Feline Familiar

“Salem is just too grim a name.”

A 1 Gift Companion Creature Power created by shady.


Felix is The Witch’s families. It is a black cat that looks about with an intelligent pair of eyes. She talks to it incessantly, though it never talks back. There are times when the cat is around and she isn’t that you feel like she is watching you through the cat’s eyes.

System Passive


Companion creatures cannot use tools or human technology.

Companions are capable of general communication skills and know one language. Your companion is controlled by the GM but generally will listen to what you have to say and follow your commands as best as it can interpret them.

Any roll to locate your companion (or vice-versa) is rolled at -2 Difficulty.


  • Channel (You may use your companion as a locus through which to channel your Powers. Range and other relevant systems apply as if your pet was casting the Power.)
  • Man's Best Friend (You, rather than the GM, have control over your companion's actions.)
  • Inseparable (You and your companion creature always have a sense of the direction and distance of the other.)


  • Friendly (Your companion is incapable of combat.)
  • Growl (Your companion cannot speak or communicate to yourself or others. However, it still understands a single language.)

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