Legacy Power: Consult the Grimoire

Channel your energy into the book and gain insight into the world around you.

A 1 Gift Investigate Object Power used by Preston Vincent Astor VI, created by shady.


By opening up your musky tome and studying, you can gather great insight into a particular object. The book will answer your questions about the influences being exerted on the object and also who cares about it and the details about its sentimental value


Spend a Willpower and make an Intelligence + Occult roll (difficulty 6). The completeness of the information you receive is proportional to your result on the roll. Takes 1 Minute to cast, can be used at a maximum distance of Arm's Reach


  • Easy (This Power does not require Exertion unless you have used it in the past hour.)
  • Sentimental (You may learn how much sentimental value an object has and to whom)
  • Alien Origin (Determine if this target is Alien in origin or whether it has any Alien energy or outside influences.)


  • Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen. You must use / wear this item as intended to use this Power.)
    • Focus - Grimoire of Epsilon Omicron
  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach ) Cast Time: 1 ( 1 Minute )

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