Wreck it Ralph

A world where video game characters exist.

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Wreck it Ralph was created by loroman1211 2 years, 9 months ago

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Playgroup Leader

Dogmeat the Dog
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Rockman the Android with human emotions
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Raiden the White Devil
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As we all know the imagination of a person springs forth on the screen but can never interact with those in the real world. Who will you be The Princess, Agent 47, or Bowser? This is a world that you help define and create through actions and consequences. While trying to avoid being unplugged.

House Rules

Contractors from Wreck it Ralph Are NOT portable, and may NOT visit other Playgroups to participate in Contracts.
Wreck it Ralph grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

Closed world. You may not interact with those from other worlds.


All characters will be approved by Loro and Psycho.


You need to pick a genere. Ie Maro World, Fallout, Resident Evil.


Only one player per genere



Full Setting Description

 Heroes and villians have always existed inside video games. Some are brave others are not or in between. With the rise of new games others being shleved or unplugged. AS the space for characters starts to dwindle so do other characters. A fight is now brewing for who can be used by the video game players and who goes in the trash. Who will you be?