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Patch 22.8.1 - Gift System Updates

This update contains two new Effects, a bunch of new Enhancements and Drawbacks, and a bundle of small fixes to the Gift System.

New Effects

Binding Oath allows you to enter into infernal contracts, fae bargains, and blood pacts with others. Impress your friends with your commitment. Sabotage your enemies with clever wordplay. Available on all Gift Types.

Shape-Changing Object allows you to create Artifacts that change their appearance, size, and shape. Available on the Craftable Artifact and Legendary Artifact Gift Types.

Removed Effects

Forgery has been removed. Its functionality has been folded into the Illusion Effect.

Updated Effects


  • Renamed to Signature Item, recategorized as an Extraordinary Object Effect


  • Clarified the activation range of the targeted Seance Enhancement, and made it mutually-exlcusive with other commune types.

Melee Weapon

  • New Enhancement: Extend-o Blade (This melee weapon may extend for a single attack up to 50 feet away. Retracting back into its usable size is a Quick Action.)

Melee Mastery

  • New Enhancement: Point Control (All Called Shots you attempt only require a Contested Outcome of 2 or more to be successful.)

  • Added Focus Drawback

Unarmed Mastery

  • Updated Enhancement Transcendence to properly reflect interaction with the mob combat rules.

  • Enhancement Bullet Catch no longer requires Enhancement Armored Fist


  • New Enhancement: Morph Gun (You may spend a Quick Action to change this firearm’s base stats into those of any other basic firearm.)

  • Added errata clarifying that snipers still are +3 difficulty without a tripod, and rifles are still +1 difficulty in melee range.

Pilot Mastery

  • Afterburner Enhancement changed to “Your vehicle has a 25% faster top speed and you may Exert your Mind to accelerate to its top speed in a single Round.”


  • Added Enhancement Afterburner


  • Fixed a typo in the Enhancement Mind Over Matter to clarify that it allows you to access your Powers, not just any Effect.


  • Clarified that the Splice Enhancement does not grant any new functionality, and both target Devices must be in your possession.


  • The Immortal Flames Enhancement has been changed to: (When you create a fire, you may choose to maintain Concentration for up to 4 Rounds. As long as you maintain Concentration, the fire you created cannot be extinguished.)

Investigate Individual

  • Added an editable field to the LoJack and Manifest enhancements, allowing you to specify the means by which you receive the information

Mind Shields

  • New enhancement: Acute Self-Care (You may convert one of your Traumas into a Condition in order to heal all Mind Damage and Traumas gained in the last 24 hours.)


  • New enhancement: Just Keep Moving (You may move at your normal speed and still maintain Concentration.)

  • Shake It Off enhancement changed (If you are Stunned, asleep, drugged, or otherwise made unconscious for any reason other than being Incapacitated, you may Exert your Mind to wake up. Any penalty which was caused by this condition is removed.)

Container of Holding

  • New Enhancement: Convenient Carry-On (Your container no longer has increased storage capacity, but it can be collapsed down to the size of a wallet without losing any internal storage space. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Free Action.)

  • New Enhancement: Expanded Pocket Size (Requires Seasoned, requires Convenient Carry-On Your collapsible storage container now has 3x the expected internal storage capacity.)


  • Silver Bullets drawback updated (Injuries from a particular type of material, attack, or source of damage are not affected by your regeneration, and have their Severity increased by 1.)

Inhuman Physiology

  • The Eternal enhancement no longer requires you to take Got No Life first.

  • New Enhancement: Toxic Body (Any creature that consumes or is injected with your bodily fluids receives a Severity-1 Injury. Every minute, they must roll Body Difficulty 9. If they fail, the Injury worsens by 1 Severity. If they succeed, the Injury stops worsening.)


  • Added Strict Regimen enhancement and Aftercare Instructions drawback

Suppress Sense

  • Enhancement “Suppression Field” renamed to “Flash-Bang”

  • Added Enhancement Suppression Field which creates a zone inside which all relevant senses are suppressed.

  • Added indefinite duration level


  • Removed the Spectral Plate and Hardened Thoughts Enhancements

  • Added Enhancement Immaterial (Your Armor cannot be circumvented with called shots, cannot be shredded, and always provides a minimum of 2 Armor regardless of any Armor penetration.)

  • Thorns now displays the correct text on the enhancement


  • Drawback Nasty Hex changed to: “Effects cannot cure this affliction; instead they will give diagnostic information. Diagnosis by other means is at Difficulty 9.”

Heal Wound

  • Lazarus enhancement updated to clarify that you only need to begin healing the injury prior to a minute after death, so you can still use it even with a longer cast time parameter.

Mend Trauma

  • Suppress enhancement updated to clarify that it does work on permanent Traumas which were recorded as Conditions.

  • Removed Adjust Trauma drawback


  • Fixed a bug where the trap style Blast with the “Sabotage Item” Drawback would not change system text.

Energy Transfer

  • New enhancement: Cut Out The Middleman (You may now make transfers directly between any two targets without having to include yourself.)

Heal Scar

  • Changed Better Than New Enhancement to (You may use this Effect to remove a physical Condition from your target instead of a Battle Scar.) Requires Veteran

Inhuman physiology

  • Clarified system text of Drawback Misshapen: “You cannot wear standard human clothes. Using equipment, vehicles, or facilities designed for humans is not always possible and always comes with increased Difficulty.”


  • Clarified system text of Drawback Famous Face: “You cannot alter the appearance of your flesh and blood.”

  • Added Drawback: Meek and Weak (While disguised, you cannot use any Activated or Targeted Powers.)

  • When you apply a permanent disguise to someone else with Hide Other and The Man With No Face, it now counts as a Battle Scar.

  • The Enhancement Doppelganger now requires the Enhancement Morph.

  • Clarified that the Enhancement Fashionista allows you to modify your entire Outfit.


  • Updated Emergency Recall to work regardless of range

  • Removed Check-In enhancement, made that behavior part of the base effect

Inanimate Transformation

  • Added Too Slow! Enhancement


  • Reduced drowsiness penalty to -2 from -3


  • New enhancement: Misdirection (You may generate an illusion at a target up to 45 feet away from you.)

Mythic Dexterity

  • Removed The Best Defense enhancement

Mythic Perception

  • New Enhancement: Seeing Double (Your sensory ranges are doubled)

Mythic Brawn

  • Updated Champion of the Caber Toss to allow a minimum 5ft/round movement if using it Encumbers you.

Throwing Mastery

  • Added Pin Down enhancement

  • Updated Yeet! enhancement to add a 1 round delay for anything thrown more than 100 feet.

Unarmed Mastery

  • Updated Finesse to let you select a maximum wound level, rather than selecting an amount of damage.

  • New Enhancement: Meat Shield (If you have successfully grappled a target, you may use them to block damage from an incoming Attack.)


  • New enhancement: Mass Production (You may create up to 5 copies of the same Object with a single activation.)

  • Added Legendary Artifact gift type


  • Updated Terrarium to clarify that it includes things that are Animate but not Living a la zombies or robots

  • New Enhancement: Vacuum Up (You may stash a target which is up to 30 feet away from you. It does not need to be in your possession, but it must be free-standing, unattached, and not currently in someone else’s possession.)

  • New Enhancement: Blatant Thievery (You may stash items in others’ possession. They automatically notice you were the one to stash the item. This always requires a Committed Action.)


  • The Enhancement Stealthy Mark has been removed, and its behavior is now default.

  • Added Drawback Overt Mark that makes your mark easy to discover

  • Added Enhancement Vitals (You are aware of the marked target’s physical well-being, including whether or not they’re alive and any Injuries they have.)

  • Added Enhancement Probe (You may use any Awareness Powers on a marked target at any range.)


  • Added clarification around using TK for levitation.


  • Affected targets now cannot Concentrate

Warp Form

  • Fixed Enhancement Rewrite DNA so that the Effect gives Conditions instead of Battle Scars.

  • Added Enhancement Triggered


  • Added Selfish Drawback

Read Memory

  • Removed Enhancement Multitasker.

  • Clarified how long it takes to read each memory.

  • Added Enhancement Data Dump that allows you to read memories very quickly.

Memory Manipulation

  • Clarified that the memory loss from this effect should be recorded as a Condition.

  • Added Period Parameter level “10 years” (requires Veteran)


  • You may now take Hack as a Trap.

Asset and Liability Changes

Iron Will

  • System changed to: “You may Exert your Mind to negate any Effect that would control your thoughts or actions. This includes the Possession, Suggestion, or Emotion Control Effects.”

Tough Asset

  • Removed redundant errata text.

New Asset: Immutable Body

  • Your body is naturally resistant to being reshaped or permanently damaged. (You may Exert your Mind to negate any effect that would transform your body against your will (including the Warp Form Effect). All Battle Scars you would receive are one level less severe.)

New Asset: Packbeast

  • You’re built to carry and haul. (You can carry 25 pounds per point of Brawn instead of the usual 15.)

Removed Asset Jaded.

Renamed the Hard Asset (start with 2 Limits) to Jaded.

Other Changes

Trap activation Style

  • Changed the phrasing of proximity traps to be clearer.

  • Removed Drawback “Easy to resist” from all traps.

Ammo Enhancement (for Consumables)

  • Now also allows you to poison melee weapons so their next attack triggers the effect.

  • Added variation that does not deal weapon damage to many targeted Effects.

New Drawback Conscious Effort (This Effect ends if you are stunned, fall asleep, go unconscious, are incapacitated, die, or if your total Penalty ever exceeds 5.)

  • Added to targeted versions of Afflict, Memory Manipulation, Raise Dead, Repair, Spawn Minion, Mark and Suggestion

New Drawback Fragile Shift (This Effect ends if you take an Injury or are stunned or incapacitated.)

  • Added to Creature Transformation, Disguise, and Amorphous Transformation

Suspend Enhancement now adds to an Effect’s system text

Enhancement Switch is now available on the passive version of Extra Appendage and Obscure.

“As long as as long as” grammar on Conditional fixed