Restoration from Ages Past

A rusty old sword won't cut it. We need something... newer.

A 1 Gift Upgrade Power used by Carlyle, created by T3K.


Through sheer will alone, Carlyle takes his hands and covers the weapon he desires to restore to its former glory. He slides his hand across the blade as the rust, wear, and tear from all the years of lack of use just disappear. The weapon is as powerful and glorious as the day it was forged. For the next hour, it is even more powerful than it was before. But, after this hour, the weapon tries to catch up to this use and ends up in even worse condition than when it was restored.

System Active

Exert your Mind and work on the target Device for One Minute. It receives 3 extra dice to all actions taken with the intended application. This effect lasts for One Hour.

This Power cannot be used on Armor, nor can it be used on Alien technology.

As always, dice bonuses to the same dice pool do not stack. Instead, the higher bonus is used.


  • Compact (When calculating Encumbrance, the upgraded item weighs half its normal weight. If you are upgrading a piece of Armor with the Armorer Enhancement, its Penalty is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 0.)


  • Specialized (Only affects a certain type of item.)
    • Item Category - Weapons created at least 200 years ago
  • Equal and Opposite (After the duration, the item will be at a -2 dice penalty until upgraded again or repaired by a well-equipped expert.)


Potency: 1 ( 3 ) Cast Time: 1 ( One Minute ) Duration: 0 ( One Hour )

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