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A world where Scribes gather to write stories.

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This playgroup is mostly just a place where we can play Contracts in peace, open to all members of the server.

House Rules

Contractors from King's Dice Domain Are NOT portable, and may NOT visit other Playgroups to participate in Contracts.

Please note that this list of house rules can be discarded or disallowed at every Scribe's discretion. This list may also be expanded as time goes on.

  • One Story, One World: Contractors usually shouldn't be able to 'breach containment' and show up in other campaigns verbatim unless stated otherwise try not to make a mess of the multiverse. Characters are allowed however to play in one shots if they do not belong to a home campaign.
  • Extraordinary Stories: Contractors are allowed to start with one gift, optionally.
  • Simple People: Contractors may only take 21 EXP in assets AND liabilities. For a refresher, all EXP spent is cumulative.

Full Setting Description

And so, The God of Time called forth her Scribes.

Upon the death of the first mortal, the gods were curious how such a thing could have happened so soon.

They were shocked to learn of their tale, the things they had been through, but none more eager than the God of Time. With quill and tome in hand, she inscribed every word and detail, the ink painting wonderful pictures on the page.

As a reward for such a riveting, valuable tale, She rewarded them an afterlife far more interesting than what Endings were to offer.

She coined them a Scribe, the highest honor she could bestow, and told them of their new role--

Fill the library's shelves.