Jacky's Journal

Da Temple
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Daily Life, Entry 1

Through a conversation filled with many annoyances, we finally reached an agreement we felt happy with, despite my lack of trust towards towards the two of them. That Kody claims to himself be a God, only time will tell whether he is merely arrogant or not.




Daily life is so... monotonous, I understand not how people work these jobs and remain happy. Its feels almost as if i'm being sucked of all happiness I have. This is no life for a God! But regardless I need something from them, so for the time I shall remain indentured despite the terrible boredom.




There was this thing called Cheesecake, while most food is merely a time-waste I must admit this thing was most delectable. I may have to ask Jeremy to buy me some to be delivered straight to the security room. But, then i'd have to lower myself to request of him. Perhaps this cheesecake is a trap to lower myself? I can't be sure, but I will wait and see.




My understand of these contraptions they call monitors I use to watch people is lacking to my dismay, Even at my peak I never interacted with such devices, though because when I was at my peak I had no need for such mundane objects. But the numerous nearly endless buttons baffle me, I have however begun to understand these things greatly, I can now turn them on and off without difficulty. What is it that Humans say? Everyone has to start somewhere? Despite being above such a thing normally I must agree for the time.




I have also noticed it has become easier to observe people and things, to which it is not my perceptive capabilites improving but rather my knowledge. I'm learning what the things to look out for are, perhaps this job isn't truly worthless ableit not fit for a God. 

And this Human body of mine is so, so weak and pathetic. It requires food, sleep and water. I lack an understanding of how this species has survived so long, although I suppose that has to do with most things needing to sleep, a weakness shared by most of a planet. I wish not to delve into the pathetic speed at which this body heals, taking much too long to heal how much I pushed my body in that temple.

Observations of Kody and Jeremy have produced few results, Jeremy merely goes about his own duties. His gaudiness apparent in how he acts, but for now he seems not to be plotting against me, but in truth I can't be sure.




Kody himself seems to be an odd individual, despite claiming himself a God he mostly just lazes about with coffee, despite the disgusting bitterness that is that poison liquid. Truly Hunans drink many things that are disgusting, my mind baffled behind the why. However, I must admit there is something almost mystifying in watching the man craft, perhaps a small amount of what he claims is true. What does remain true is I can tell the man is powerful by how he hammers metal, but to what extent he is powerful I know not.

When will I re-acquire my old self? In my current pathetic state I doubt I could intefere in a fight within the bar without immense danger to myself, how long must it take to regain what I have lost? Have I not waited long enough? Suffered enough? No, I am too impatient, I have been without myself for decades I can wait however long it takes. Perhaps sacrficing is a thought, further my power with speed rather than wait for events to occur.


Admittedly I find myself fond of my current powers in this security room, able to watch mostly anything in the bar at my leasure. Perhaps extending this range to beyond the bar is a thought, entertaining indeed. But regardless a thought for later, when I regain. 

"Life is but an illusion, reality a dream. We shall awaken from our nightmare into the true world, a world for us, made for us and one that bends to our will. Ozathor we offer this to you, lead us to the light, a bright place where we shall reside with you for an eternity." What a reminisent thought, days gone that seem like a mere dream long ago. Perhaps those young ones spoke true in some sense. But I shall take it back, recreate these old days. They need not be just the old days, rather they can be the current. The present. But all in time.

The Weirdling Planes of Poldahk
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Daily Life, Entry 2

It appears I've been cursed from that Contract, what else could it be? Upon my return, I took the same driver, since he happened to still be in town as I ran into him. After paying him with money I swiped from the dead in that hall, it seemed as if everything was going well. That is until both a fortunate and unfortunate event occurred, I felt the same as I did with my hand, but across my entire body. I realised, that blasted thing couldn’t wait until I arrived back at the Fire Hazard.


I told the man to pull over into the forest, I had to go to the toilet and with a bit of convincing in the form of a promise for a generous tip he did so. Gaudy to the bitter end, at least that's what I would say had I had time to kill him, instead I bashed him in the back of the head which knocked the man out, before exiting the vehicle. I promptly ran into the forest, looking for a safe spot to rest while the change occurred. 


A cave, a damp dark and moldy cave filled with fecal matter is what I had to endure. But it was worth it, to regain a part of myself. In truth, I was annoyed and confused at this time, for one the change after so long despite being back to what it should have been was jarring and to top it off, I had no idea how to get back to the Fire Hazard. The only thing I had was the direction, vague as it may be. As I made my way back I had to inevitably stop again, those clothes would not do.


My eyes hurting, I stripped bare, picked up my clothes and carried on naked. In truth it was quite odd, the feeling of clothes not covering me. In time I was used to the feeling, so going to nothing felt… off. But my eyes, my eyes were working again, I could see properly. 


As if my journey could not become more of a slog, I encountered a creature, covered in fur on all fours. It watched me from afar, its eyes piercing. I promptly increased the speed at which I was moving, yet it continued watching me and even started following me to my dismay. However if this creature thought I would be frightened by this act it was wrong, I changed directions immediately sprinting at the beast. 


Am I so pathetic in this state as to be toyed with? It turned around and ran at a speed I could not catch, but as I turned back to my initial path it continued following me. I could almost feel its mocking gaze on the back of my head, my anger boiling inside. So I waited and I waited, it’s arrogance would get the better of it. 


Come pass 2 hours and it's still following me, becoming more and more bold, nearing closer and closer to me. So I pretended to sleep, if it neared I would finish it off once and for all. As one would have it, it’s arrogance truly knew no bound the beast, so when it got close enough I jolted into a sitting position and stretched my arm towards its head, caving its skull in one fatal blow ending this annoying debacle. 


My walk started to seem like it would never end, even my patience has its limits. What most others would find an enjoyable sightseeing trip, I found a tedious bother. Why do none of these blasted trees look different enough for me to gauge with certainty whether I had passed it already? What if I got attacked by an illusion? Luckily that seemed not to happen and some more time, I managed to find my way back to the Fire Hazard. 


Strangely enough as I entered the lounge people shot me strange looks, but I was happy to finally arrive back at the security room so I ignored them. The solace and peace of the room evoked a feeling from me I haven’t felt before? An almost warm soothing. 


But it seems like good times never last, as Jeremy had filled me in on all that had happened in my absence. Can those two not control their people? It's a shamble nonetheless. With that, my initial plans to seek out the Witch after attempting to find her on the computer, despite my lack of skills, are gone. I’ve realised the people around here dislike things that aren’t the same, not Human. So my original plan to be sneaky about it is gone, and I'm stuck here in this room. My boredom can only reach such a peak. 


This does give me pondering time however, to try and remember the incantation used to summon me. If others can come and leave with incantations, then perhaps I can use it on myself? Although I am still reluctant on returning, I may have to and a way back is needed in such a case. But how will I return to this place? I can banish myself, but not bring myself back. It looks like I need an accomplice. I’m still unsure if I can trust Kody and Jeremy. Despite the fact they provide Cheesecake.


I also need to eat, all this Human food is driving me mad, disgusting and bland except for Cheesecake, but even this gets boring when all I eat is it. I need Human flesh. But how? I can’t get it now with what's going on. I may have to attempt to obtain some despite the risks. Jeremy and Kody mustn't know, if they do they could resist my actions. 


A pointless venture. The city is too packed, I can’t realistically find a Human to eat without alerting somebody. My next Contract should be nearing, I may have to resort to getting some there if I get the chance. If only I can obtain the chance. 


The dark, crushing and endless. All one can hear is the sound of those strong, not fearing being devoured, rather being the one to devour. The rest, crawling in the dark like insects. Nothing happens, yet to leave something must happen. The cold wind slamming upon your skin, seeking shelter yet being unable to find it, resorting to using the warm blood of another to cover yourself. A voice speaks, whispering in your ear to with a voice like a whisper in the wind. “Give up, it's a pointless struggle. Return to everlasting, ever embracing Abyss. Let go, let go.” It's maddening. That's the place I was born. Escape is the only thing most want, yet some are content. They bog down the rest, causing us to be trapped. They are the strong, content with what they have and lacking ambition. Merely satiating their hunger on us, the insects below.