Put The Fear Of God In Them

"Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil." - Proverbs 3:7

A 1 Gift Traumatize Power created by ExampleRobot.


The Priest can channel their true faith in the Lord into a brutal assault on the consciousness of demonic or unholy creatures. By wielding his favored holy symbol, a gilded crucifix, they can put a proper fear of God into them, leaving them cowering at any truly holy things they encounter. Brandishing his crucifix in this way wreathes his entire body in a warm golden glow.

System Active

Choose a demonic or unholy creature within 20 feet, Exert your Mind, and brandish a crucifix in front of you. Your target, as well as all valid targets within 20 feet of it, must make a Trauma roll (Mind, Difficulty 9). If they fail, they acquire a Fear of holy things, and take 1 point of Mind damage. This Trauma may be removed by Powers or mundane therapy as per the normal rules.

Your target is aware that they are being attacked and can usually determine you are the one doing it. If your target is incapacitated, they automatically fail their Trauma roll.

You have no Exertion cost if you have just been attacked by and taken an Injury from your target.


  • Maddening (The defender's Trauma roll is made at +2 Difficulty.)
  • Conditionally Costless (This Power does not require Exertion in certain circumstances. The condition should be balanced such that the Power has an activation cost the majority of the time you are able to use it.)
    • Condition - You have already been attacked by the creature you are targeting

  • AoE (Affects all potential targets in a 20 foot radius of the primary target. This includes allies and yourself.)


  • Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - Can only target unholy or demonic creatures
  • Single Minded (Only causes a single type of Trauma when the target fails their roll.)
    • Trauma Caused - Fear of Holy Things
  • Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Crucifix


Range: 1 ( 20 feet )

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