A Helping Hand

“I got this, Grace!”

A 3 Gift Telekinesis Power created by lumiq.


(Made specifically for Grace Cyanide)

The Spirit is able to move her arms separate from Grace’s body, indicating the way she wants an object to move. Grace must exert her mind, as the separation of body and Spirit is both worrisome and draining.

System Active

By concentrating fully, you are able to interact with objects you can see at a distance of 75 feet. Rolls for Actions taken with these objects use Intelligence in place of Brawn and Wits in place of Dexterity. The effective rating for these Attributes is limited to 3 for Actions that would use Brawn and 5 for Actions that would use Dexterity.

You cannot engage in Combat with this Power, nor take any actions that require high manual dexterity (typing, using complicated tools, etc).

If the object passes out of sight, you lose your hold on it.

You must maintain concentration while using this Power. That means you cannot move or split your Action between using the Power and other Actions. If you are Injured or interrupted, you must roll Mind Difficulty 9 to maintain Concentration. If you fail, you cannot use this Power for a minimum of 6 - Wits rounds.


  • Brain Drain (You must now Exert your Mind both upon activating this power and again for every 30 seconds it remains active.)


Range: 1 ( 75 feet ) Maximum Brawn: 1 ( 3 ) Maximum Dexterity: 1 ( 3 )

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