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Kids of the Lost Woods was created by T3K 3 years, 1 month ago

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Bon-Bon the sadistic bunny-like assassin
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Earth, 2030

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Once upon a time, there were eight kids trapped in Area 51. They were all placed into a special testing plant, where the scientists there would infuse animal genes and materials into their beings. This mixing was very unorthodox. All of these children exhibit properties of their infused animal and material genetics. Bon-Bon looks like a bunny, and bleeds stuffing. Her skin is soft, too. Ram-Ram looks like a ram, and has rock-hard flesh. Epe-Epe looks like a horse. Their insides are hollow. Oto-Oto looks like a butterfly. She’s fragile, and completely transparent. Tik-Tik looks like a turtle. Testing shows immunity to fire, but hydrophobia. Mag-Mag looks like a crab. He’s very slow, but emits extremely hot temperatures. Ivy-Ivy looks like a wolf. His appendages are sticky and can reach very far. Bog-Bog looks like a snake. Can produce poisonous gasses and liquids. After enough terrible treatment, the eight kids decided they would rise up against those that have tested on them for years. But they needed a plan. One day, an electric shortage causes a power outage in the area. This was the time to strike. The kids escaped, massacring any scientist or security guard in their way. At the end of it all, they mysteriously disappeared from Area 51. When they woke up, they appeared in a forest without any prior memory to what transpired for the past 10 years. Together, the 8 kids spent the next 5 years together living in these woods until it was destroyed by greedy people who want to expand and sell their nonbiodegradable products. The eight kids split up, and all try to reach their own path towards gaining back what was theirs. Their Lost Woods. Bon-Bon decided to become an assassin, killing those who dare attempt deforestation. Ram-Ram Epe-Epe Oto-Oto Tik-Tik Mag-Mag Ivy-Ivy Bog-Bog decided to live in the deep recesses of the woods, scaring away strangers that defile the forest. Sometimes killing them. You take the role as someone recently employed monthly by one of these children. You may receive a job from another. But you are all about the potential recreation of this forest. Of these woods. One way or another, whether you like it or not, you are employed by these freak children. Hope you have fun.