Legacy Power: bullet

craft a standard case of ammunition

A 2 Gift Fabricate Power used by specialist zach, created by fuck.


you craft a ammo box full of munition of your choice


Exert your Mind, choose a basic, mundane Object that Fits Inside A Regular Backpack (27 liters), and spend 15 Minutes fabricating your object. Roll Brawn + Culture Difficulty 6, with the Difficulty depending on the specificity of the created item. For example, "shirt" would be difficulty 5, "Police uniform" would be difficulty 9. The roll's outcome determines overall quality and how well the item fits the request. Created object lasts one hour.

The GM always has final say over the created object if a specific request is made. Cannot create firearms or explosives.


  • Eternium (You may keep up to three fabricated objects at a time that do not expire after an hour.)
  • Guncrafting (You may produce firearms.)


  • Specialized (Only affects a certain type of Object.)
    • Item Category - munitions


Maximum Object Size: 2 ( Fits Inside A Regular Backpack (27 liters) ) Cast Time: 0 ( 15 Minutes )

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