She could track a fish in the ocean.

A 1 Gift Investigate Individual Power created by shady.


The Ranger is adept at following their quarry through any terrain. Once they find a recent track, they may focus their will to illuminate the trail of their target. Any part of the target's trail within eyeshot glows a bright, misty green. Even the trails made by vehicles the target was riding in are illuminated.

System Active

If you find a track made within 24 hours, you may Exert your Mind, spend 1 Minute focusing on your quarry. At the end of the cast time, roll Perception + Survival. The trail the target made within the last 24 hours is illuminated, making it easy to follow. An outcome of 1 is sufficient for tracking the target in their current means of transit, and an Outcome of 4 or higher allows you to track them through vehicle changes or when using means of transit where no tracks are left (e.g. levitation). You are not made aware of where the target is currently; you must follow the trail to find them.

Your target will likely notice the tracks they've just made being illuminated. However, after activating this Power, no new tracks are illuminated.

The effect lasts until you give up the hunt.

The number of information-revealing Enhancements attached to this power is limited to 2 for Novice characters, 4 for Seasoned characters, and 7 for Veteran characters. You may still take any number of other, non-informational enhancements.


  • Conduit (You may use this Power at any range, but doing so requires using a particular token of your target. You may use this Power once per token. Tokens must be of a particular type such as a track of the target, a body part of the target, etc.)
    • Token Type - Tracks left in the past 24 hours.

  • Tracking (You may follow the target's trail, no matter where or how they have traveled. You can only follow a trail made in the past 24 hours.)


  • Secrets Spoken (The information you gather is made public. The target and those around will know that it has been revealed. Usually this means the target speaks the information aloud, but other flavors are possible.)
    • Method of Reveal - Glowing tracks


Cast Time: 1 ( 1 Minute ) Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach )

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