Doctors Orders

"I *did* warn you."

A 1 Gift Mend Trauma Power used by Emanuel Baxter, created by BoringIndividual.


Baxter provides typical, mundane therapy to someone, curing a single trauma that they are afflicted with over a month. He then tells them something along the lines of "Heed my advice, or you'll end up spiraling back into your old struggles," and he means it. If the patient doesn't heed future advice issued by Baxter, their trauma will come back all at once.

System Active

Exert your Mind and treat a Living target for One Downtime. During treatment, your patient may choose to reveal one or more of their Traumas to you. You learn the details of these Traumas, including the circumstances of how they were acquired. When treatment is complete, Roll Charisma + Influence Difficulty 7. If you are successful, you may remove one of the patient's revealed Traumas.

This Power has no Experience cost for you or the patient.

Treatment does not have to be non-stop, and can consist of several sessions.


  • Strict Regimen (Upon treatment, you may specify a clearly-defined behavior that the patient must adhere to. If they violate the rule, the treatment is immediately reversed.)


  • Humanities (This Power can only be used on Humans.)


Treatment Time: 0 ( One Downtime )

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