You heard it here first, on Grenn Bay channel 42, Action News!"

children of the eyeless
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The Green Bay Alligator

Cryptid Subreddit


Green Bay

Subject: Cryptid Sightings - "Green Bay Alligator"

l33thax2004: it's NOT an alligator lol

mememachinexxx: not a "normal" one, of course not. wouldnt be on a cryptid post if it was lmao


mememachinexxx: idk the pics are totes blurry lol

edgelordayla: Is a cutie it is <3


mememachinexxx: Nessie is a water cryptid lmao

edgelordayla: Land Nessie?

mememachinexxx: LOL

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edgelordayla: so much spam lately lmao

mememachinexxx: lol

l33thax2004: LOL

mememachinexxx: take your caps lock off lmao


edgelordayla: I think is a feather baby dino <3 I want one pls can I have pet pls???

mememachinexxx: they did find some feathers in a trash can my dad's brother's friend's cousin said

mememachinexxx: maybe it fell in?


edgelordayla: Would you feed it cat food? I have a cat. Wanna see?


mememachinexxx: who's "they"? your mom? lol

edgelordayla: lol

mememachinexxx: if you look at the video you can see it run by a door.

l33thax2004: IM GONNA GO CATCH IT

mememachinexxx: gl lol

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Schrodinger's Dino

The mansion is a busy place - a housewarming party for the ultra rich is always a stressful affair for the hired help: made somewhat more so when the celebrants invited are both more & less than human.

Strict non-disclosure agreements, naturally. Can't have anyone leaking info to the general public. So what if that Rembrandt in the south wing is supposedly in the Louve? Best not to ask questions. The man about the house doesn't care for questions from the help.

Egyptian Temple? Private Hospital?

Yeah, no questions here. No sir.

Yet, Monica has been given another task on top of changing sheets & washing linens.

Feed the dino.

To be fair, the new dino isn't even the only one here: the other one manages to feed itself rather spectacularly, & Monica is glad she doesn't have to deal with that. This one is little though, "smol" she thinks, & has clearly had a rough time, all bandaged up. Post operative, apparently. Has to take it's meds, eat some greens & apple slices when it can, clean out the bedding. It sleeps mostly, smells more like a bird than a lizard.

That is, when it's where it's supposed to be.

Monica hasn't reported it since the first time: went to get Laurence at Security, "It's gone!"

But when they went back to check it was right there, still asleep. That was embarassing.

Monica has figured it out pretty well the door to fast, make noise in the hallway: it vanishes, like it was never there.

Where does it go? How does it do it?

At Jules Mansion, it's better not to ask questions.

Setting Things Strait
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