Legacy Power: Literally a Selkie

“Please don’t lose my bag while I’m down there...”

A 2 Gift Mundane Catalog Power used by Pétur Kristinnsson, created by lumiq.


Pétur’s family, as far back as can be told, has kept the secret of their lineage except to chosen partners. Once submerged in water, his coat will envelop him and shift until he becomes a normal looking gray seal. If the coat is unavailable, it’ll be his skin, grotesquely thickening and stretching. When he’s out of the water, the sealskin sheds and Pétur crawls out, probably asking for his bag for the change of clothes there. The sealskin is left in a pile.


You may transform into one of up to [[number-animals]] non-human, non-flying creatures. These creatures may be aesthetically supernatural but cannot bestow any supernatural abilities. They must have analogous stats to an extant, living, mundane animal. You do not have access to any of your Powers while transformed.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action transforming into one of the following creatures: Gray Seal. You remain transformed for up to one hour and may end the effect at will.

Your Injuries persist between forms, with potentially lethal results.

You should record the Attributes and Body score of your chosen creatures when you take this Power. Otherwise their stats are at the GM's discretion. You adopt the new form's Attributes (other than Intellect) and Body rating.


  • Spirit Animal (You may only transform into one specific creature. However, you have full access to all your Powers while transformed.)
  • Triggered (You cannot manually activate this Effect. Instead, choose a triggering event, always outside your control, that activates this Effect without requiring an Action or Exertion cost from you.)
    • Triggering Event - Submerged in water


  • Exhausting (After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.)


Number Of Animals: 0 ( 2 )

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