Beast Form

There are those who claim the vampires use their shape-changing abilities to seek new, unique forms of pleasure.

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The Vampire may channel their inner beast and take the form of an animal. It is said they may transform into either a wolf or a bat. If used too often, the Vampire risks losing themselves to their beast forever.

System Active

Exert your Mind and spend an Action transforming into one of the creatures in your catalog. You remain transformed for up to one hour and may change back at will. All Actions are -1 die for 24 hours after this Power ends. Your clothes change with you and are returned when you change back. You may only use this Power once per day.

Your Injuries persist between forms, with potentially lethal results.

Available forms:
Vampire Bat (1 Brawn, 3 Dexterity, 1 Perception, echolocation)
Wolf (2 Brawn, 4 Dexterity, 3 Perception, bite attack, wolf nose)


  • Fur Coat (Your clothes change with you and are returned when you change back.)
  • Take Wing (You may choose flying creatures for your catalog.)


  • Exhausting (All Actions are -1 die after this Power ends. Lasts for either 24 hours, or the duration of this Power, whichever is greater.)
  • Once per Day (May only use this Power once per day.)


Number Of Animals: 0 ( 2 )

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